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Unovi's Game Rating Center

Yeah I know I did these before but I'm actually going to plan this one out to make sure nothing happens that makes me lose motivation. Use the guides below to understand what games I am looking for and what I am compatible with.

* Platformers - I can do platformers, but my skills are limited and I don't have a good knowledge of glitches and tricks. Hell I'd argue relying on prestigious glitches is bad game design so games that rely on these may be at a disadvantage mainly because it means I won't be able to get that far in them. Only if I can do about 60% will I rate the game.
* Shooters - I gave them another chance but I can't play them effectively and I don't feel willing to learn about them and how they work. They generally just don't appeal to me and I don't think my ratings and limited knowledge could do them justice.
* Arcade - I have a fair amount of understanding as to how these work but I generally don't like playing them. They feel pretty stiff and slow and boring generally but I can become invested in them. I'll do my best to rate them fairly as I always strive to but generally these aren't that enjoyable to me so idk I guess you can post these.
* Algorithm - Nope. Not a clue how these work and they're honestly so boring and slow. Like the arcader on crack. I know they don't get a lot of love but I'm not playing these. I have no idea what the standards are or how they work and I don't intend to change that.
* PPG - I enjoy PPGs quite a lot if only for how much creativity they bring to the table and how much you can express yourself with them. I'm pretty good with these and from a gaming standpoint these are probably my best so I'm more than happy to do PPGs.
Plats are good
Shooters are a nono
Arcades are okay
Algos are a nono
PPGs are good

So how this works is you post a link to the game that you want me to rate and I will rate it, as long as I am able to get a good enough feel for how it plays. I'm gonna be 100% honest and if you don't like my opinion you are welcome to argue your case but generally I don't think I'm gonna change my mind. Keep things civil though.

This centre also offers the chance to get your game to be reviewed. The chances of a review aren't based on if it's good enough - because that's kinda stupid - but if you want me to review the game, I'll do it, as long as I'm not too busy and as long as I'm up for reviewing the game. I should be okay with doing reviews at least semi-often and I'll be sure to track my progress by posting them here. I know that probably sounds unwelcoming but I really do want to get some reviews done so there's no harm in asking <3

The rewards are under a little bit of maintenance for now, but I have introduced a score system which i store in an excel spreadsheet. All of your combined scores will be used to calculate a total which can be used to receive awards. You won't be able to get them just off of one game, so be sure to visit often. c:

System will be out of 100, now complete with lettered ranks:

0 - Unranked
20 - F
35 - E
45 - D
55 - C Approximately the level of a feature-worthy game
65 - B On the better side of feature-worthy games
75 - A Approximately the level of an EGL game
85 - ★ Pretty much the top end score, doubt anyone will hit it

Current Visible Awards Available:

100 ~ Pewter Award

One more thing. You cannot post another game until you either withdraw the current game or it is rated.

Reviews Made Through This System:
✮03✮ Escape School [Futuremillionare] (In Progress)

Games Rated Through This System:
1 The Vengeance                                       80
2 Witchcraft                                              76
3 Nesting Box                                           74
4 Splatters Mashup Pack                          72
5 Tigzon Island                                         70
6 Magic Dungeon                                      64
7 Sploder Street Racing                           63
8 BUG ME NOT                                          62
9 StoryBoard                                            61
10 M I N D                                                60

11 Space Warrior                                     59
12 Escape School                                      59
13 Oddworld                                              59
14 Drop Zone                                              58
15 As if you care                                         57
16 Petit Flashback Part 1                           57
17 Sokoban                                                 56
18 Space Tatooine                                      55
19 Water Sea Wars FINAL MIX Demo        54
20 Colored Step                                          53

21 Candlehead                                            52
22 TechnoBall Popper                                 51
23 Without Witness Demo 2                       51
24 Dragworld Demo                                   50
25 Gravitation                                             49
26 Wave of Domination                              47
27 Karaoke                                                 45
28 One Hit Golf                                           44
29 Ship Wreck                                            42
30 Cape Canaveral                                      40

31 box dude hero 3                                     39
32 Crater Lake                                             37
33 New Super Mario Bros Sploder Ed.        33

Amount of Games Per User:
shibuvsvinayak            5
Rocko                         4
Sto4                           2
Dealwithitdewott          2
Patient                        2
Splatter                      1
Konnichiha                  1
Matty                         1
Gallade                       1
CyanGaming               1
Meta KnighT               1
Enigma                       1
Mangamixer                1
Shady                         1
Swedenplatformge       1
Jigglypuff12345           1
Mixbr0                        1
Swimmer18                 1
Tritertitan                    1
Freefallsonic                1
Tornadodex328            1

18/11/2017:   Game rating centre opens!
19/11/2017:   First rating!
28/11/2017:   Hit a total of 10 ratings!
08/12/2017:   Hit a total of 100 replies!
23/12/2017:   Hit a total of 20 ratings!
05/01/2018:   Hit a total of 30 ratings!

What up.....


Halfway done but can I still get a rating.

Note: Your character climbs walls.


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