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Author Topic: [Unreleased Games] - Shadross (A final parting gift)  (Read 130 times)

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[Unreleased Games] - Shadross (A final parting gift)
« on: March 13, 2018, 06:05 PM »
So we all have heard about it, Sploder's lived a good life. So, since I won't ever get the chance to finish these games, I felt like releasing them. Also keep in mind some of these are broken and incomplete. I have long forgotten where I placed some of the official versions of these and some I had bits and pieces split up during development.

I also wish to use this thread as my official goodbye to Sploder. This site has influenced me quite a bit, and while I look back and regret some past decisions, without these events in my life, I would not have developed into the person I am today. For that, I thank Sploder for existing.

If you wish to keep in contact with me, I use Discord a lot. Username's Shadross, ID #0102.

Anyways, onto the games...

Unnamed Projects:

Squashawut 2:

Solar Sniper "2":

Lectred Z 6:

Robotech 2:
Thanks: Ravicale , chucky12, Marknuuuuut, Enigma
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