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The Common Area / Challenge 17: Quote Keeper Wars
« on: Yesterday at 04:37 PM »
Sharing quotes of other members are a beloved part of the Sploder Forum experience. You can submit up to 3 quotes said by any member of the forums but those quotes must link back to the original comment and cannot be altered. You can submit your submissions by PMing me. Your submissions will then be analyzed by a panel of judges.

Submissions close in 24 hours. Quote must be from the sploder forums, not another forums or Discord.

Elimination will be voted by all remaining TOP 10 members and 2 members will be eliminated. The winner of this challenge will have immunity for this round.

The Common Area / Tobes/Arcader
« on: Yesterday at 04:31 PM »
response to elimination? for record keeping purposes

The Common Area / Challenge 16 Results
« on: Yesterday at 04:24 PM »

Due to IRL demands Tobes will unable to compete in the gs anymore.


 - Needles: "yo fellas!!! just smokin weed and what bout u guys lol"
 - Needles: "hi guys how is everyone"
 - Joji: "What if. if Ben was splode"
 - Matty: "Awesome shooters dude!"
 - Needles: ''If you can't take a joke, then don't make joke threads. simple as that''
 - Joji: ''y'all :joy: joji here :fire: sup' nibbas :ok_hand_sign: i am sweating joji juice :sweat_drops:''
 - Matty: "'I am an inactive general, yet I complain about missing interesing events :( Why are you all against Alek5andar? :(''
 - Needles: "needles will not drop a bag of winning"
 - Joji: "Joji will drill for victory"   
 - Matty: "matty is much more great"   
 - Needles: "I'm going to admit to both of you that I don't know anything about you. Please refrain from murdering me. :["
 - Joji: "I'm going to admit to both of you that I don't know anything about you. Please refrain from murdering me. :["
 - Matty: "Saya dapat berbicara bahasa indonesia, and I'll remind you of it as much as possible. Listen to me or perish."
 - Needles: "check out my edgy art i call trash even tho i totally know it's good. lmao"
 - Joji: "hey it's me joji  :;): here's a bad pun and oh please join sploder discord :3"
 - Matty: "GOODNESS have you guys heard lorde's new album her music just speaks to me"
 - Needles: "haha remember when I was budzopen? lol neither did i"
 - Joji: "nobody tell geoff im only 12  ::-X:"
 - Matty: "56 featured games? check. an EGL induction? check. A successful gameshow?  :blank:"


Arcader is the only user to not submit an impersonation of each user so when competed against other gs members Arcader gets the least amount of points. Therefore, Arcader and Tobes is eliminated from this challenge.

General / anyone on sploder good with code
« on: February 22, 2018, 05:36 AM »
i'm learning code rn and am interesting in launching a site that's like sploder but x100

The Common Area / Challenge 16: Impersonators
« on: February 21, 2018, 05:43 AM »
NAZA (10th place) and Butter (9th place) are eliminated.

For the users remaining, you are to "impersonate" users. What I mean is that you can write up to a blurb each (20 words max) to impersonate these users (matty, needles, Joji) and it will be decided which impersonation is the best. Submit your impersonations through PM.

Challenge ends in 24 hours.
Two users w/ the worst results get eliminated.
Good luck!

The Common Area / Congratulations to the TOP 10
« on: February 18, 2018, 06:59 AM »
TOP 10



P.S. Challenge 15 has begun and the public vote is here.

General / YOU DECIDE... kick 2 people OUT (trials 4)
« on: February 18, 2018, 06:57 AM »
The Trials 4 gameshow is now in its final stage. Trials 4 began with 47 members. 10 members now remain. Congratulations to the following...

TOP 10


TOP 10 will begin with a intense vote... by the public! The public will choose two members to eliminate! Meanwhile anyone is free to spill some gs drama or campaign, to convince all to vote for one member or another.

Thread ends in 24 hours.

The Common Area / Challenge 14 Update: Elimination & Joey
« on: February 18, 2018, 06:37 AM »
Continuation of this thread.

Joey is eliminated.

I'm not sure if Joey saw my replies to his PMs but a couple hours later he went forth in the thread to explain that his shadow ban is up and that I let him submit challenge stuff during his shadow ban. These are both false. As I explained in the PMs a couple hours before (which is why I'm honestly a little confused) the shadow ban is not up because there were challenge delays. The original "3 days" last until after Challenge 16. Yes, it hurts Joey, but his shield (and everyone else's shields) acted the same way. If there is a delay in the gameshow your shield or shadowban length does not contribute towards it. Also, after Joey's shadowban he has not submitted anything towards challenges and any shop purchases were rejected.

