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Author Topic: sploder write (ch. 7 out)  (Read 578 times)

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sploder write (ch. 7 out)
« on: June 27, 2018, 02:41 PM »
Chapter 1: Chains
Chapter 2: Needles
Chapter 3: Stream
Chapter 4: My Cruel Fair Intentions and How She Learned To Ignore the Fire Behind the Door
Chapter 5: Atrocity Exhibition
Chapter 6: Forward/Amalgam
Chapter 7: Myself
Chapter 8: coming tomorrow

ch. 1: chains

  n1gga woke up. waking up everyday seemed to peppered to be the only constant of a soldier's life. peppered was a silver soldier, saying it was only two steps away from platinum didn't seem like much but actually getting there was a sizable task. to peppered though, it didn't mean much. I'm the best regardless of rank, is what she chose to believe.

  she stood up out of bed and her dark hair almost fell to the floor, her superiors had insisted she have it cut many times before but it was either a point of pride or she was too rebellious to listen. she didn't know the exact reason, although those two possibilities had both passed through her head as quickly as she could shake them away and pass it off as "I just don't want to", which only verified the first two. as she brushed her teeth she weighed doing some morning cleaning (to compliment the cleaning she had already done the night before) or going straight to the bunker. being slightly late shouldn't be too big of a deal for the best soldier, and she wanted her house to look its best just in case she got her first visitor.

  there was only so much dusting you could do before you were just spreading dirt from the duster around, so peppered left the house with ten minutes to spare before she was late and began casually walking to the bunker. mariokart sped past her on a 7-speed bike, holding his bucket hat on his head with one hand as his hair flew back in the wind, "you're going to be late, moron!"

  "mario, 'Sup?", peppered kept walking, what mariokart was saying didn't process as much in her mind as much as the fact itself that she was being spoken to, as when she arrived at work wasn't something that mattered to her. mario knew this already, but while the cause of spite or a subtle care for peppered's wellbeing wasn't clear he pestered her about it whenever they crossed each other. peppered walked through the open gate (it was odd to her that it was already opened but she remembered that mario was in a hurry and had just passed through) leading to the bridge that crossed over general and connected the barracks to the bunker and began her walk across. she glanced down at general through the fences, trying not to make eye contact with any privates lurking below while keeping them in her peripheral. as soon as they noticed her they stopped and like a row of lights flickering on began shooting stares at her that ranged from cold, to curious, to fearful. she redirected her vision forward and quickened her pace as her smile turned to one of nervousness.

  the bunker was mostly empty, the rest of the soldiers must have been out in platformer already.

  "you're later than usual", ben crept out of a corner and his voice suddenly boomed out, startling peppered.

  peppered remained confident, it wasn't even the latest she had ever been, "yeah, sorry sir"

  "for your own sake I recommend you shape up. holding you back from golden rank isn't all I can do anymore. you wouldn't want to wake up in general I assume, and I'm not talking about the rank."

  peppered's defiant smile disappeared, "no sir, sorry. I promise I'll be on time from now on, really."

  she rushed into the changing room and took her soldier's uniform out of the closet. her uniform was a bright cyan color with white stripes running down the sides of the jacket and pant legs, she personally loved its appearance and took pride in changing into it. she tucked her tranquilizer gun into her waistband and left. she passed by the holding cell containing the two pows, sticki and jiggly, as she walked out. pows weren't treated well, they were a mix of ex-soldiers and captured privates. word was that after finishing your sentence it was possible to be released into general, not that that was anything desirable, but most pows simply disappeared after awhile. peppered felt uncomfortable when she thought about it, so she chose not to. most of the soldiers treatment of the pows ranged from scorn to harassment, but peppered didn't mind them, at least they weren't privates. she waved, sticki mouthed a "yo" through the glass and jiggly opened her mouth into a smile, an abnormally long tongue reaching past her chin fell out, making peppered jump a bit. sticki had been placed in holding after he was accused of releasing information to privates, the action morally repulsed peppered but didn't stop her from trying to be polite when she passed by his cell, he had been kind to her when he was a soldier. peppered didn't know whether jiggly was a private or soldier, but she treated her as if she was an ex-soldier just in case. she didn't know what jiggly was being held for, and jiggly's slightly unnatural aura put her off from trying to ask anyone.

  peppered left the bunker and out into the platformer, a large chasm of structures hanging over a seemingly endless pit. she looked over at yugi, standing near the edge grasping one of the chains extending from the sky and holding the platforms in place which didn't appear to have a visible ending point. nobody had ever attempted to climb up to see where the chains extended from, at least no one in recorded history. some chains didn't connect to the platforms but stopped 6 feet above them and held flickering torches which lit up the otherwise black void. the unanswered nature of the platformer raised many questions about the world they occupied. peppered amiably approached him, he was wearing his usual soldier uniform, an outfit similar to hers but colored golden instead of blue, "hey yugi, don't you feel a bit anxious standing so close to the edge like that?", she gave him a playful tap on the back and he rocked forward. "oops"

  "I'm just thinking.", yugi replied, turning his head towards her but remaining standing towards the abyss.

