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Odyssey Story Plot: Feel free to comment now.

Now unlike most games this game requires you to make a choice. One choice will be good, one will be evil. Whatever you decide will lead you to different paths. Now of course every time you make a choice you progress through the plot of the story, making it become more vast and astounding then you thought it would be. In order for this to work I created the "cut scene cues". Now whenever you see this picture (for those that can't see its a four by four set of doors all facing outward except one on each side with a polygon in the middle) you will continue to read the story plot. Of course I cannot stop you from reading every choice in the game without playing it but is that a lot of fun? Be a good sport about it and I guarantee it will be much more exciting. Now on with the initial plot...

----------INITIAL PLOT----------
Through the years the war with the Void has been everlasting it seems. The roads becoming a nightmare and the towns to be thought as barren wastelands. Of course those few towns that have survived have put up efforts to fight the Void... what is the Void you ask? A place of crawling demons and slithering serpents, a place of pure black and true evil. Few have ventured into the realm of the Void that now slowly consumes towns and cities into blackness, but those that make it out are in pieces of flesh and bone. While we have seen the power of the Void, one man, one hermit, one glimmer of hope sits at home pondering what to do in the time of trouble, of evil. Through dangerous voyages and disastrous close calls, this man, this man oblivious to the world around him, will make the entire choice of the world. To deliver evil from this earth, or deliver evil upon this earth is all the choice this man has... and so it begins.

You slowly get up from your bed, another day of this horrible life. Going to your curtains you see the sky is dark and black, as usual. Sunlight barely leaks through nowadays. Surveying the landscape you notice the same old barren landscape sitting in front of you. A few Void creatures unaware of your presence, quite interesting to watch the first time or so but it gets old. The backgrounds of rubble and fallen debris marked the neighborhood you once lived in, now just a wasteland. But what are you doing watching the landscape, might as well do something useful right? Walking around to your storage you look for some food, in which you have survived for a year off of. Sh1t... supplies running low, now what? Pondering on what to do you see your rifle hanging nearby... "Perhaps I could hunt some deer", you whisper to yourself. But knowing the last time you saw a deer that thought exited your mind. "I haven't left this house for the longest time, will I have to venture out?" It seems your rifle isn't going to be used for hunting deer. The day has come finally, you must venture out and see the world you truly live in.

You slowly come across the first town, in ruins and pretty much salvaged already. While taking a look around you notice one house that has lights on... strange. Walking up you immediately hear a shotgun pump and someone shout, "Whos out there!"

"Wow! I'm a friendly!", you shout back quickly.

"I don't trust ya, let me see your face!", the man shouted in reply

Putting on a disarming smile you walk up to his door, knowing the guy was looking at him through the peek hole. It is obvious the old hermit would let you in... Th man looked old and worn out with his gray beard like a lion's mane. Years have aged this man with wrinkles abundant, but obviously a fire burned within his heart still.

"What brings you to these parts?", the old man spat.

"I actually live here, been surviving off of supplies which have ran out. Why is everyone gone?"

"This place is cut off, ya know they blocked it off a few years ago. Things got out of hand as you seen."

"Perfect... can I stay here for now? I'm weary of travel and need some rest", you pleaded with the old man.

"You can stay for a day, but no longer. I hunt for myself and eat what I can barely get. I'll give you few supplies and off you go in the morning."

"Well how do I get out of this barricaded area? I really need to get out of these parts and find out whats happening."

"Well there are two ways out of here," the old man cautiously said to him "You can go through the Void north of here in which you will go upon a new settlement if ya make it out alive... or there is always the town east in which they let no one in. They are good people doing their job, hopefully ya won't bother them if they don't let you in. Now enough talk of travel get in bed for the night ya hear kid?"

"I hear ya loud and clear". You should have asked for his name, but its too late now. Lying your head upon the bed you ponder the choices the man has given you... go through the Void or hope the towns folk let him in, whether they like it or not.

Good Choice: Go through the Void
Evil Choice: Go through the town

The old man chuckles to himself... "Your in for a good time then, cause your not going through easily. I've been through there a couple of times and I'll give ya a piece of advice so listen closely. The Void constantly deceives you, so never take its bait. You see supplies be 100% sure the Void aint foolin ya. Remember, the Void portal is north of here...  now go on, scrat out of my house!"

Exiting the void you breathe fresh air, such fresh air so crisp and fine. Whoever knew of the horrors of such a place of darkness and evil? You hope to never cross there again... but in your gut you know this isn't the last time you will see the void. After a bit of rest you should head out, perhaps find a town that will accept you. "Well I better get going to the ne-"


Ack! Dropping your weapons and throwing your hands in the air an armed maniac, perhaps a mercenary, comes walking up. This man was a modern day Rambo for god's sake! No shirt, a belt of ammo around his shoulders full of shotgun shells... but no red bandanna. But still, the muscles on this guy could tear a bear to pieces!

"What do we have here... some scoundrel punk make it out of the Void? Ya got guts kid, I like you." The stench of his breath smelt of alcohol and something else indescribable... "How about we team up, what do you say?"


