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thank this post for 2 confessionsdelta227553
Acedemic Grades =/= Intelligence Gradedelta221423
i dyed my hair whitedelta222438
Guy Fawkes Daydelta220384
Privates and people who can fuse things check PCdelta220353
dem homophobes be likedelta226580
hey everybodydelta2217864
This is an A and B conversationkyleissocoollike7751
Dear SCOURGEkyleissocoollike4475
I'm Not Excited for Schoolkyleissocoollike2435
Have a Debate Without Using Letters From Your Usernamekyleissocoollike0377
Can somebody Help me?kyleissocoollike1395
10,000 Postskyleissocoollike12742
Sploder Air Patrol [Aim High...Fly, Fight, Win]kyleissocoollike1734
My New Goal in Lifekyleissocoollike1387
Why I Will Never Bungee Jumpkyleissocoollike6614
I like to plan ahead for Halloweenkyleissocoollike11799
Kyleissocoollike's Forum (We have cool ranks that are easy to achieve)kyleissocoollike15759
idk im in the mood for opinionskyleissocoollike3461
Privates: Theory that Geoff is Illuminatikyleissocoollike6624
You all suck at pranks.kyleissocoollike5590
Join Mekyleissocoollike1348
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