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Sploder TCG [Christmas Tourney In Progress!]

The Sploder TCG

Welcome to the Sploder Trading Card Game where you can collect and battle with cards of your favorite Sploder members! Post to join and get your free cards!

To join simply post in this thread and you will receive a special edition pack containing 8 member cards and a one-of-a-kind EX version of yourself! You will also receive 150 gold to spend on whatever you want.

How it works
You can collect cards from buying packs in the shop or earning rewards from games, daily bonuses, tournaments and positioning on the leader boards. There are 4 types of cards: Member cards, Weapon cards, Armor cards and Item cards. These can all be collected and used in battles.

Battles can be declared from one member to another at any point, or people will be pitted against each other in tournaments. From every battle there will be a reward given out but some of your member cards may get injured. You can use them in battle while injured but they will be severely disadvantaged.

Each battle will take place in a set scenario or location and this will determine how you set up your team. After this is determined each player will choose the 5 members they want to use, which classes they wish to assign as well as weapons, items and armor.

The quality of their selection and cards will then increase their odds to win. I will then randomize a winner and describe how the battle went as well as the outcome and rewards. Upon winning it will boost your position in a monthly leader board which will assign rewards at the end of the month and will give you rewards for victory.

Trading cards is possible at any point as long as both parties agree. EX cards cannot be traded and any cards with promotions lose their promotions upon trading.

Classes, Attributes and Selelction
Each member card will come with stats for 5 attributes: Aim, Physicality, Tactics, Teamwork, Utility. Rarer cards will have higher stats. Rarity depends on rank.

Aim – How good of a shot the soldier is with their weapon.
Physicality – The soldier’s physical traits and condition: how fast they can run, how strong they are etc.
Tactics – The soldier’s ability to think on the spot and understand both planned and spontaneous situations.
Teamwork – How well the soldier can communicate and work alongside other soldiers and execute movements.
Utility – The soldier’s ability to use items and the surroundings around it to benefit themselves and their teammates.

There are 5 classes you may assign to your member cards: Sniper, Heavy, Ranger, Soldier, Engineer. Members with different attributes will fair better in different areas.

Soldier - An all-round troop who can adapt to suit almost any situation but is specialised in none.
Heavy - A troop that specialises in dealing with heavy firearms and armour. Their role is to create noise, chaos and a high presence. This allows others to act more freely.
Ranger - A ranger’s role is to utilise positioning in order to the best of their advantage. They should be quick, quiet or both and can be provide important information as well as deadly in the right situation but if not they can be useless. They provide little presence.
Sniper - Their role is to use correct positioning and a good shot to eliminate enemies quickly with little loss to their own team. It relies on assistance from team mates and provides a low presence but they can be extremely difficult to beat in a head-on-head gun fight, especially over range.
Engineer - An engineer can provide the whole team a new depth to their ability with items. Their skill with items allows them to assist their team in ways no other role can which adds a possible new approach, however it is all situational and may need support to be as effective as possible.

You may also assign any weapons, armor and items you have to each member with a maximum of one each. These can be moved between member cards at any time and will alter your odds of winning games. Each player starts with unlimited Basic Armor cards and Primary Weapon cards for Snipers, LMGs, SMGs, Shotguns and Assault Rifles. Secondary Weapons cards for: Combat Knives and Pistols.

For each battle please select your 5 member cards by listing their loadouts in the following order:
Member Card: Class, Primary weapon, Secondary weapon, Attachment, Armor, Item.
Make sure to state if your member card is a holographic or special edition.

Weekly Bonuses:
Post in this thread every week to receive your weekly bonus of 100 gold, 1 item card and 1 player card. This will reset every Monday.

External links:
Shop: http://forums.sploder.com/index.php?topic=515713.msg6529289#msg6529289
Player profiles: http://forums.sploder.com/index.php/topic,515751.msg6529510.html#msg6529510
Card profiles: http://forums.sploder.com/index.php?topic=515750.msg6529508#msg6529508
Monthly leader boards

Any questions please ask me! Just post to join!

Current Tournament: Christmas 2017
Group Stage in progress
Players taking part: Demon, Swimmer18, Smartdan, Fuz, Boreal, Unovi

Format + Rules
The tournament will consist of two phases, a group stage and playoffs. The top 2 of each group will qualify for playoffs with the winners facing the runners up. It will then be single elimination with a third placed playoff and BO3 final.
Group A: Boreal, FuzTheHamster, Smartdan
Group B: Demon, Swimmer18, Unovi

During the tournament injuries will be removed and replaced with a ‘tired’ status. This simply means any cards used in consecutive battles will be significantly weakened. All cards and items are available to be used. Keep in mind the team captain mechanic has been removed prior to this tournament. All items brought in the shop after this moment will not be given to you until after the current stage is complete.

Everyone who takes part and play their matches will get a limited edition Christmas 2017 Bauble Grenade. For each played loss you will get 20 gold and for each played win you receive 40 gold.
5th – 6th:  50 gold, 1 item pack.
4th: 150 gold, 3 card mixed pack. 1 Guaranteed rare.
3rd: 250 gold, 5 card mixed pack. 1 Guaranteed rare.
2nd: 300 gold, 8 card mixed pack. 2 Guaranteed rare.
1st: 400 gold, 10 card mixed pack. 3 Guaranteed rare. Limited edition Reindeer Impaling Device.

Group Stage Matches:
You will have until the 30th December to get your team selection in to me via PM but I would much prefer them to be submitted earlier to help to speed of the competition. You should make your selection for all group games at this point, remember the games are consecutive meaning players who play in both will suffer due to fatigue. If groups end in draws the matches will be replayed with the same until positions can be established.
Group A:
Boreal vs. FuzTheHamster                                 Location: Nuclear Power Plant
Boreal vs. Smartdan                                         Location: City Suburbs
FuzTheHamster vs. Smartdan                            Location: Icy Tundra
Group B:
Demon vs. Swimmer                                         Location: Desert Sand Dunes
Demon vs. Unovi                                              Location: Large Construction Site
Unovi vs. Swimmer                                           Location: Snowy Forest

Best of luck!


Okay this sounds cool. Count me in

Yeah, I'll join.


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