If anyone has any questions please let me know. Also, if anyone wants clarity to any of the stuff I just mentioned please ask. Also, this post wasn't to drag down Joey or anything. It's possible that he just didn't look at his PMs yet.

Challenge 15 begins now.

Also, the change to make default elimination as a gs-vote rather than random elimination shouldn't damage anyone's gs plans. The original default for elimination was barely even mentioned because it never happened until now.

Sploder Play / !TEASER! Human Race Destiny 3
« on: February 17, 2018, 11:00 AM »

General / What Do You Usually Do On The Weekends?
« on: February 17, 2018, 10:57 AM »
For me it's been doing hw, work, travel, friends, and sploder

The Common Area / Challenge 14 Eliminations Part 2
« on: February 17, 2018, 10:18 AM »
I hate the random elimination thing. Since this is the first time there's been an elimination default, I wouldn't really be changing the gs much by revising the rules. I decided the default elimination then to be a public vote by non-eliminated gs members. I feel it to be more fair than random elimination.

Current GS members who can be voted out:

(Marknuuut is excluded from the list because his shield has not expired yet)

GS members who can vote:

(Joey is excluded from the list because his shadowban has not expired yet)

Only current non-eliminated gs members can vote, and place your vote by posting in this thread. This thread can end in 3 ways: 1) If a member receives a large enough vote 2) If all members voted 3) 24 hours passed

After this thread TOP 10 will begin. Congratulations to those who make it.

The Common Area / Challenge 14 eliminations
« on: February 16, 2018, 08:52 PM »
Tobes pick gk

So there is now one random elimination (reason found in challenge 14 results thread) Everyone is given a number

Butter 1
Arcader 2
Ckan 4
Boreal 5
Parry 8
Tobes 9
Makrnuuut 10

Now I do random number generator.

It was 4.

Ckan is eliminated.

The Common Area / Challenge 14 Results
« on: February 15, 2018, 08:05 AM »

Fish(1) - Alon
TDM(3) - Lego, Jigglypuff, Enigma
MP(4) - EggsBenedict, Wildzoo, Proxy, Demonxz95
TVNTT(12) - Shady, tommienaruto, BlueBeauty, Elizabeth6133, niceboy22, Baysha, Simmo, Dealwithitdewott, greendino11, kingofdanerds, Omega, NPC
WP(12) - littlepixel, etxbear, Matty, cyrman, randoe, eggisbacon2011, cooldood, axgames, miksa, lumberjay, stormdestruct, gaminator

TVNTT & WP have tied.

TVNTT can eliminate 1 user and receives 1000 tokens.
WP can eliminate 1 user and receives 1000 tokens.
MP receives 1000 tokens.

TVNTT has 24 hours to pick a user to eliminate. If Tobes does not give a response a gs member will be randomly eliminated.
WP can not eliminate anyone b/c the only gs participant (gk) is shadowbanned and cannot post in any gs boards. Therefore, a gs member will be randomly eliminated.

The Common Area / Challenge 12 & 13 Eliminations
« on: February 14, 2018, 11:21 PM »
Challenge 12

Fish eliminates Meta and Eldar

Challenge 13

Rubber Duck Sandwiches eliminate Yugi and FFK

The Common Area / Shadow BAn Rules
« on: February 14, 2018, 07:47 PM »
Joey/Meta has gs rank now but if they post at all during the shadow ban they will automatically be eliminated from the gs

General / question: why r u still on sploder
« on: February 14, 2018, 07:31 AM »

The Common Area / Top 10 Challenges
« on: February 14, 2018, 02:06 AM »
Challenge 15: Expose Time

Public poll for who gets booted out of the gs. Top 2 gets booted out.

Challenge 16: Impersonators

Imitate a certain set of judges. Worst 2 users lose.

Challenge 17: TBD

Winner gets immunity for this voting round. All non-eliminated gs participants vote to boot 2 members out.

Challenge 18: Sploderheads

Game of sploderheads. First one to die gets booted out of the gs.

Challenge 19: TBD

secret. one user gets booted out.

Challenge 20: Judgement Day

all loser island members vote who of the 2 remaining members get first place and win 100 USD.

