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Author Topic: games i worked on that never made it  (Read 113 times)

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games i worked on that never made it
« on: March 13, 2018, 06:40 PM »

(a puzzle game i came up with during the time where i played portal)


(the game i always wanted to make)


(a christmas horror game)


(another puzzle game)


(a chicken that can fly but can't walk)

almost made a The Room game

(tommy looks really cute)

hexagon world clone

(hexagon world clone)



i don't even remember what i called this

a doki doki easter egg for a game that i might actually finish

(but now that i showed this pic, i'll never add that easter egg)
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part 5

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Re: games i worked on that never made it
« Reply #1 on: March 13, 2018, 08:27 PM »
Hereís mine:

Journey To The Sea
- Never even started it. :8-/ Probably wouldnít have been too good though, since it was so early in my career. I did use the sword fish graphic for my Light Tower game however.

From Mars
- I worked on it a bit. I have announced it along with The Truth. It was a good concept actually, but I dropped the project due to some problems and I couldnít figure out how to flesh out the concept very well. Also putting the same exact song through out the whole game isnít too good of an idea either. lol.

- couldnít figure out how I could make it. Simple as that.

The Late World!
- My first major retro arcade, dropped due to me not liking the structure and story very much. I am making a retro Arcade right now btw, lets hope this one gets published.

The Ultimate Quiz
- Dropped due to the inability on coming up with questions. I had this one up for a while though until I just gave up on it.

Spookie In The Nightmare Of JMC10
- Okay let me explain! This was going to be for a Halloween contest I believe. And it was supposed to poke fun at our community. I had a mechanic for it, but I didnít like the mechanic very much so, I stopped working on it.

*Click Master*
- I did publish this one, but thatís because I wanted to display the mechanic. Itís still unfinished however.

- I legit donít remember this one lol.

Blue Square/Bloccha
- dropped because I got bored with the game and the mechanic.

- basically the same reason as blue square/Bloccha.

- hardly started on it. Didnít think the concept would work.

Bars Game Thing
- not itís official name, it never got one. Never really started at all. The mechanic would not work.

- couldnít come up with a way for the game play to work.

The War
- Didnít like how it was turning out that much. So I scrapped it.

- I didnít think it would work out that well.

Simple Building Game
- Couldnít come up with much for this game. Thatís all.

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Re: games i worked on that never made it
« Reply #2 on: March 13, 2018, 11:28 PM »
Ugh I want you to finish the second one so bad!!!! I've been hyped for that for so long
Thanks: Meta KnighT