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General / Sunday Wild Card: My dumb typo
« on: Today at 01:43 PM »
Like is like a box of chocolates, you look in the inner lid of the container so you know exactly what you're getting.


General / !!!Saturday Inner Rage!!!
« on: Yesterday at 02:42 PM »
Aren't you angry that this thread is late? Vent about that and whatever else here.

General / ---Vidya Friday---
« on: January 19, 2018, 06:26 AM »
It's friday my dudes. Discuss like games and stuffs.

Far Cry 3 > Far Cry 4 from what I've played so far. It just had more engaging writing (and the gameplay is basically the same in both). On the flip side, Far Cry 4 is gorgeous.

Also, the PC port of Forza Horizon 3 is horrendous. Microsoft ples fix.

General / /ttv/ Thursday TV and Video General /ttv/
« on: January 18, 2018, 01:28 AM »
Share/discuss videos and shows ranging from the most recent episodes of whatever (I recommend The Grand Tour; its sorta like Top Gear except it still has Jeremy Clarkson) to 7 second bits of nonsense.

Links containing explicit language must contain a warning.

General / /MMG/ Monday Music General /MMG/
« on: January 15, 2018, 06:21 AM »
Post or discuss music of high (or low) quality here.

Links containing explicit lyrics must contain a warning.

Starting off the thread with some black midi; a genre named after the appearance of its sheet music:
Scub Domino - Flight of the Bamboo Cutter (black midi remix)
MusiMasta - Unity (black midi remix)
TheSuperMarioBros2 - Pi

Previous thread

Following the Monday Music General, we still have a bunch of other days of the week that can be filled. If yall have any ideas for weekly fused threads for other days related to specific topics that you would like to see more discussion of (IE: Videos, Games, Books, ect), leave them here.

General / /MMG/ Monday Music General /MMG/
« on: January 08, 2018, 03:16 AM »
Post kino music, or about music, or whatever.

Links containing explicit lyrics must contain a warning.

To start, some extra danke Eurobeat:
Ace - Power of Sound:
Jeff Driller - Mecha Fireball:

General / Feedback Wanted Regarding Board Changes
« on: December 05, 2017, 11:38 PM »
The other moderators and I have been discussing removing (archiving) some of the lesser used or redundant categories to speed up navigation in the site and to try and concentrate forum activity. Since different people use different categories, and we aren't terribly active in some of them; we are looking at feedback regarding the current plan. We may also end up doing some general cleanup regarding other things.

1. Categories we are going to assuredly delete:
Music - Very slow board, even less active than the Sploder Discord's music channel.
Introduce Yourself - Most new users seem to just post a thread in general anyway, since it's more obvious.
Nature Enthusiasts - Only affects soldiers+, its content was already often in the barracks anyway.
Ideas - Is somewhat inactive. Most of them are pretty unlikely to ever be implemented or even looked at by Geoff.
Bugs - Has consistently been very inactive, and hasn't been terribly effective for bug reporting.

2. These boards are going to be fused together, and will be publicly viewable by everyone.
Mod Applicants HQ - Literally hasn't seen a post since august (is it even viewable?)
MS Job Applications - See below.
Reviewer Lane - Is slow enough to no longer need to be sectioned off from MS Job Applications
Mainsite Office - Will also be thrown in to see how it copes since it is a related topic.

3. Deletions we are unsure about:
Debate Tower - The debates are far slower and less frequent than they have been in the past. We would instead have a fused thread in general or featured topics each week act as a debate topic so that we have more activity per debate and more people would be likely to join in.

Nub Barracks - None of the content here has any semblance of quality (and you get more freedom to say the same stuff on Discord). Outside of that, we will try to see if Geoff would be ok with us being a little looser on the reins, so to speak.

All and all, nothing super earth shattering. Just a bunch of tweaks that we would like some feedback on.

     So I was looking over some of the older things I made and I found an 'rpg' shooter I made a long time ago. I never finished and released it because it had crippling lag. Back in the day I thought that it was just the number of objects or something; turns out that I was wrong (sorta). Basically I removed all of the allies in towns. This single-handedly brought performance to practical perfection.

     Why? The reason lies in how the shooter handles calculations. It would be silly for the shooter to 'run the math' on every single enemy in the game; games such as my last edg game (Unl3ashed: The Movie: The Game) would be unplayable were this this case since it would need to track collision data and AI for hundreds of things. Instead, the creator checks to see if an enemy can "see" you before it actually makes them do anything (this is a simple distance check for turrets, a wonkier system seems to be used for mobile enemies and 'walls'). From this point on, I will refer to this state of doing nothing as 'sleep'.