  "about what?"

  "these chains. they appear unending, but they have to lead somewhere. there's a ceiling here. it makes me feel boxed in, like the world we inhabit is closing in on us."


  "I feel as if we're so limited here. is this all that the universe holds, and if so, what are we really trying to achieve? when I feel like I inhabit a small space, it makes me feel insignificant, and when I feel insignificant, I question the point of it all."

  "aaaahh...", peppered shook her head, "don't think like that, yugi! our world may be small to us, but that just makes us even bigger. I feel like these chains sort of 'chain' us to the universe", she smiled awkwardly, "our meaning in life is to be the best that we can be and conquer the entirety of this small world. I'm the best that I am, I know that you can do it too."

  yugi turned around to face peppered completely and smirked, "confident as usual... I like your way of looking at things, but I don't think that the ways we think operate on the same plane."

  peppered didn't catch the slight condescension in this comment and grinned, "yeah, I suppose we are different in some ways. I may be a stronger soldier, but we still have our similarities."

  "you know," yugi leaned over the edge of the platform and gazed into the darkness below, "maybe this place isn't as small as I picture it. imagine if rather than going endlessly upward the world stretches endlessly downwards."


  "well, only one way to find out."

  "...huh?", peppered stepped forward.

  "just kidding."

  yugi walked away from the ledge, "I'll talk to you later, peppered. it's time to get to work, I need to be the best that I can be, right?"

  "oh.. yeah!", peppered followed yugi deeper into the platformer.

  "hey yugi, come over here.", general joji stood to the side of another platform and reached a beckoning hand towards yugi, who quickly ran over and jumped across to the platform that joji was standing on. peppered kept walking on the platform she was on and went past them. she was curious about what they were going to talk about but tended to keep a slight distance from joji as she couldn't quite make heads or tails of him. he was nice to everyone, including her, but compared to the other generals was almost too friendly. that paired with some of the odd phrasing he would use shrouded him with a mysterious air that didn't quite resonate well with peppered. despite that, she appreciated his work and tried not to get in his way. the old, short lieutenant named slunt who often followed joji around looked at her as she walked by. he gave her the creeps.

  peppered hopped across small platforms. some of them only had one chain attached to the middle, causing them to swing and tilt back and forth. peppered held onto the chains for support and tried to avoid looking down. she wasn't scared. "there's nothing wrong with a healthy fear of reasonable danger, since the greatest fear of all is the fear of nothing.", she repeated to herself something yugi had once told her. she finally jumped onto a larger stable platform and let out a sigh of relief, but the moment of relief was gone as soon as it was there. footsteps echoed through the air, coming from a particularly dimly lit platform in the distance. soldiers were generally meant to split up from each other, and the path that she took wasn't assigned to anyone else. this meant that she had encountered an applicant.

  applicants could either be future privates or future soldiers, and it all depended on an aspect that peppered initially found very silly but grew to accept the importance of: their teeth. if they had naturally shaped teeth, they were taken back to the barracks, housed, and trained until they were ready to go to the bunker and eventually out into the platformer. if their teeth were sharp and jagged, they were deemed a private and captured before being sent into general. soldiers brought them back, and the lieutenants and generals verified their existence. peppered didn't feel comfortable around privates, they didn't trust soldiers and soldiers didn't trust them. whenever she caught sight of their teeth she felt as if she'd get bitten if she wasn't careful. she hoped that the sound she heard came from someone with normal teeth, both due to her evasion from privates and because she'd earn more respect for bringing in a new soldier than she would for adding another private to the mix.

  peppered stealthily crept towards the platform that she heard the footsteps on and tried to jump across as quietly as she could, not that her silence mattered as she immediately afterward yelled out a "hey!" and pointed her tranquilizer at the figure she saw.

  "w-what?", it spoke back with a male tone, its voice slightly muffled.

  "what's your name?", peppered asked with as direct a tone as she could muster.


  "do you know how you got your name?"

  "no, I just know it."

  "do you know where you came from?"

  "no, I'm just here."

