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I broke my finger... AGAIN!wickedviper2717827
Is wickedviper27 back??dodgeviper2122965
I keep getting these random twitches in my body...sivershadows12522
Who wants to help good ol' General Death?deathwarrant8315775
I eat everyone's hair.greendino1113563
I got a drivers permitHeavyTruth19871
The French Thread.mrkoolguy8341636
THE RESULTS ARE IN Should Bohobe Leave the Sploder Forums? I'M NOT BOHOBEBolsillos1204295
Yes, I Am, Leaving.... (IM, BACK!)wickedviper27301630
How many members you think are active on the forums each day?liamnight3464
Deluxe Forumsmrhammer5437
Oh dear Predios why... UNDEAD, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME?!Shadross543021
Why do I like this?slothlion5453
What Sploder members do you wanna meet?achievement632688
Stupid Question!wickedviper275394
First 10 People To....wickedviper2711904
Who is This?Bolsillos18877
this looks so scaryboytucker3319
Dragon cave threadglowingbluewolf391681
something really weird happened today e.omaiphantomhive321452
If you click my eggseldarado2304
Click My Hatchlings & Dragons For A [Thank]wickedviper27571733
Anyone else like to get on here using their console5guy10541
This guy...borealdragon10502
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