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Chapter One
This game is the first in a ten game series.
The year is 2706. Planets are now singular countries. The solar system, known to the Milky Way as Sol, has been completely colonized into eight countries by homo sapiens, creatures who began on Earth. As of late, another solar system that has been undetected by the homo sapiens called the Kosa have been looking to expand their galactic empire. It's time to take over Sol and the planets that surround it. An astro-warrior named Yuri has been tasked with leading the ground war within Sol. His first mission is to conquer the territory of Mercury. Its citizens are quick and witty, similar to the planet itself. There are three cities that Yuri has been tasked with raiding: Degas, Picasso, and Caloris. All three cities are cultural and political capitals of the planet, with Caloris being the most important.

The game is a story driven exploration game with plenty of action, dialogue, and environment. The game is not entirely linear, the player may choose their own path.

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Full map

Some facts about the area:

The three major cities are Degas, Picasso, and Caloris. Caloris is the largest city and the capital of Mercury. Degas is best known for its military base and being an industrial powerhouse. Picasso is a huge cultural center, known for its great art and scenery. Caloris, situated in the Caloris Montes area, is a major political capital, being the closest major city to Sol, the star. Caloris is also well known for its mining industry.

Odin: Odin Planitia is a small region in southern Mercury. Small tribes known as Odinians and homeless bandits thrive in this area, which flourishes with trees. Little lava is found in this area.

Suisei Planitia: A medium sized region in the east. It is home to the towns of Suisei and Janacek, which are heavily guarded and do not take kindly to intruders, due to previous bandit encounters. This area is very heavy with lava, and is one of the hottest regions in Mercury. There are also unknown creatures, as most of Suisei is unexplored.

Sobkou Planitia: Overtaking the northern part of Mercury, its vast forests are home to the unknown. There are many small towns along the Sobkou Road that starts at the largest city, Degas, and ends all the way in Caloris. Many mystics and monks can be found deep in the forests of Sobkou, as the area is considered to be very holy.

Caloris Plantia: The most populated region of Mercury, it is home to the capital, Caloris, and also home to a massive forest. Overtaking the western area of Mercury, a lot of mystery lies in the vast forest just south of Caloris. Many years ago, a large fire destroyed many of the old villages, and no one has ever ventured into this forest out of fear of it being haunted.


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I'm really looking forward to playing another one of your shooters but Idk why you dont try other creators you might probably be better in it (like a miracle)


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