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2017 Featured Games List (Updated: Jan. 3, 2018)

This is the list of all the games that were featured and re-featured on MS. Konni's thread was dead so I thought to make a new one.

Featured Games
Waffle's Revenge by yellowwaffle (Jan. 3)
Connection 2 by benno98 (Jan. 11)
Raving and Drooling by proxyrox (Jan. 18)
In The Shadows by lordeldar (Jan. 20)
Shipshots Deluxe by mat7772 (Jan. 20)
Psychotic Pong 4 by youngcaliman (Jan. 21)
The Red by shadythecreator (Jan. 27)

Skin by konnichiha (Feb. 6)
Generic by epicosauruss (Feb. 10)
HalloweeN by tritertitan (Feb. 10)
Tripwire by vpopsiclev (Feb. 11)
minecraft by boytucker (Feb. 11)
Minjazes Valentines Adventure by minjazemunka241981 (Feb. 14)
M I N D by jigglypuff12345 (Feb. 17)
Cybersmith by cxrest (Feb. 19)
Crystal Hunt Lvl 1 by insane1am2i3 (Feb. 21)
Le SautMur by master106 (Feb. 21)
Joji saves the Dental Plan by nextet (Feb. 24)

Mawaho by cxrest (Mar. 1)
The Legend Of Toby II by lordeldar (Mar. 2)
Dynamite 2 by 1twenty1guns (Mar. 4)
Contrive by cheesegrater1 (Mar. 8)
People Are Turning To Gold by proxyrox (Mar. 11)
Jingo Legends Act 2 by supersonic72 (Mar. 12)
Prison Break: Retrial by nzadamz21 (Mar. 14)
Pink by articuno360 (Mar. 14)
Septem by minjazemunk241981 (Mar. 15) by sploder (Mar. 16)
Grasshopper by cxrest (Mar. 18)
Witchcraft by konnichiha (Mar. 19)
Caustic Caverns by crunchynut (Mar. 22)
Behind The Lines by proxyrox (Mar. 27)
Polar Plight by mat7772 (Mar. 28)
Super Mario Bros. REPLICA V1 by randoe (Mar. 29)

iNsAnItY by mat7772 (Apr. 1)
The Knife by proxyrox (Apr. 6)
T.N.T. 3 World 1 by chase428 (Apr. 8)
NEO by lavalinn (Apr. 10)
Love by epicosauruss (Apr. 10)
Prison Breakout by tobygeorge (Apr. 13)
Ocean by articuno360 (Apr. 14)
Mindlock II by lumberjay (Apr. 16)
Blue Monday by proxyrox (Apr. 17)
Amazon by moamo (Apr. 19)
New Super Mario Bros Wii 8 Bit by tobygeorge (Apr. 20)
The Cool by pokemonplayer2 (Apr. 21)
uh oh. by bigcollab (Apr. 24)
boom hil by skwoshie (Apr. 29)
Doghunter by junkmasta (Apr. 30)

Frisk robs Papyrus by konnichiha (May 6)
Cold Death by lordeldar (May 6)
Sunny Disposition by shadythecreator (May 7)
SPLODER LEGACY v2.0 by firephoenix21xt (May 11)
Tide by moama (May 13)
FUN ZONE by lavalinn (May 13)
Check Out The Sploder Discord by sploder (May 21)
idk how to live by konnichiha (May 22)
Escape: Puzzle by shadoq (May 23)
Lion Gates 1.2 by master106 (May 24)
mario fun run insane super cool by htbinaflash (May 25)
Desert Wolf 2 RECODED by dealwithitdewott (May 27)
Tenebris by droidking777 (May 29)

One Hit Golf by shibuvsvinayak (June 3)
Discreet by mrdemoon (June 5)
Combat Zone B by foxdesign (June 10)
Warning by sploder (June 11)
Expulsion of Mind by cheesegrater1 (June 28)

Important Safety Announcement by sploder (July 8)

EGD Games start
The Truth 2 SC by master106 8th August
PandaMonium by wildzoogames 8th August
Dark Destiny by megaman4540 8th August
LAZER MAZER by thewafflelord 8th August
7.7.2016 by blurry + flumpisback 9th August
Uncharted Isle by jackjoshseb 9th August
Out of Range by cyangaming 10th August
Travelers Keep Going by bestatgames9 10th August
Goodbye Horses by tritertitan 10th August
Trumps Trumptastic Adventure 2 RaD by greendino1111 10th August
Doppelganger 2 by jackjoshseb + mat7772 + ravicale 11th August
1.29.2016 by blurry + flumpisback 11th August
Ship Wreck by shibuvsvinayak 11th August
Pirated of Dili by kingoffangdams + firepinch 12th August
Legend of Iris Part 1 by stephenio 12th August
Sonic Boom Rise Of Lyric by swedenplatformge 12th August
Magic Dungeon by dealwithitdewott 12th August
Killing An Immortal by lordeldar 13th August
Hexagonal World by yellowwaffle 13th August
Felo de se Sci by makever 13th August
Mount Parabyss by articuno360 13th August
The Vengeance by mat7772 14th August
Sherlock Bones 3 Part II by blackhole2 14th August
Summit by autmnwinter 14th August
EGD games end

Box Wars: A Cardboard Hope by lordeldar (August 16)
Thru by cyangaming (August 18)
Remover by mixbr0 (August 18)
Perplexity 2 by jeff385 (August 27)

Mirror. by shadythecreator (September 3)
Mage bros by arcader542 (September 3)
Mural by pokemonplayer2 (September 4)
Rough Rocks by articuno360 (September 4)
Aqua 3 by chloride (September 4)

