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General / Re: e
« Last post by Firey on Today at 04:50 PM »
General / e
« Last post by Wiktor3 on Today at 04:42 PM »
General / Re: my exams start tomorrow part 2
« Last post by Martin on Today at 04:41 PM »
hope it went well
General / Re: casper
« Last post by casper11 on Today at 04:31 PM »
I swear I was not online when this was made?? Wassup?
General / Re: Post for real talk opinion
« Last post by Fading on Today at 04:29 PM »
oi sup my man
You popped up on the discord more often which is cool because normally I always saw you as this quiet dude who didn't talk much and was difficult to get to know. Though I do remember you when everybody talked about you and you were a giblet then I think. Although you're quiet you are also a very intellectual dude and the type of guy that you can have a serious conversation with without worrying about them turning it into a joke or treating it like a meme or something stupid like that. See thing is people like us need a good balance between people to take the piss out of and people to be real with. I have plenty of people in the first category but honestly not many in the second so if we have issues or need advice we should DM each other because you're excellent at handling that type of stuff. Instead of offering something generic and encouraging you straight up look at what the problem is and find solutions which is something I dearly respect. I want to know you better.

No I am not writing another copypasta about you. I was hoping you'd post here because I want to cut through the LMAO LOL fest that is our discord DMs and be real for a minute. We haven't talked much before the gameshow started but ever since it has we have been in touch a lot more since then. You have a healthy unhealthy possibly both obsession with me because half of my mentions on the sploder discord are from you and it's usually 'F Fading' or you taking the piss out of me. I lowkey like that though and being your submissive bottom splode is a turn on. You are pretty close friends with dormin as far as I know which to me is a good sign because it means that at least on some level we match up and get along well. I saw your picture though and you are more than a cutie is what I will tell you. You are more well rounded and adjusted than me though so I take everything as a learning experience. You're one of the few people I want to make it into the top 5 in the gameshow with.
General / Re: Post for real talk opinion
« Last post by Meta KnighT on Today at 03:58 PM »
General / Re: Last day on the forums for a while.
« Last post by Wetfrodo on Today at 03:56 PM »
Spend your summer well!
General / Re: Post for real talk opinion
« Last post by konnichiha on Today at 03:55 PM »
General / Re: Post for real talk opinion
« Last post by unovi on Today at 03:51 PM »
General / Re: Post for real talk opinion
« Last post by Wetfrodo on Today at 03:47 PM »
Attractive. You're self conscious about the way you look and I can see that (plus you have told me) but really you're a good looking dude who puts effort into his appearance. This contradicts the fact that I take the piss out of the way you look at a lot (hint: "pardon my swag") but really I do that with anyone who I think is good looking so take that as a good sign. I like how we are able to take the piss out of each other without risking either getting offended and that's something important that I look for in a good friend. Sometimes on the discord you pop up at random times and I can see that you try a little too hard to be funny and feel like you fit in but that's alright because I can tell you just need someone to talk with which is why I send you a DM shortly after usually. You had a bad start here but fortunately for you not many people remember that and I'm glad you returned because you established yourself much better from that point on. Don't be afraid to rib me out for some petty things I've done and if you want to roast me then feel free to go to town with that because I respect that man.
Hey appreciate the kind words man. Also i'd have to agree with trying too hard to look funny, I can be like that :x
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