  "alright, same as always...", peppered muttered under her breath, slightly disappointed that she hadn't made a breakthrough by finding someone who held information about their whereabouts. "put your hands above your head and walk over here, please."

  the figure named galla complied, and when he came into view peppered saw that he was wearing a mask, the same mask applicants commonly were found wearing. grey, square in shape, with a blank expression painted on in black. nobody, including those donning them, ever knew where the masks came from. there was a folk tale of sorts among soldiers that said that applicants didn't have a face until they took their masks off, during which they subconsciously created their own appearance. applicants claim that they had them on as far back as they could remember, although not all of them kept them on, some seemed to find comfort in wearing them as it was generally the only possession they had in the platformer. "can you take your mask off, please?", peppered asked.

  galla complied once again, and unstrapped his mask, revealing straight, clean cut brown hair and blue eyes. applicants tended to have messier hair than he did, which surprised peppered, but she didn't think much about it. "smile."

  galla stared.

  "smile for me, please.", peppered repeated, "like this", peppered flashed a bright toothy grin.

  galla complied, he had natural teeth and peppered's breathing slowed down in relief. "alright, thank you! can you come with me? I'll get you some food and a warmer place to stay."

  "oh.. thank you..", the boy seemed meek, although that wasn't uncommon for newly found applicants. no one was able to know if they could even remember interacting with anyone else. peppered slowly lead the way back towards the bunker as galla followed behind, holding his mask in one hand.

  "let me see that", peppered reached a hand towards the mask and galla handed it to her. peppered threw it off the platform and it fell into the abyss below.

  "o-oh?", galla seemed startled by this action.

  "you won't be needing this anymore," peppered reassured him, "we're supposed to take them back with us to 'study' or whatever but to be honest, they creep me out!", peppered laughed.


  they kept walking. galla needed a bit of assistance in the form of cheering from peppered as he slowly leaped across the small single-chained platforms.

  "I'm very frightened.. um.. what should I call you?", galla grasped onto the chain and sunk lower as the platform swung back and forth.

  "everyone hates these tiny ones, and my name's peppered. come on, you can do it! go, go!", peppered clapped as she stood across on the safer platform that galla was trying to get to. after many minutes spent on each platform as peppered talked galla through each jump he finally made it to the platform she was standing on and they were able to continue back to the bunker.

  "so, you don't remember anything, huh?", peppered tried to extract any information from galla that she could and also wanted to try and make him feel a bit more comfortable.

  "nothing at all."

  "how long had you been wandering around here?"

  "I don't know.. what feels like 30 hours.. at least.."

  "you just woke up here?"

  "I'm not sure if I'd call it waking up. I just snapped into consciousness, its as if I was someone else before and my soul got put into this body suddenly. I didn't feel asleep before, there was just nothing before then."

  "ahh...", peppered remembered something similar, although her memory was hazy and it had been quite awhile. "well...", peppered tried to switch the conversation to small talk, "is there anything that you like?"

  "what do you mean?"

  "things that you like? something you enjoy? its part of what defines us, and since you'll be with us for awhile I might as well get a jump start on getting to know you!"

  "oh.. I don't know.. I don't feel as if I'm much of a person as I am now. I don't know what I like and dislike. I guess I like you, but that's all I'm able to know about myself."

  "aw, thanks. you're pretty cool too, galla. I'm definitely a good person to like.", peppered smiled proudly.

  their brief conversation was cut even shorter as they both heard a loud yell...
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Re: sploder write
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Re: sploder write
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I have a feeling that me and sticki are going to break out.

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Re: sploder write
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Amazing story  :8):

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Re: sploder write
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ch. 2: needles

"you can't do this! help!", a voice screamed out. peppered immediately ran in the direction of the yell and saw soldier connor holding down an applicant with paper white skin and blood red hair, his tranquilizer pointed at his head. another applicant stood crying next to them, she had brown hair and looked very young. throughout the applicant's wails peppered noticed that she had sharp teeth.

"you're going one place, and she's going another, like it or not.", connor commanded as he tightened his grip and pushed the tranquilizer deeper into the applicant's head.

"h-hey, connor...", peppered tried to get his attention away from the applicant that he was harassing and got a look at his teeth, "that applicant isn't a private, you should be more gentle with him!"

"f#%& off peppered", connor snapped, "he resisted my demands and attacked me, its my duty as a soldier to react accordingly."

"ah?! what demands?"

"he tried to get my tranquilizer when I pointed it at that private", he nodded his head towards the girl sobbing next to them, who was now sitting on the ground with her head buried in her hands, "he doesn't want to be split up."

"you aren't supposed to tell them where they're being taken for that very reason!", peppered knew that she herself often broke protocol, but she had to keep up appearances around others.

