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Empires [New RPFG] [Join and Conquer the World!]

Welcome to Empires. Here, you can choose a Civilization to start and conquer everything. The game is simple to play. It goes as follows:

1. A civilization must choose a certain color that is not already on the map (No blue,
 yellow, green, grey, or black).
2. The civilization can then choose where to go on the map to expand their borders. This will lead to certain discoveries, good or bad.
3. You're able to build up a military, find new cities, explore, mine, etc.

Key: Green = grass
Blue = water
Yellow = sand
Grey = mountain
Orange block = port

Grass is the best place to have a city. Here, you can find animals, farms, tribes, and other certain things.

You can built ports next to water. Here, you can fish and set up trade routes.

Here is just a desert or a beach, depending on the area. It's hard to build cities and there is very little water. However, many merchants and missionaries like to interact in the desert.

Extremely hard to climb, but very valuable resources can be found here, such as bronze, iron, gold, etc.

~How to Start or Join an Empire~
1. Choose a color and name to use for your civilization.
2. Choose a plot on the board to begin your city, and name it.
3. If you wish to join an existing empire, simply get permission from an Emperor.

~How to Play~

1. Name a plot to claim as yours (A5, for example)
2. You will be given a description of the area and can choose how you decide to use the area (for example, collecting resources, finding a city, fighting a tribe)
3. To attack another empire, name the plot you wish to attack and you will be given further details.
4. To trade or ally with another empire, announce the resources you wish to trade and get the other empire to accept the offer.

~Current Market Prices~
Wheat: $5
Fur: $5
Fish: $1
Bronze: $8
Potato: $20
Boat: $35
Wood: $1

The list can be found here.

Hunter Rave:
ayy sign me up

name my civilization Sonanbrook, after one of my games

lets start on q7

and lets make our color blue


--- Quote from: Hunter Rave on December 09, 2017, 07:43 PM ---ayy sign me up

name my civilization Sonanbrook, after one of my games

lets start on q7

--- End quote ---

Hunter Rave:

--- Quote from: Shady on December 09, 2017, 07:44 PM ---Color?

--- End quote ---
and i was in the middle of editing in my color when you sent this LOL

The Sonanbrook Empire has begun!

You have been gifted with 3 wheat, 2 fish, and a population of 25.
Your people wish to start a city.


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