Gold by creatingames (October 21)
Arizona by futuremillionare (October 21)
Switch by futuremillionare + jigglypuff12345 (October 21)
Paralyzed by futuremillionare (October 21)
A Fun Adventure by futuremillionare (October 21)
Another Brick in the Wall by futuremillionare (October 21)
Build The Wall by futuremillionare (October 21)
Ice Wizard by futuremillionare (October 21)
Hypershock by futuremillionare (October 21)
Tricky by futuremillionare (October 21)
Spider by creatingames (October 21)
The Godfather by futuremillionare (October 21)
Dont Take Another Step by futuremillionare (October 21)
Tombstone by futuremillionare (October 21)
Insanity by futuremillionare (October 21)
Dont Take A Step by futuremillionare (October 21)
Pokemon GO by futuremillionare (October 21)
Becoming a Soldier by futuremillionare (October 21)
Get a Life by futuremillionare (October 21)
Make America Great Again by futuremillionare (October 21)
Guess Who by futuremillionare (October 21)
Multiplayer Mayhem by futuremillionare (October 21)
Polar Plunge 2. The Snowquel by futuremillionare (October 21)
One Hit Kevin 2 by demonxz95 (October 21)
Jellymushroom by futuremillionare (October 21)
Sniper by futuremillionare (October 21)
Isometric World by futuremillionare (October 21)
One Shot Finch by futuremillionare (October 21)
Dust by creatingames (October 21)
God of Sacrifice by creatingames (October 21)
Thunder by creatingames (October 21)
~Gh0st~ by creatingames
Bloody Rose by creatingames (October 21)
Puzzle plat by creatingames (October 21)
Violet Skies by creatingames (October 21)
From the Bottom Up by futuremillionare (October 21)
Polar Plunge by futuremillionare (October 21)
Alienation by demonxz95 (October 21)
One Hit Kevin by demonxz95 (October 21)
The Chosen One by futuremillionare (October 21)
Magneto by futuremillionare (October 21)
Twilight Zone. Point of No Return by futuremillionare (October 21)
Protonic Reaction by demonxz95 (October 21)
Swamps by futuremillionare (October 21)
Unleashed 3 The Inferno by futuremillionare (October 21)
Balance by futuremillionare (October 21)
Unleashed 2 Blizzards Wrath by futuremillionare (October 21)
Lair of Lava by demonxz95 (October 21)
Sky Sanctuary by demonxz95 (October 21)
Unleashed by futuremillionare (October 21)
Dr. Lavarch's Revenge Part 2 by demonxz95 (October 21)
Assistance by creatingames (October 21)
Abomination by creatingames (October 21)
~Mist~ by creatingames (October 21)
Blizzard by creatingames (October 21)
Waves II by creatingames (October 21)
Broken by creatingames (October 21)
Waves by creatingames (October 21)
Escape From The Darkness by creatingames (October 21)
Stumble 2 by creatingames (October 22)
Glitch Use Notice by sploder (October 23)
Cyber Infiltration 1.5 by Sticki (October 23)
Black and White by demonxz95 (October 23)
Don't Sleep. by toxicwolf107 (October 24)
Plaza by toxicwolf107 (October 24)
Toxic Wolf by toxicwolf107 (October 24)
Blizzard by moamo (October 27)

Hallowfire by omega (November 4)
Return to the Sky Sanctuary by demonxz95 (November 9)
Sonic The Hedgehog by master106 (November 22)
Daft by boytucker (November 25)
BluLands by absol300 (November 26)
Space Warrior by swedenplatformge (November 27)
Sokoban by splatter (November 27)
Space Tatoonie by rockyroad797 (November 29)

BUG ME NOT by shibuvsvinayak (December 9)
Sploder Street Racing by swimmer18 (December 17)
Splatters Mashup Pack by splattercollab (December 26)

Includes all newly featured and re-featured games.

futuremillionare (35)
creatingames (18)
demonxz95 (9)
sploder (6)
lordeldar (5)
mat7772 (5)
proxyrox (5)
articuno360 (4)
konnichiha (4)
master106 (4)
cxrest (3)
shadythecreator (3)
shibuvsvinayak (3)
toxicwolf107 (3)
boytucker (2)
blurry (2)
cheesegrater1 (2)
cyangaming (2)
dealwithitdewott (2)
epicosauruss (2)
flumpisback (2)
jackjoshseb (2)
jigglypuff12345 (2)
lavalinn (2)
moamo (2)
pokemonplayer2 (2)
swedenplatformge (2)
tobygeorge (2)
tritertitan (2)
yellowwaffle (2)
1twenty1guns (1)
absol300 (1)
arcader542 (1)
autmnwinter (1)
benno98 (1)
bestatgames9 (1)
bigcollab (1)
blackhole2 (1)
chase428 (1)
chloride (1)
crunchynut (1)
droidking777 (1)
firephoenix21xt (1)
firepinch (1)
foxdesign (1)
greendino1111 (1)
htbinaflash (1)
insane1am2i3 (1)
jeff385 (1)
junkmasta (1)
kingoffangdams (1)
lumberjay (1)
makever (1)
megaman4540 (1)
minjazemunk241981 (1)
minjazemunka241981 (1)
mixbr0 (1)
mrdemoon (1)
nextet (1)
nzadamz21 (1)
omega (1)
ravicale (1)
rockyroad797 (1)
skwoshie (1)
shadoq (1)
splatter (1)
splattercollab (1)
stephenio (1)
sticki (1)
supersonic72 (1)
swimmer18  (1)
thewafflelord (1)
randoe (1)
vpopsiclev (1)
wildzoogames (1)
youngcaliman (1)


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