"no reason to keep them in the dark", connor began donning a smile, "I'm doing them a kindness by being honest."

"please! sto-.....", the crying private's wails were cut short as peppered shot her with a tranquilizer.

"we aren't supposed to shoot non-privates, it's against the rules.", peppered swiftly picked up the limp girl's arms and began dragging her back towards the bunker. "you'll see this girl again," peppered looked at the applicant that connor was holding down, "I promise. just try and calm down and comply with what he tells you and everything will be okay."

"I told you to f#%& off peppered," connor muttered, "its so boring around here, let me have some fun every now and again..."


"nothing, just leave!", connor yelled as the applicant he was holding down finally stopped struggling and laid down on the platform with a defeated appearance but trustful gaze into peppered's eyes. peppered wasn't a great liar usually, but for an applicant who's interaction with other humans ranged back a couple of days at most it didn't take much to convince them. she smiled uncomfortably and continued dragging the private by the arms.

"um..", galla had initially been left behind by peppered's sudden departure but had made his way towards the sound of yelling and crying.

"hi, galla!", peppered tried to look as friendly as she possibly could while dragging an unconscious girl around, "don't worry, she started screaming and passed out when we came to get her, she must have been really shocked to see another person."

"what about him?", galla pointed at the red haired boy, now stood up with connor pinning his arms behind his back.

"oh, he tried to attack connor", peppered pointed at connor, although the distinction probably wasn't necessary and most likely came off as somewhat patronizing, "but don't worry, he's calm now and we're taking care of it, right?", she looked at the red haired boy, who looked slightly betrayed by her lies but nodded in agreement to avoid being shot.

"oh.. okay.."

connor laughed and shook his head, "this is what I'm talking about, lets switch things up every once and awhile. so tired of the same shtick. so what's your name?", he knocked the applicant on the side of the head as he asked.

"dynamite", the red haired boy replied.

"and hers?", he nodded over to the unconscious private, "surely you know it?"

"elizabeth", he replied.

"alright, how about all of us get going?", peppered suggested with a warm smile, "oh, there's daydream. hello, daydream! you surprised me!"

daydream's coal black skin and hair caused her to blend in with the darkness of the platformer and peppered hadn't noticed her until she was right next to them. she had her hands in her pockets and was staring at the ground as she walked.

"something wrong?", peppered let elizabeth's arms go and jogged over to her.

"I didn't find anyone today.", daydream said coldly as she looked up. "I never do."

"aah.. maybe you need to have your route changed. you could trade with me, I always find applicants on mine! and I'm sure I'd still find someone if I took your route!"

"whatever peppered..." daydream sighed, "I've taken different routes before, it doesn't make a difference... but who cares, we're just taking people from their home here anyway, might as well leave them here... none of this matters... this is all stupid..."

"don't be like that, daydream!", peppered put an arm around her shoulder, "if we just left applicants out here they'd probably starve, or turn into savages!" peppered shivered at the thought of being stuck out in the platformer indefinitely.

"aren't we all savages anyway?", daydream muttered.


"just look at connor."

peppered laughed at this comment, "connor's just a bit extreme, imagine how much worse he would be if he was alone out in the platformer for who knows how long."

"yeah, I guess..." daydream shoved her hands deeper into her pockets and kept walking.

peppered jogged back over to elizabeth and grabbed her arms again, "come on, connor and dynamite, lets get going."

"I'll get going when I'm good and ready, d&%khead", connor swiftly replied.

"w..when will you be ready?", peppered asked with a puzzled look.

"when I'm ready."


peppered began walking alongside galla and daydream while dragging elizabeth behind her. peppered was actually quite strong from all of the extra weight training she did and could have carried elizabeth, but she reasoned that there was no need to put in the extra effort for an unconscious private. connor immediately began walking behind them, leading dynamite in front of him with his arms still held behind his back. peppered rolled her eyes, but was glad he wasn't staying behind to beat up on dynamite where no one could see them.

"so", peppered slid elizabeth's left arm into her right hand and used her free hand to point at galla, "this is galla, he'll be joining us as a soldier, as will dynamite over there. exciting, isn't it?" she looked over at daydream, who still had a grim expression on her face.


"oh come on, daydream, cheer up. you can't get so down just because me and connor found some applicants and you didn't." whether peppered genuinely thought this was an uplifting comment or was trying to be antagonizing was unclear to daydream.

"it should be 'connor and I', first of all." daydream gritted her teeth, "and I don't care about applicants, that's the problem, I don't care about any of this. I'm sure I'd find a few if I did..."

