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Author Topic: Essential Sploder Threads  (Read 674 times)

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Essential Sploder Threads
« on: February 27, 2018, 02:37 PM »
Here you'll find the definitive posts on this forum, the ones that should be burned into your memory and the ones that will aid splodeologists many years into the future when books are written about this website. These threads have been curated by the users and managers of this board, and this list will frequently see updates. Boards that aren't view-able to other users may have threads archived here, and their titles may be obscured if necessary.

All threads will be categorized by their reason for importance. Suggest categories in PMs.

If you believe a thread that belongs here is missing, PM Sticki to have it added.

Oldest Surviving Threads

During the time of Vanilla (January 2007 - December 2007, February 2008 - July 2012), threads that weren't stickied would get deleted. Because of this, we have lost thousands of threads. Although, plenty of threads from early-mid 2012 have survived. Here, we will archive the oldest threads we know of. Be sure to PM a Records mod if we're missing anything!

Platformer Theory Guide [Outdated] (June 2)*
Mackalack(lemore)ing's THE Never Ending Story (September 23)
Idea Category Rules (November 19)

The Quote Keeper (March 12)
Bug Posting Rules <-- READ ME FIRST (August 28)
Shooter Statistics and Information (September 3)*
Robot Theories and Strategies (November 19)
3D Game Theories, Strategies and Statistics (November 28)
~~~ Blue Revolution! ~~ 66 Members! ~~ Happy Summer! ~~~ (December 29)*

TODO List for Geoff. (January 19)
Hurt or Heal Version 1.2 Rules (April 27)
Rate The Person Above You From 1-10 If They Should Be Promoted Or Not (July 6)
Rate the Members Maturity Above You. (July 14)
Threads with OT Titles Will Be Deleted (August 24)
[Raviland][67 members][75th member gets a special prize][The Hall has GEX support] (October 30)*
The Thanking Game [Forum RPG] (December 14)

If a thread has a * by the date, then the threads HTML is broken.

Funniest/Insightful Threads

Member-related Threads

Sploder-related Threads

Misc. Threads

Thanks: chucky12, makever, Startrek, Shady/Melinda, kingofdanerds
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