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Author Topic: Over Again [Poetry]  (Read 96 times)

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Over Again [Poetry]
« on: March 14, 2018, 04:03 AM »
Three years thrown away without you
I miss the sunshine you brought to the world
When you left, my happiness did too
I wanna save the tears for something better
Over and over and over again
I think about the times before dusk

Lost in the meaning of why you had to go
You'd be 21 and still beautiful to this day
I wonder if I'd see you on a billboard
The smile that brought color back into this dark world
Over and over and over again
I have faith the afterlife has treated you so well

You were the queen who inspired me to be your princess
I followed you in every way, through the light and the dark
The cuts on my wrist are just the reminders of reality
We're all broken people on the inside
But our outside views are what keep us glued together
Nothing has worked, I just wish you could come back
It's all over again as the sun sets in your eyes

R.I.P. Sara, 1997 - 2015 ❤
Thanks: Cookies, Mai, Startrek
In my mind, I seek nothing but letting go
In my soul, everything is so cold
But in my heart, I just don't know