"excuses, excuses..." peppered chuckled.

"yeah, guess I can't be as productive as greatest soldier peppered..."

"you could at least try", peppered nudged daydream playfully.

daydream shivered, "please stop touching me."

"sorry, sorry." peppered grabbed onto elizabeth's arms with both hands again. "how're you holding up, galla?"

"I'm okay."

"how about you, dynamite?", peppered looked back.


"ah, okay. you can talk whenever you're ready."

connor slapped the back of dynamite's head, "he's ready now. answer the idiot, idiot."

"I'm worried about elizabeth." dynamite looked at her body being dragged behind peppered, "can't you pick her up instead of dragging her like that? are you sure she's okay?"

"uh.. yeah, sure!" peppered scooped elizabeth up in her arms and held her princess-style as she continued to walk. "is that better, dyna? everything's fine here!"

"thank you." dynamite responded politely.

"her glasses just fell off." daydream said in monotone fashion.

it hadn't fully registered with her until then, but it interested peppered that elizabeth had glasses in the first place. the clothes that applicants were generally very plain, it was rare to find one with even a jacket. glasses were nearly unheard of.

"oh, you're right.. galla, can you pick those up?", peppered asked.

galla reached down and picked up the purple pair of glasses off of the platform, "one of the lenses are cracked."

"oh, that's okay", peppered responded, "she's just a pri-.. I mean, we'll get those fixed!" she laughed awkwardly.

"alright..." galla stared at his feet as they walked.

as they got closer to the bunker they eventually came across mario, who called out to them, "yo"

"hello, mario!" peppered called back, "didn't find any applicants today?"

"nope. no biggie though, looks like you guys found a few."

"yep! we'll always pick up the slack."

"so I'm slack?"

"no, you're mario."

"right... so what's up with you, daydream?"

daydream looked up gloomily, "save me from peppered and connor, please"


"don't worry", mario smirked, "I'll kick her if she starts being rude."

"don't kick me!"

"I can always count on you, mario." daydream lightly smiled for the first time.

"I can hear you idiots, you know" connor piped in, "I don't appreciate being gossiped about!"

"can it, connor, I'll kick you too."

"I'd like to see you try, idiot."

"do you have any other insults?"

"I only need the one for idiots like you."

"how about 'dunderhead'...", peppered pouted, annoyed at being threatened to be kicked.

"who uses 'dunderhead' anymore, you dunderhead?", mario laughed.

"you just did."

"I know, its a joke dude." mario shook his head, "peppered, you can really be..."

"be what? cool?"

"you can really be... peppered."

"thank you."

"wasn't a compliment..."

"it is to me."

galla feebly reached his hand up, "um.."

"oh, where are my manners!" peppered announced.

"good question", mario mumbled.

peppered ignored this and continued, "I forgot to introduce you to galla, mario, he'll be your new soldier. there's also dynamite back there."

"and elizabeth." dynamite said.

"o-oh yeah, and elizabeth here." peppered nodded down to the girl she was holding.

"uh..." daydream started, but stopped when peppered shot her a look uncharacteristic of her. "...okay."

they all finally arrived back at the bunker, where lieutenant slunt was standing at the door next to joji holding a clipboard. "two soldiers and a private..", he said to himself, "names?"

"the brown haired boy is galla, the red haired boy is dynamite, and the brown haired girl is elizabeth sir." peppered answered, trying to avoid eye contact with joji, who stood with his hands behind his back, rocking back and forth on his heels. not that the alternative of eye contact with slunt was much better to her.

"okay, okay." slunt spoke with a slight rasp in his voice that kind of grossed peppered out, "take the two boys through the hallway and into the barracks, make sure not to let them see into the main section of the bunker just yet. I'll take the girl.", peppered laid elizabeth down in between slunt and joji and the rest of them continued into the hall.

"what's going to happen to her?!" dynamite yelled out frantically.

"nothing, nothing, they're just going to wake her up." peppered assured him and took his arm from connor as she led him and galla inside.

"I'll believe you. please don't disappoint me." dynamite responded dryly as he walked into the hallway. peppered got a chill down her spine from the way he looked at her as he spoke, his eyes had turned from those of trust to those of a threatening malice. they walked down a plain white hallway, galla took a look through the window on the door as they passed by that lead into the rest of the bunker before peppered redirected his attention away from it. eventually they made it out into the main area of the barracks.

"alright!" peppered exclaimed, "this is where you two will be living from now on. you'll start your training and have everything explained to you tomorrow, for now lets get you to your dorms.", she tried to avoid dynamite, who was staring daggers at her. "I'll show you to your house galla. daydream or mario, can you show dynamite to his room? him staying with connor might not be the best idea." peppered scratched the back of her head and laughed.