The Common Area / Challenge 15: Expose Time
« on: February 14, 2018, 12:26 AM »
Challenge begins when challenge 14 elimination is over. This challenge will last for 24 hours.

Welcome to TOP 10! There are no more teams, and you can't spend tokens anymore. It's free-for-all, with each challenge having a distinct way of elimination. This challenge's elimination method is a poll... by the general populace.

There will be a poll for who gets booted from the gs. The top 2 users get booted!

You are allowed to campaign for other users to get booted. And you are allowed to expose them! Let that previous gs drama resurface.

Bribing w/ actual money is not allowed except for "promising" to share the gs 100 USD win.

The Common Area / Challenge 14: Love Fest
« on: February 14, 2018, 12:22 AM »
Challenge ends in 24 hours.

Your goal is to get... love!!! Your goal is to get non-gs members to be your Valentine's and they must PM or DM me saying that they are your Valentine's!! Teams can have an unlimited amount of Valentines. Team w/ the most Valentine's wins. The Valentine can be a guy or girl and can not be the valentine of two or more teams.

Current Valentine's:

Fish - Alon
TDM - Lego, Jigglypuff
TVNTT - WildZoo, Shady, tommienaruto, BlueBeauty
WP - littlepixel, etxbear

The Common Area / Challenge 13 Results
« on: February 14, 2018, 12:16 AM »

It was suggested to me today that perhaps the team w/ the best roast overall should be allowed to win. This was suggested b/c you get a point per "best roast" per user, so a team who submitted a roast for only one user would be disadvantaged. Although it sounds appealing, all teams had 72 hours and it's not my fault that your team submitted a roast for only one user. But some teams only submitted one.


1. Identify amount of users roasted (there are currently 16 gs members, so 16 is the max)
2. Identify the teams who have submitted 16 roasts and the winning team is decided by the most amount of "best roasts" per user

Step 1

Fish: roasted 0 gs users
MP: roasted 2 gs users
TDM: roasted 1 gs user
TCUK: roasted 0 gs users
TVNTT: roasted 2 gs users
RBS: roasted 14 gs users
WP: roasted 0 gs users

Step 2

RBS gets #1 with 14 gs users. can eliminate 2 gs members and wins 2300 tokens
MP & TVNTT tied with 2 gs users. As the judge, I think MP packed a 'lil more punch.
MP gets #2 with 2000 tokens.
TVNTT gets #3 with 1000 tokens.

All Roasts

"A dead snail with half a brain could move faster than it takes for that loser named Yugioh to get his opinions done.  Sad." - MURDERPOSSE
"Yugi doesn't deserve to be roasted. splode hasn't even done his opinions yet." - RBS

Who even is Arcader - RBS

"Pepperedsteak's about to go stale if he doesn't get active soon" - RBS

"How old are you, five? Have you even hit puberty yet? Youíre the creepiest, weirdest, and the most childish person on this site. Nobody can have a serious conversation with you because youíre so immature and obviously uneducated. Itís clear that you lack social skills; you probably have no friends in real life. You draw the weirdest stuff ever, and itís honestly all so bad. Please grow up, and maybe people will like you." - TVNTT
"Butter is an idiot who masks his idiocy by being an even bigger idiot and ending his posts with "lolol just trolling u xD"" - RBS

Meta Knight

"Eldar it's time to change your name to Junior splode you look like an 8 year old who spilled Peptobismol on himself" - RBS

"CKAN splode outta here with your "I wanna be like Logan Paul I steal my momma's credit card to buy Maverick merch" ass avatar" - RBS

"Boreal's avatar looks like he used the Magic Brush on photoshop and smeared his face with semen" - RBS
"Boreal i bet your Venezuelan since your a wannabe drug trafficker. I bet you traffick fake coke so you can be a good father. You had to make up with your gotten mother. So why bother, selling to your brother. Boi your the type of splode to sell baking powder instead of blow Also why did you bring a diesel truck to the prom,yo Can't you just bring a limo Like a normal person. What are You, a furry albino that was stuck in the cold" - TDM

"Alek5ander your blue waffle lookin' ass needs to leave this forum immediately and wipe that "I got to the beach to look at girls" look off your face" - RBS

"MetalMan change your name to JellyMan splode you soft as hell" - RBS

"Parry, I love you splode" - RBS

"Tobes you look like the Grrrrrreat Tiger from the cereal commercial if he was a prepubescent ugly ass lamp" - RBS