"Shut up, I'll tell ya what I plan on doin. Now theres a few towns around here that are worth plundering, ya know like full of supplies and ammo. The stuff they got is good too, but they got strong defenses... thats where you come in. Me and you can take on a buttload of people. That should lead us into the Metropolis District if we are lucky."

"I don't know... those are good people in tho-"

"Ya doing it or not? Its either me or the highway, and I mean literally. D4mn void creatures have eaten up that place like a buzzard on dead meat. The Highway 49 leads to the Barrow Fields they nicknamed it. Used to be downtown Manhattan but its now filled with dead folk still alive, the undead ya hear!"

"Ummm... errr, give me a few moments." Remembering what happened with the old man... "Whats your name?"

"Randall Flag, but you can call me Randall, cause I like ya."

"Ok, thanks." Walking back down to your small camp with Randall waiting outside, you now must decide between  plundering towns or taking the highway. Not sure if he will follow the highway, but if I plunder towns I gain an ally at least.

Good choice: Take Highway 49 to Barrow Fields
Evil Choice: Go with Randall to plunder towns and go to Metropolis District

Better not tell the old man of your intentions... "Thanks for your advice, I'll be off then!" You don't bother to hear what he has to say, some warnings about the Void but you aren't heading that way. Packing up and loading up you get your gear ready to fight your way through the town.

HA! That poor town never stood a chance against your weapons! Its easy to forget how good it is the satisfy the lust for blood. Smiling you walk out of the town and into the new landscape. So many new things look available... so many new places to explore and plunder, or perhaps not. But whatever, you got a bunch of supplies and ready to rock and roll! Walking with shotgun over shoulder you hear a rustle from behind you, quickly pivoting around you seen no one. Odd... turning back around a man is standing right in front of your face.

"AGHHHCK!", you yell as you fall to the ground shotgun pointed at the man.

"Wow there gunslinger, you seem a bit edgy, let me help you up." The man said as he helped you up. He looked like someone familiar, but not recall-able at the moment. Huge muscles lined up his biceps with rich brown hair, a strong man who knows what he is doing. "So your the guy that goes in shooting before asking questions? Nice..."

"What do you want?" you glared at him, questioning his motives. "And who are you?"

"I'm Randall Flagg, but you can call me Randall. Thought you might want a partner, me and you are alike ya know," he said without hesitation. "You know what you are doing, so how about me and you go do somethin fun? Like oh... how about that military base? Full of ammo and weapons, bound to be some good stuff in there"

That sounded awfully tempting to you... but there could always be another choice. "Are there any other ways to get around besides the military base?"

"Well there is always the hidden trail that leads to the Metropolis District, but thats swarming with Void varmint. I went down there once or twice and got ambushed, so I usually sneak through the military base." He then started to whisper, "but with you, we could raid that place and get all the weapons we'll ever need ya hear?"

"Yeah, I hear ya." The choice of the military base sounds awfully good, but aren't they fighting the Void? Its just one base right, it can't do too much harm. Well there is always the choice of the hidden trail that leads to the Metropolis if I ever want to go there...

Good Choice: Take hidden path to the Metropolis District
Evil Choice: Assault the military base

"I like your way of thinking kid, lets get goin to that base then." Randall began, "Always love killin a few people to get some good action. Well what do you say you ready to go?"

"Yeah," I replied. "I'm ready to go whenever you are. But one more thing before we go..."

"What is it?" He shouted in return.

"What the splode is in that base anyways?"

"I've only have sneaked through the main portion of it, but there is bound to be hidden places with ammo caches. Other then that don't ask me"


The Military Base was unlike what you were imagining. There were things... people... being tested in chambers. From what you recall they were being made into Void Creatures! That is much worse then death, but why would the do something like that? Why wou-

"What the splode was that in there?" Randall cuts your thoughts off "I've never seen something so vile..."

"Your telling me, but anyways where to now?"

"Well the Rebel HQ is actually up ahead, we can easily go there are request permission to get a strike force to eliminate that base. We can always..."

Randall stopped talking, he was staring at something behind you. Not sure what caught is eye, you turn around as well. A shadowy figure walks up to the both of you... slowly becoming a familiar face.

"The old man?!" You say astounded

Randall in just as much shock quickly backfires, "Forget him lets get a move on to the Rebel HQ!"

The old man walked faster than expected, leaving a small dust trail behind him. He approaches you, ignoring Randall who is trying to get you to leave. "You know better than to go the the Rebel HQ," The old man said with wisdom. "Now you might have a chance with me if we go to the Outskirts and you still have a chance to end this."

Randall butted in the conversation "Shut it old man, I go where he goes so you aren't getting rid of me that easily."

Do these to people have a deeper connection? You ponder what has already been said... but you might want to decide if your going to the Rebel HQ or the Outskirts.

Good Choice: Follow the old man to the Outskirts
Evil Choice: Go with Randall to the Rebel HQ


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