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General / Re: Logs into
« Last post by Epicosaurus on Today at 10:36 AM »
2012 - Cool let's make games and friends
2013 - No one likes me so I'll try to make reviews and games to ignore that
2014 - Oh I'm a soldier... I guess people do like me... I still want to leave though
2015 - Why am I still here
2016 - Oh I'm a lieutenant... ah crap now I feel like I can't leave
2017 - Oh I'm a general... why??
General / Re: rip joji
« Last post by Baysha on Today at 10:31 AM »
😂😂😂I don't get it lol😂😂😂
General / Re: rip joji
« Last post by benisawesome7 :D on Today at 10:28 AM »
Joji couldn't defend himself. What a fool! :laugh: 😂😂😂👏👏
😂😂😂stop you're killing me😂😂😂
General / Re: Logs into
« Last post by Daydream on Today at 10:28 AM »
2012 - joined MS under the alias "treeofgames" and fought for Sceptile to be unbanned, also made the account Daydream (reserved for making featured games)

2013 - joined forums, attempted to be one of those people who got Soldier in a week. Later in the year I also started making a name for myself and got promoted to Soldier, as well as won the amateur SGD category with some splode shooter

(And deleted my account and remade it within a minute. Welp)

2014 - got mod, reviewer, and Soldier once again, started chilling with the community more  (Scourge, as well as some other people)

2015 - I think there was a purge and I got repromoted

2016 - lol

2017 - joined discord, trying to make myself not seem like a stranger LUL also got purged again but /shrug
General / Re: EGD 11 Featuring Schedule
« Last post by flump on Today at 10:23 AM »
Y'all are dumb the point of the game is that it never ends so it's infinitely more fun.
Game Discussion / Re: Continuation of the Image Injection thread
« Last post by flump on Today at 10:13 AM »
I'm going to be working with a plat god on a real game :8):
Ah so I'll be working on this after all.  :8):
Game Discussion / Re: Sonic vs Mario
« Last post by Megaman4540 on Today at 10:12 AM »
"Sonic vs Mario"
"and why is it neal"
General / Re: EGD 11 Reviews
« Last post by shibuvsvinayak on Today at 10:00 AM »
This will never happen
General / Re: Member of the Month: July 2017 [Member Poll]
« Last post by shibuvsvinayak on Today at 09:56 AM »
Its shady vs butter
General / Re: EGD 11 Results (AMATEUR RESULTS OUT)
« Last post by shibuvsvinayak on Today at 09:55 AM »
Whole Amateur list for PPG B)
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