"You're stupid" - TVNTT
"FFK trying to draw is the equivalent of Trump trying to create a decent bill" - RBS


"If there's one thing you're good at, nAzA, it's being an insufferable jerk over the most minor of details. You expect everyone to take time out of their lives to capitilise your name correctly so they can avoid you erupting into an incoherent moronic rage that makes you seem like a petty eight year old? How about you take time out of your splodeing life to try and accept the fact that you aren't some royal bloody family member who must tell everyone when and where they can use a splodeing shift key. I admit, I was wrong when I said there was only one thing you're good at. You're really, really good at getting people to dislike you over nothing. You seem to have the constant need to be as actively dislikable as possible, everyone around you isn't the splode, nAZa, you're the splodeing pig of a human who knows nothing more than screeching until our ears bleed "OMFG IT'S NaZa NOT NAZA WHY IS THE WORLD SO AGAINST MEH." And then you go make a big deal about it saying you're going to leave the site forever (which'd be a splodeing well good riddance) and returning the next day only the continue the cycle." - MURDERPOSSE
"Naza's avatar looks like he's about to piss himself if his GS team loses another member" - RBS

Green Kitty
"Green Kitty you look like you fell in a deep fryer" - RBS

The Common Area / Challenge 12 Results
« on: February 13, 2018, 11:51 PM »

Each team's #1 were submitted. #2 was going to be submitted if another team also submitted the same #1 but no one had matching submissions.


The Dank Memers






The following judges ranked each picture by funiness, from most funny to least funny. Each placement give the submission its points. For example, #1 judge choice gets 1 point and #2 judge choice gets 2 points. The submission with the least amount of points win.

#1 Fish
#2 RBS
#5 TDM
#6 WP

#1 Fish
#3 RBS
#4 TDM
#6 WP

#2 WP
#4 Fish
#5 RBS
#6 TDM

#1 Fish
#2 WP
#3 TDM
#5 RBS

#1 Fish
#4 WB
#5 TDM
#6 RBS


Counting the votes

Fish - 8
TVNTT - 12
TCUK - 21
WB - 20
TDM - 23
RBS - 21

As a tie-breaker between RBS and TCUK the highest placement ever given wins.

RBS - #2 was highest
TCUK - #3 was the highest

Conclusion and prizes

1st place Fish: eliminate 2 users, win 2000 tokens
2nd place TVNTT: win 2000 tokens
3rd place WB: win 1000 tokens
4th place RBS: win 1000 tokens
5th place TCUK: win 500 tokens
6th place TDM: win 0 tokens

The Common Area / arranged marriage
« on: February 13, 2018, 07:35 AM »
Meta Knight... with Hillary Clinton!!!

The Common Area / Challenge 13 Clarification
« on: February 13, 2018, 07:33 AM »
One team can send one roast per gs member.

For example, one team can send one roast for FFK, then one roast for pepperedsteak, then one roast for Green Kitty. Two roasts will not be accepted.

The Common Area / Challenge 13 Extended For 24 Hours
« on: February 12, 2018, 06:19 PM »
Due to the time it took to complete all the transactions and team swaps challenge 13 has been extended cuz we still gotta work on challenge 12 results and elminations.

challenge 13 will end 24 hours from now. gl!

The Common Area / Orders Clarification
« on: February 12, 2018, 04:42 PM »
All orders were anonymous but they need clarification especially with all the orders in a small short period if time.