"I'm good...", daydream began walking back to her house.

"guess that leaves it to me." mario yawned, "lets go, dynamite.", they began walking down a fork in the path and peppered breathed a sigh of relief. she didn't see connor anymore, he must have slipped away while they were talking, not that she was complaining.

peppered walked with galla towards the small house he'd be staying in. "you know," peppered started, "the other soldiers can be a bit... unwelcoming to me sometimes. I know that it's partially my fault, they say that I'm a bit full of myself, but you don't seem to mind that...", she smiled, "thanks, galla. I'm glad you're the applicant that I found."

galla didn't smile back, but he finally looked up from his shoes and at her, "I'm glad you found me too. I didn't like that dark place very much, and if any of the other ones found me rather than you I'm not sure how well I would have fared."

peppered chuckled, "you probably would have been fine if mario found you, he can be a bit mean but he's a good guy. daydream isn't so bad either, she just gets too lost in her head sometimes."

"I don't dislike them."

"that's good. say, if you want, I live right down that road." peppered pointed to another split in the path, "I've never had a visitor before, and it'd be nice to hang out with someone."

"sure. although I'd like to get settled into my new home first, it will be the first time I can remember staying in a place of my own."

"of course, yeah! tell me if you ever need help with anything." they arrived at the house designated for galla and peppered helped him get settled inside. she showed him where each of the rooms were and told him to go back to the bunker whenever he needed more food before making her departure with a wave.

peppered smiled to herself and swung her arms back and forth as she walked back home, it had been a productive day. making friends was an important part of peppered's ethos. she considered them an addition to her collection of successes, she spent so much time praising herself that validation from outside sources became an even more valuable addition to her worth.

it was getting darker by the minute, and peppered tried to avoid admitting to herself that the darkness frightened her. she didn't consider it a reasonable fear. she quickened her pace. when she arrived outside her house, something felt off. the air was more crowded than it should have been. she tried to shake it off and continued towards her door, when a figure pounced out of the alleyway next to her house. by the time she could process its presence it was already upon her, and she felt a static shock. she looked down and saw a large shard of glass piercing into her stomach and a boy with white hair standing in front of her with an expression of both anger and fear. it burned. it was the most intense sensation of heat she had ever felt. she began to feel as if her insides were being pricked by thousands of needles and fell to the ground. perhaps it was reasonable to fear the dark.

"s-somebody... help..." she whispered with tears in her eyes, "I don't want..." die.
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Re: sploder write (ch. 2 out)
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epic epic EPIC.

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Re: sploder write (ch. 2 out)
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Connor is now my favorite character
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Re: sploder write (ch. 2 out)
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my guy needs to lighten up a bit

eagerly awaiting chapter 3
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Re: sploder write (ch. 2 out)
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i wanna thank you guys for the support, it seriously means a lot. this is my first time attempting a full story or sharing anything ive written with anyone and youre really helping out with motivation <3

ch. 3: stream

crazy shoved her hands into her jacket pockets as she walked outside. weather in the world they inhabited didn't follow any sort of seasonal schedule, it could go from hot to cold in the span of a day, which is exactly what it had done. she fiddled with her fingers inside of her jacket as she walked, her curly brown hair fell into her face which she periodically shook away. crazy hated going to the bunker. she hated going to the platformer. she hated how poor of a soldier she was. once her mind started racing it was difficult to make it stop, maybe I should just stay home maybe I shouldn't even go to work what's the worst that could happen I might get in trouble but is getting punished by a general really as bad as what might happen to me in the platformer what if I find a private and they attack me or what if they aren't even a private and they attack me wasn't connor attacked by an applicant yesterday I just want to stay home and sleep and not go to work-

"stop talking to yourself, crazy", mario cut in to crazy's muttering, startling her. he hopped off his bike and started pushing it along next to her.


"did I surprise you?" mario laughed smugly, "that's why you shouldn't be up in there all the time.", mario pointed at his head.

"in your head? that doesn't really make any sense I don't get it I can't be in your head or anyone else's other than mine for that matter and-"

"I meant your head, I was just trying to make a point."

"-even then I can't physically be in my head its just a mental thing-"


"-um, uh, okay."

"just relax, lets get to the bunker."