     This, however, is not the case for allies. They attempt to constantly path towards you, and the activation check for enemies is also performed for every single one. Of course, allies aren't the only thing that generates lag and knocks enemies out of sleep mode. AI paths do the same thing. While they cause a lesser performance hit than allies, it is still fairly significant if a large number of enemies are on it. So use them sparingly. Lastly, mobile enemies never go back into sleep mode once they exit. So use of things like tanks trapped inside of obstacles to deal area damage can cause a significant performance dip over the long term (try using hotpolys instead).

RPG before and after removing allies:

Astrone: Reborn (another game suffering from lag-itis) before and after removing AI paths. The difference is less obvious but there nonetheless. Note that it still breaks the rules regarding allies, and some enemies (mostly speeders) will likely escape combat and create lag:

TLDR: Allies lag your game, use 1 (maybe 2) at most and keep them near the player so that fewer things exit sleep mode (among other checks it does). Likewise, limit the number of moving enemies in AI paths and still alive post-combat.

General / Sploder discord servers in a nutshell.
« on: April 14, 2017, 12:37 AM »

Seriously, what is this.

Game Discussion / MOVED: Can an Editor Check This Out?
« on: April 17, 2016, 03:13 PM »

General / The little changes.
« on: April 14, 2016, 02:43 PM »
Alonessix and (to a lesser extent) I are working on implementing extra javascript to the forums to improve the experience. The first addition is check marks next to the ranks of staff members rather than the old [staff] tag in forum posts.

Any suggestions to changes in the forum layout or behavior are welcome.

If you post a thread focusing on a single game that isn't some sort of detailed critique or using said game as a guide to assist others to build better games, it doesn't belong here and it should go in Sploder Play. Any such threads will be locked, repeat offenders will be treated as if they are spamming.

Game Discussion / MOVED: Games of 2016
« on: January 28, 2016, 10:31 PM »

General / Post Rank Changes! BBcode is easier to get.
« on: January 22, 2016, 06:08 PM »
Since it was difficult for newer members to quote others and many functions are disabled for them until they reach a (very high) 500 posts, the post ranks have been updated so that anyone with the rank of Turret (125 posts) or higher can now post BBcode.

Hopefully this should improve activity in the future to come and make reading through threads with new users more bearable.

K, thx bai.

General / We have a new soldier, but who is it?
« on: January 17, 2016, 12:45 PM »
It's a mystery cxurtney

Basically, Sploder Games and Sploder Hyping were combined into one board that encompasses both. Basically, here's how things will work from now on:

Sploder Play! - Hyping and sharing games.
Game Discussion - Everything else related to Sploder games or game creation.

All threads in Sploder Hyping from the past month have been moved to Sploder Play. If you have a hype thread that has not been moved that you want in Sploder Play, then let me know via PM.

Game Discussion / Game Creator Documentation
« on: January 17, 2016, 12:16 AM »
Game Creator Documentation:
Ever wanted to do something in a game creator and realized you don't know what you're doing? What about simply not knowing where to start with a game! Well, this thread will compile every guide and thread that can help you become the next game design prodigy.

Guide List
There's nothing here, sorry ):.

Physics Puzzle Game Maker General Guide
Learning Library for Physics Puzzle Game Maker
Infinite World Size!
Jigglypuff's PPG Effects and Mechanics Portfolio

The Platformer creator: Tips, Tricks, Things you'd like to share
Sticki's Image Substitution Program for Platformer

Classic Shooter:
Classic Shooter - SwitchPoly Mechanisms
Shooter Statistics and Information
Removing lag from shooters- Simple tricks to get max fps

Algorithm Crew:
There's nothing here, sorry ):.

Retro Arcade:
Retro Arcade Creator Guide

SploderHeads Multiplayer General Guide

TheUndead101's Spriting Dictionary

Any guides I missed? Post them below!

Screenshot Showcase:
Every post must contain at least one new screenshot from a game, graphic, or game creator. Post cool stuff you made in the creator or amusing events that occurred while playing a game.

If you don't know how to take a screenshot, then press the PRT SC key on your keyboard, paste the image into your image editor of choice (photoshop, paint, ect), and crop out the portion you want.

