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I got a job again!myownself532179
Do you think I should be a private yet? [POLL]mario53125990
Thank the Person Below Youmagmatar11571
Next 3 Privates to be Soldier?kylepeanut12331941
I just came home to the cutest message ever from a girl I really like :3nzadamnz21342775
New Award Idea (For real this time)ExplorerX451929
Today Was Quite GoodChumpion161460
Explorer Challenge #1- Count to 100 on my own!ExplorerX1072010
Count to 1000 before 1/1/14ExplorerX4502
The Magical GameAlonessix552095
"\//\" Kingdoms "/\\/" [Play as a king!] [NEW REGION RELEASED]Alonessix38312088
Say hello to our new soldier...pokemaster579764776
Count to 50 before benno98 posts.benno985598
Stick Warszpacebar10614
Conquest Warzonemoolatycoon361659
Anyone want a free drawing of their avatar?minjazemunka241981431936
I'm now really depressed...dormin34236740
WHO WANTS A FREE AWARD? (when i get out of the gameshow)paradon462255
submarine racingTegers7688
ASK.FM ME PLEASEChumpion9706
Goodbye guysNismo22998
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