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Life is like a slingshot...anew20034261073
Sploder Thread Simulator v.002 Released.anew200349583
Shit just got real.anew200340387
Honest opinion on me?anew200346498
If you like FNAF, post here.anew200340285
You are all so stup-anew200341299
Why was Six afraid of Seven?anew200347552
I just noticed...anew200347627
The point in liferule60683566
Post here and thank, and I'll give you a nickname.anew2003419963
See if you can tell the irony here.anew200344479
Hey! Masterism FTW! master1068781
I'm Batman.anew200343371
omg this jokeanew200345461
Meeting pewdiepieunkownminergames531885
Sploder Thread Simulator v.001 (Feedback greatly appreciated)anew20034181449
Oh 4chan, you never change...anew200343397
Never Ending Text Adventure!anew2003411612
Thank & post for an opinionanew200344385
What I've found interesting.anew2003412590
Sploder flag and National anthemanew200343361
Kiss, Kill, Marry, Twerk or Pushsportsdude105782818
55.5 * 12anew200341304
400 thanks by beginning of 2015 EST pls =D?anew200346408
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