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As you know the funniest/dumbest quotes on sploder eventually get deleted in forum clean up. And then everyone tries to remember exactly what the person said but get it all mixed up and it losses the quality that made everyone laugh the first time they saw it. But no longer will we lose all the funnies, because fused threads never get deleted. Here you can put all the quotes by clicking the quote button on the comment and copy n pasting to here. You can put any type of quotes here. Whether you wanted to keep one of the "I'm leaving sploder forever" quotes so you can have proof when they come back, or the really stupid comments and funny comments that you want to remember, or an agreement or bet so that you have proof if they violate it. Anything goes.


Posted By: darut1234
Posted By: tony17oh i was saying thats what friends do to you tookewl. and for you now im am going to band you from sploder youll not be able to go on to sploder saturday. and do it again and i will hack you.SO LEAVE HIM ALONE FOR THE LAST TIME darut1234
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little boys
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Posted By: mackalackingbump
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...It's fused.


NICE! I'm going to use this.


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