Quoting a screenshot doesn't count as posting a screenshot since it isn't your own. If you don't want your post deleted, take your own screenshots and post them along with the quote and comment you want to post. Thanks :)

Sploder Play / Walkthrough/Game Guide Directory
« on: January 16, 2016, 11:58 PM »
Game Guides:
Ever had trouble with that ONE part in that ONE game? Or just suck at every game ever? Well, this directory is for you. Here is a list of all walkthroughs and video playthroughs that we can find. If there is one I missed, then post below. Post written walkthroughs in Game Guides so that they don't clutter stuff elsewhere.

Coastal - Sto4 (video)

Realm Of Fog - Mat7772 (video)

~BrainWave II~ - Mat7772 (video)

The Current - Mat7772 (video)

Realm Of Fire - Mat7772 (video)

Enigma Of Mind - Mat7772 (video)

Penguin Patrol - Mat7772 (video)

Blank Mind - Mat7772 (video)

Genius - Mat7772 (video)

Checkers - Mat7772 (video)

Mystify - Mat7772 (video)

Dark Days - Mat7772 (video)

Dark - epicosauruss (video)

Decay - Cyangaming (video)

Path of Solitude - Robygamesro (video)

Embarking - Cyangaming (video)

Hunger - Cyangaming (video)

Waves II - Creatingames (video)

Hardcore Parkour - Textlabel (video)

Rigamortis - Konnichiha (video)

Platformer - Cyangaming (video)

Sonic Saves Mario - Bobbler (video)

Contrast - Opengangs (video)

Midas - Cyangaming (video)

Sploder Play / Thread Formatting Rules
« on: January 16, 2016, 11:49 PM »
Thread Title Formatting Rules:
These apply to all content posted in this board.

What your Thread Title must Include:
  • The title of the game or a notice that you're posting a group of games.
  • The creator(s) of the game (if you are posting a list of games then you don't need this)
  • '!HYPE!' must be at the start of a title if the game has yet to be released.

What your Thread Must Include:
  • If the game is out, then post a link

If you do not follow these rules we will either change it for you or delete the thread.

Hype Thread Making Guide

Save it for Sploder Hyping and post that stuff there. Game Discussion is mostly for (but not limited to) discussion about the game creators, discussion about game design, sharing ideas, sharing graphics, and reviews of games.

Movies/TV / The New Star Wars Movie Discussion [spoilerz]
« on: January 07, 2016, 09:33 PM »
So... It was good. Loved the look of it, the new characters were fun, sounded amazing, acting was solid, ect. I just wish that it didn't feel like such a retread of episode 4.

As you may have noticed, the boards grew increasingly disorganized over time, well, today that changes. The new categories are quite simple and logically organized.

Gamers Plaza - Anything regarding sploder games and game design goes here.
Discussion - Contains all of your favorite idle conversations from General to the Debate Tower.
Sploder Mainsite - Contains anything regarding the sploder mainsite that isn't explicitly games.
Miscellaneous Boards - Basically, anything that doesn't fit elsewhere goes here.
Gameshows and Events - Self explanatory, mostly just makes navigation for us lazy mods easier.
Archive - Contains archives of old boards and such that most members can read through. Posting is disabled.

It's a pain to go to General now that it's lower down. Is there any way to make it more visible?
Click the minus sign next to the Gamer Plaza category header, it will move General further upwards.

Where's Inner Rage?
It is now a child board of General.

Why are things related to Sploder Games at the top?
Sploder is a site about game making. While General is the focal point of the forums, we should still promote the creation of games. If you want to view general more easily, then click the minus sign next to the Gamer Plaza category header, it will move General further upwards.

What's this Public Archive?
It's a place where you can read through boards, ideas, gameshows from the past.

Why is there a Game Discussion or Ideas board in the public archive?
Those are older versions of the same boards we have now-a-days. Go to the respective categories to see the current ones.

Why did the mods do this?
To be frank, the boards and associated permissions are an absolute mess. To give you an idea, we had categories that didn't even have boards in them and boards that nobody was able to post in. We are currently working to clean up this mess.

Public Archives / Welcome to the Archives
« on: December 28, 2015, 03:41 PM »
Want to read through REALLY old forum posts from boards that no longer exist? Why not browse the archives that start here!

Note that you will be unable to post in the archives.

General / MOVED: Tips on the shooter creator?
« on: December 28, 2015, 02:55 PM »

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