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Sploder Speedrunning Competition, December 2017 - Time Bomb by king990 (JOIN!)

What is the Sploder Speedrunning Competition? it's a DWIronman League ripoff :(

The Sploder Speedrunning Competition is a monthly competition in which participants aim to beat Sploder games as quickly as possible. Check the rules below. Players of all levels of ability are welcome - it can make you a faster Sploder player! Preknowledge is also a factor, I know, but give it your best anyway!

In December 2017 the Sploder people will try to speedrun Time Bomb by king990. One of the finest puzzle PPGs in some time, you need to keep a cool head and show you're a good federal agent under immense pressure, as the bombs explode in less than a minute! Please screenshot or do a YT video for convenience!

- One attempt per month. Good luck! That means that no corrections count, and faster runs than your first one won't change your position on the table.
- ONLY SCREENSHOTS OR YT VIDEOS ALLOWED! You will need to do a screenshot of the time you  complete. The screenshot you post in this thread is the only screenshot you'll be allowed to post.
- If you die for any reason, do whatever you want. I obviously cannot know how many times you guys try. I expect you to be fair and do one run, but obviously you could do many runs and submit your best one.
- There will be a point scoring system. Probably points for Top 10.

Good luck!

November 2017 -  Jump (winner: Cian)

1. (#) NaZa - 1:02 - Let's be honest, I only put myself right away to be first for a second.

1. Cian          - 25
2. Meow          - 18
3. NaZa          - 15
4. FuzTheHamster - 12

Here's my run: survived in 1:02

Should've been a lot better, but I legit forgot the last code and I had to point and guess. I didn't get how it's supposed to be ordered but good I survived. I hope I won't be last... Bring it on Cian!


Really though? Isn't this a puzzle game? So all the people who have played the game before will have an advantage, but people like me will probably just fail at least once since they don't know the puzzles

Pretty decent run, best out of a few tries. Probably not the best choice to speedrun since, as Fuz said, you can just memorize the puzzles.


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