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My first collaboration (preferably platformer)

I was gonna make a collab game like years ago... but it never happened for some reason

anyways, i'm terrible when it comes to coming up with stories etc etc, now if we're gonna have a story in the first place? doesn't have to have one, but a cringeworthy story is worse than no story lol

so what am i gonna do you ask? well i can help build on the level but I can also make graphics and design for the level, like draw some block textures, etc

so yeah, first step is to decide a theme for the game, i'm up for anything btw

I'll create an acc and blend my cringeworty name with your name like "Nuuuchecksthepan" or something lmao

So if you're interested in this then just tell me here, always wanted to make a collab and I have been here over 7 years and still haven't done it so

no one likes me :(

sent you a PM


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