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Ravicale :
Following the Monday Music General, we still have a bunch of other days of the week that can be filled. If yall have any ideas for weekly fused threads for other days related to specific topics that you would like to see more discussion of (IE: Videos, Games, Books, ect), leave them here.

Education/School, Movies, Video Games, other broad topics that allow for a wide range of interesting discussion. I could see a rant/Inner Rage thread being extremely entertaining, too.

Once a schedule is finalized, a megathread archiving past threads could be of use.

It's very likely though that these threads wouldn't get much attention due to their high rate of change, I think that stretching each thread out to be a weekly thing would be better.

Leah | Patient:
basically what sticki said

Hmmm maybe talking about Videogames on Fridays?


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