PepperedSteak, Feb 11 01:15 AM JST - BUYS SWAP
"My team has decided to buy a Swap. We'll be swapping Arcader and "Green Kitty"
Joey                  , Feb 11 04:06 AM JST - BUYS SWAP
"After murderposse swaps green kitty, green kitty would like to IMMEDIATELY use 1000 of their coins to swap back. Since he's on their team he can use them. This should be allowed."
PepperedSteak, Feb 11 08:42 AM JST - DONATES TO FISH
"Also, once the swap is spent my team would like to transfer 100% of our tokens to fish if that's ok"
"take it [1000 tokens] directly from #MSGA funds [to RBS]; [donate 196 tokens to Fish]; [donate 307 tokens to MURDERPOSSE]"
Parry                 , Feb 12 11:22 AM JST - BUYS SHIELD
"if my team still has the like 2000ish tokens then i'd like to buy the last shield for mark if it's still there"
Eldar                , Feb 12 12:52 AM JST - DONATES TO TCUK
"1) Donate 503T from TCUK to Rubber Duck"
Eldar                , Feb 12 12:52 AM JST - BUYS SWAP
"2) Swap Parry from Rubber Duck with Eldar from TCUK"
Eldar                , Feb 12 12:52 AM JST - DONATES TO TVNTT
"3) Donate 1,189T to TVNTT"
Eldar                , Feb 12 12:52 AM JST - BUYS SWAP
"4) Swap NaZa with Eldar"
Eldar                , Feb 12 12:52 AM JST - DONATES TO FISH
"5) Donate 1,433T from TVNTT to Fish"
Eldar                , Feb 12 12:52 AM JST - BUYS SWAP
"6) swap FFK with Eldar"
Eldar                , Feb 12 12:52 AM JST - DONATES TO MUDERPOSSE
"7) donate 3,000T to MURDERPOSSE"
Eldar                , Feb 12 12:52 AM JST - BUYS SWAP
"8) swap Arcader with Eldar"
Eldar                , Feb 12 12:52 AM JST - BUYS REVIVE
"9) Revive Meta KnighT (3000T), killing Lavalinn to do so"
Eldar                , Feb 12 12:52 AM JST - BUYS REVIVE
"9) buy shield for Meta Knight" DENIED: no more shields available

FFK                , Feb 13 06:27 AM JST - TRANSFER
"Fish would like to transfer 1000 tokens to MP" DENIED: not enough tokens

ckan                , Feb 12 08:03 AM JST - BUYS REWRITE
pepperedsteak, Feb 12 08:14 AM JST - Transfer
"Okay transfer all our coins to fish again"
ckan                 , Feb 12 08:28 AM JST - Transfer
"give 305 coins to fish"

The Common Area / challenge12/elimination delayed
« on: February 12, 2018, 04:52 AM »
some shop orders need clarification. this does not affect the length of shields, i mean that this time won't count towards the "3 days" of the shield

The Common Area / Store Item Expirations
« on: February 12, 2018, 12:39 AM »
Green Kitty's protection ends after challenge 13's elimination. So is allowed to be eliminated in challenge 14.
Marknuut's protection ends after challenge 14's elimination. Marknuut will be part of the top 10.

Fish's freeze won't expire (expires at Top 10 but that's when token usage is over)
TVNTT's freeze won't expire (expires at Top 10 but that's when token usage is over)
MP's freeze won't expire (expires at Top 10 but that's when token usage is over)

Joey, Meta Knight, and GK are shadowbanned until the start of Challenge 16.

The Common Area / Challenges 12, 13, and 14 Details
« on: February 10, 2018, 08:50 PM »
Challenge 12, 13, and 14 will be the last of the team challenges. Challenge 15 will begin with TOP 10 (no more teams). Challenge 14 will be the last moment you can spend tokens so spend 'em while you can!

Also here are some details about the next 3 challenges:

Challenge 12:
 - 1st place: eliminate 2 users, and win 2000 tokens
 - 2nd place: win 2000 tokens
 - 3rd place: win 1000 tokens
 - 4th place: win 1000 tokens
 - 5th place: win 500 tokens

Challenge 13:
 - 1st place: eliminate 2 members and win 2300 tokens
 - 2nd place: win 2000 tokens
 - 3rd place: win 1000 tokens

Challenge 14:
 - 1st place: eliminate 2 members and win 2000 tokens
 - 2nd place: win 1000 tokens

The Common Area / Challenge 13: ROAST0RS
« on: February 10, 2018, 02:54 AM »
Challenge ends in 48 hours.

Make a thread in your team board, and submit up to one "roast" per active (non-eliminated) gs member. A team can also submit a roast of their own teammates.

The "roasts" will be judged by a set of non-gs members so plz do not reference any gs drama b/c they will not understand it. The team with the best "roasts" of the most amount of ppl wins.

The Common Area / Challenge 12: Stalk Geoff
« on: February 10, 2018, 02:51 AM »
Challenge ends in 24 hours. This challenge was going to be Hunger Games but it has been scrapped.

Make a thread in your team board and pick out three "funny" tweets or retweets from @neurofuzzy and list them in order of importance. Your #1 tweet will be ranked with the other team's #1 tweets by secret voters. However, if another team has the same #1 tweet as yours, this submission will be skipped and your #2 will be submitted instead. And so forth.

Any questions?

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