"right.. the bunker. the place I'm headed. we're headed to the bunker." crazy shook her head to metaphorically shake out the thoughts speeding through her mind and followed behind mario. crazy had always looked up to mario, his ability to always keep himself calm and collected was an aspect of admiration to her. she was aware of her tendency to get caught in what mario had once referred to as 'mental roller coasters', but her self awareness didn't make it any easier to avoid. if she could just stay connected to reality more often she might be a more capable soldier. maybe that's all it would take maybe this one dumb aspect of my personality is keeping me from success if I could just be a little bit different everything would be much easier but would it really be easier maybe life is like a video game where you have to make your character and set their stat bars and when you raise one another is lowered and if this aspect of my personality was changed another problem would arise is that how it works does everyone have an equal amount of personality flaws or am I worse than everyone else I hope I'm not I hope everyone is the same but I also hope not everyone has to deal with this because it isn't fun and

"yo, crazy." mario snapped her out of it.

"what is it, mario?" crazy looked at him blankly as if she hadn't just been mouthing out an inner monologue next to him. mario just shook his head and continued walking his bike. crazy took her hands and started rubbing them together, "it sure is cold out here, mario. I wish I had some gloves."

"ask joji for some."

"I can't do that."

"why not?"

"what if he doesn't have any? or what if he does but doesn't want to give them to me? what if he's insulted just by someone like me asking him to give them something? am I even worth a pair of gloves? do I really deserve the gloves? have my hands earned the luxury of being warm in this cold wasteland? have they, mario?"

"yes, they have. if you're so scared to ask I'll ask for you, I'll just say that I'm the one who wants them and then give them to you later."

"that would be lying.", crazy looked horrified at the thought.

"who cares?"

"I do."

"of course you do." mario closed his eyes and tried to go into a state of zen to escape from the bubble of absurdity that crazy had formed around them. he considered hopping onto his bike and leaving crazy to herself, but he worried about her soundness of mind. he wasn't quite sure if being around him made her more or less anxious, but he figured it would be best if he was around to calm her down if she started traversing too deep into her thoughts. mario himself was slightly worried. worried may have been too strong of a word, and he tried to think of a lighter one to describe what he was feeling. concerned? distressed? no, distressed was even stronger. apprehensive, that worked. mario himself was slightly apprehensive. he was used to riding past peppered and yelling at her to hurry up before she was late, he came across her on his way to the bunker every morning, but he hadn't today. it was possible she had slept in, or decided to be even later than usual for whatever reason, but not coming across her at all left a sort of hole in mario's morning that made the start of his day feel incomplete.

mario and crazy walked into the bunker and parted into their changing rooms. mario walked out in his black uniform with silver stripes running down the sides, and crazy in her fully green uniform. "you forgot your tranquilizer", mario reminded crazy.

"I don't want it..."

"why not?", joji asked as he stepped around a corner, making mario mentally jump and crazy physically jump.

"because... um... I just... I don't really... I don't want to shoot anyone I guess and I know that it's more likely for me to find a private applicant than it is for me to find a soldier applicant but maybe I can just bring them in without shooting them I figure maybe that might even be easier-"

"protocol says that you tranquilize privates before bringing them in," joji said with a smile as he put a hand on crazy's shoulder, making her recoil slightly, "otherwise, there would be a chance of one getting into the bunker. we wouldn't want that, would we?"

"no. you wouldn't want that. I mean we wouldn't want that. I mean I wouldn't want that, I can only speak for myself and I wouldn't want that to happen." crazy tried to speak in as direct and professional a voice as she could muster in front of her superior but her tone lost to her nervousness and it came out shaky and unsure of itself.

joji patted crazy on the back, "alright, cool. so go grab your tranquilizer and get out there! I'd like to see you find a new soldier today, crazy."

"that's a lot to ask of me joji sir I don't know if you really expect me to find one or are just saying that but I never find soldiers I mean I rarely even find privates and sometimes I find someone and am too nervous to bring them in I just don't know if I'm even cut out for this."

"you should take notes from peppered," joji's smile grew brighter, "believe in yourself, be confident! come on, get out there and find some applicants. I'll even be proud if you bring in a private or two."

"are you sure because I-", crazy's arm was grabbed by mario before she could start and she was dragged out to the platformer.

peppered slowly opened her eyes and saw a familiar ceiling, the sun shined through the window, she was in her own bed. she would have thought that the events of the night before were simply a bad dream if not for the pain she felt in her stomach when she tried to sit up. she pulled the covers off of her and saw that under her bloody shirt she had a bandage wrapped around her waist, covering the wound she had received. she didn't know how much blood she had lost, or how long she had been unconscious, but she was alive. first came assessing the situation, who had taken her back inside and tended to her wound? she slowly slipped out of bed, flinching at the pain she felt with every movement.

