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Smogon is horrible dude
I'm surprised you agree considering how I view you.

yeah man he makes some uh.... great content huh

-> watch pro players if you want to get better
I added on to my post.

Also might I add if you're looking for competitive advice, don't watch Verlisify. He's horrible at everything, even outside of pokemon.
And yet I've won numerous battles on Battle Spot, tournaments etc. thanks to him.

I don't play by Smogon's rules.

Damn it, no MS award for predicting attempted murder.

Barracks so dead the only thing we use it for is burying our own.

just you.
I thought I was right since I don't see a majority of Soldiers in the public boards, often.

Yea that category is lit lol. Kind of a shame that the whole "never promote anyone else" thing passed, I get the reasoning that the barracks is perfect as is and we don't want to risk anything messing up the equilibrium but I really wish some of my private buddies had the chance to experience it.
"never promote anyone else"? Heh. I guess that means no more new Soldiers. Fine by me. I want the Barracks to die.

"the barracks is perfect"? "equilibrium"? Tch. Give me a break. Or don't. Either way, I already know the truth. I've known it since January of this year.

I see no point in leaving this thread unlocked. Thread locked.

Still though, the worst possible thing you could do for someone like Spencer and his ilk is try and shut them down by force. That just once again thrusts him into the public eye and gives the media and pundits more excuses to talk about how white supremacy and Nazism are major problems in the country.
He wasn't shut down by force. He stopped because no one could hear him/ it was very hard to hear him. He stopped of his own free will.

General / Re: uh I think I'm gonna call it quits with Sploder
« on: Yesterday at 10:57 PM »
You thinking of the one I'm thinking of?

I despise Richard Spencer and his messages, rightfully so. But it wasn’t really him that got to me regarding the event. It was the protesters. This is one of few times where I agree with college protesters’ messages, and one instance where I’d probably stand with them, but the sad reality is if you looked at prior protests for people like Milo or Ben Shapiro, there’s no way you would be able to tell the difference. The same response given to Spencer is routinely given to conservative speakers of all levels of the spectrum, and that actually kind of scares, and saddens, me.
Well, on the bright side, the protesters got Richard Spencer to end the event early.

General / Re: Bolsillos' Pokémon Showdown ORAS Tournament
« on: Yesterday at 09:54 PM »
name: Cycloned Blaze
Time: IST
I already have you, remember? You were the first one to give me those.

General / Re: What is Your Greatest Psychological Fear?
« on: Yesterday at 09:51 PM »
Fear of acknowledging fears.

General / Re: The Urge.
« on: Yesterday at 09:50 PM »
I was expecting something else.

About a pony.


General / Re: uh I think I'm gonna call it quits with Sploder
« on: Yesterday at 09:48 PM »
uh what thread
You don't remember? Think hard. What thread did you DBOT twice and cause to get locked?

General / Re: What is Your Greatest Psychological Fear?
« on: Yesterday at 09:46 PM »
Fear of showing weakness
What are you talking about? I have no fears.

General / Re: Fun facts.
« on: Yesterday at 09:43 PM »
21. Rolly
22. Rolly
23. Rolly

General / Re: Fun facts.
« on: Yesterday at 09:42 PM »

Greendino and a Graham's number of ones

I don't understand. Um...why are we being so small?

General / Re: uh I think I'm gonna call it quits with Sploder
« on: Yesterday at 09:40 PM »
I never said this, so I'll say it now.

Thank you for bumping that thread and proving him wrong.

General / Re: What is Your Greatest Psychological Fear?
« on: Yesterday at 09:38 PM »
I have no fears.

General / Re: Bolsillos' Pokémon Showdown ORAS Tournament
« on: Yesterday at 09:33 PM »
InfinitySpectrum is my username
Okay dokay.

Oh, and what is your timezone, Moola?

General / Re: Bolsillos' Pokémon Showdown ORAS Tournament
« on: Yesterday at 04:10 PM »
ArcaneRanger and CST, but I'm available almost the any time of day with some random exceptions that crop up.
Okay dokay.

General / Re: Soggy update :3
« on: Yesterday at 02:37 PM »
Donate to my PayPal

If you're gonna dox me at least donate to my PayPal or thank my posts

How will you make the videos without a camera
I can't. When did I say I could?

Gah! I'm so angry!

General / Re: Soggy update :3
« on: Yesterday at 02:00 PM »
*Looks at Sticki's signature*

"[Donate to my PayPal]"

Your name's "Tyler McKee" and you live in "Pleasanton, CA"?


And no, I'm not donating to you.

General / Re: Fun facts.
« on: Yesterday at 01:56 PM »
20. Geoff is dead.
So who's using his Twitter account? Is! ::o:

General / Re: Bolsillos' Pokémon Showdown ORAS Tournament
« on: Yesterday at 11:49 AM »
CET currently 5:16 pm
What's your Showdown username?

« on: Yesterday at 09:50 AM »
What was your favorite moment of Sploder?: Bohobe coming back to Sploder.

How were you as a member overall?: Wonderful. From the looks of it, I was one of the nicest members, being nice to members disliked by many such as PewDieKids1 and mariogame3333.

Did you like the Sploder experience?: For the most part, yes. However, I've been hurt so much that all the good that's happened seems so little.

What was your favorite game creator?: Platformer.

Did you like making Sploder games?: I enjoyed creating every single one of my games. The way I see it, you should only makes games that you enjoy making. If you don't enjoy making it, don't make it.

Anything you regret?: Staying on the Sploder Community Forums after I failed my Reviewer application in December of 2014. I never made another application because I didn't want to do it until I got better at writing paragraphs and stuff...which I never did since I never tried to get better,

How significant was Sploder to your life?: Big. It's caused me to change, for the worse.

Let's say the site's gonna shut down in the next five minutes. What would your final words be?: No! Not now! I haven't finished my plans! And even when I do, I hope this place doesn't get shut down. Yeah, I want a majority of the Sploder Community Forums members who were active for most of the time I was on these forums to suffer in pain, but not everyone deserves to be hurt.

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