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Author Topic: Advertising sploder: The right way  (Read 2763 times)

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Advertising sploder: The right way
« on: October 23, 2017, 01:40 AM »
I'm aware of the countless threads that already exist on the subject but the lot of them don't delve into exactly how effective advertising works or are ill-informed on the way good advertising works. I don't want to flatter myself, but the tips I'm gonna go over in this thread helped me achieve over 10k subs on YouTube, grow a friends website to over 50,000 users and grow a discord server to over 4,000 members.

  • [1.] Find a funny and interesting aspect of sploder to advertise. Nobody likes the basic, boring and monotonous part of any website
    It's not in plain site, but sploder is a gold mine for funny images and silly meme potential. In this day and age, funny pictures shape what our culture is interested in. Posting sploder-related images to Twitter, reddit, or any other popular site and getting that post popular would create a large boost in curious first-time visits from users who happened to see the name sploder in the picture.
  • [2.] Where to go: the most effective places to advertise
    You want to reach a wide audience, but you might not have an established one for yourself. No worries, there's always a way to get your word out there. Sites like reddit, other forums and especially discord servers can bring in new users. Since we are a site where users usually join around the age of 10, you want to advertise on sites where you can reach a younger, more impressionable audience (e.g Roblox, Scratch, r/dankmemes, r/Rickandmorty) [For users worried about a terrible community incoming, remember that the forums are difficult to get into and segregation between the MS and forum will always be a blessing.]

CONNECTIONS: Contacting Internet figures to do the advertising for you
Preface: I've found this to be very effective and the ideal route to go with, but it's a hit or miss with the misses being more likely the more popular the person is. Note that the numbers don't always equate to popularity in the personal contact sense, you'll find people who aren't internet figures and instead operate internet companies/organizations like a top 10 channel are extremely easy to get into contact with.
  • [1.] Piggybacking
    If your friend has a large discord server, twitter channel or any other medium that allows someone to get a message out to a large number of people, exploit it. Ask politely and do a little brown-nosing if you have to. Remember that ass-kissing has a sweet spot, where you don't do too much or too little of it. You ever play a Tony Hawk Skateboarding game, and the bar comes up with the sweet spot in the middle and the two red areas on either side?
     If you hit the red areas, you wipe out. Don't wipe out.
  • [2.] E-mail is the way to go
    Someone who operates anything large on the internet will always have an e-mail they check daily. Fans will usually attempt to contact someone via Twitter, facebook or a YouTube comments section which will more than likely never work due to the sheer amount of comments said person may receive. E-mails not only are forgotten when it comes to trying to contact someone as a fan, but an e-mail allows you to fledge out your thoughts and exaggerate the benefits that comes with advertising sploder. Don't go for e-mail only though, try every medium just to be safe
  • [3.] Suggestions by the numbers
    If you truly believe you've found someone that could bring in great users for this site, let us all know and have us all contact said person/organization. Many popular people make an attempt to respond to all comments they receive, but the sheer amount of comments that even a small channel can get are overwhelming. The more there are, the more likely that person is to respond to said comment.

Prepare to be disappointed. Advertising is difficult, and with a site like sploder, getting the users here is the easy part.
 Getting them to stay is a lot harder, and requires activity from the existing users to encourage activity of their own.

Good luck.
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