"is anyone here- ugh", she gasped. it was more difficult to talk than she expected it to be. just how deep had she been cut?

"put your hands in the air and walk into the kitchen slowly unless you want me to kill you.", an unfamiliar voice coming from peppered's kitchen made her freeze in fear.

"who are.. ugh.. you?", peppered stood in the middle of the hallway, the doorway leading into the kitchen ahead of her. she couldn't see into it at the angle she was standing, she wondered if whoever the voice was could see her.

"walk into the kitchen slowly with your hands in the air or you're going to die."

peppered reached her hands into the air, although she could only get them symmetrical to her head without the pain in her stomach becoming too much. she sighed, wishing she had her tranquilizer. it wasn't in her waistband anymore after she had woken up. she would definitely be punished for losing it, she wasn't supposed to bring it out of the bunker in the first place but she was too excited to show galla around to put it back. she slowly walked forward and looked through the doorway into the kitchen, where she saw a boy sitting at the table. he had messy, snow white hair and wore an eye patch over his left eye, the color in his right eye seemed to be inverted, with a white iris and black sclera. he wore a dark blue shirt with white lightning bolt patterns plastered across it and had on two black bracelets and a choker, all covered in small spikes. peppered generally didn't pay much attention to the appearances of others, but her fear added with his striking appearance caused this all to register with her nearly instantly. he was glaring at her and baring his shark teeth with an intimidating expression, a private. he was the boy she had seen for a split second last night, the boy who had stabbed her.

"who.. are you?", peppered groaned.

"none of your business. first tell me your name.", he responded.

"it.. is my business.. you stabbed me.. and are in.. my house.."

"tell me your f%&#ing name before I cut you again!"

"it's peppered. please tell me.. what your name is so I can.. properly address you.", why did it still hurt so much?

"my name is nick."

"nick.. why did you.. do this to me.."

"it took you long enough to wake up, I had to stay up all night waiting."

peppered noticed the dark circles under his eyes, "do you want to.. sleep?"

"ha! what kind of dumbass do you take me for? you think I'm going to sleep with you walking around? I can't sleep during a mission, anyway."

"what mission.. why did you do this to me..", peppered wanted to lie back down, but her concoction of confusion and anger at the private in front of her kept her from collapsing onto the floor.

"you know what?" nick frowned, "I'll tell you. my mission was to kill a soldier, and bring their body back to general with me."

"you're.. going to kill me?"

"well... not yet." nick bared his teeth again and stared at the table in front of him.

"did you.. tend to my wound?"

nick buried his head in his hands, annoyed, "who the f^&% else could have?"

"why didn't you.. let me.." peppered was too scared to finish her question.

"...die? it just..." nick sighed, "isn't time yet."

"were you not.. ready to.. kill someone?", peppered felt a wave of cowardice radiate from nick, and her anger began to flow over her fear.

"are you f^&%ing doubting me? I'll kill you where you stand!" nick suddenly stood up and pulled the shard of glass out of his back pocket.

peppered held her stomach and breathed heavily. she wasn't ready to die, but having faced and escaped death the night before she came away with an increased level of courage (despite the fact that she easily could have still died had her attacker not saved her). "you.. saved my life.. you're not a killer.. you just.. think you are.."

nick lunged forward and grabbed peppered's shirt collar, holding the shard up to her neck, "so you're ready to die, then?"

" I'm not." at being attacked again peppered's built up confidence immediately began to melt away.

"so shut the hell up and do what I tell you!", nick yelled in her face.

tears began to well up in peppered's eyes, "okay."

"there's someone I'm waiting for, alright? when they get here I'm going to kill you. I'll be a hero among privates, and it will be the first step in shifting the tides for us. I need you to let me stay here for awhile, should be a week or two at most. help me out, you die later. make this difficult for me and I kill you now. it doesn't make much of a difference to me, but I have to wait for my guy to get here before I take you back and I'd rather not stay here with a decomposing corpse until then."

peppered looked into his eyes, she was unable to read whether or not he was bluffing. "what's.. his name?", peppered now struggled words through both the pain of the cut and the pressure of the glass pressed against her neck.

"who's? my guy? his name is kof, and you'll like him a lot less than you like me. for your own good I might kill you before he shows up."

peppered knew who kof was, mario had captured him when they were on a route together in the platformer. he wasn't an easy applicant to get, he ran away and attacked mario once they caught up to him. he was skinny but seemed to hype himself up with so much adrenaline that his size didn't matter. peppered was definitely stronger than he was but she was still overwhelmed by him and wanted to avoid meeting him again if possible. "you're.. right. I don't want.. to meet him."

"I thought not." nick finally let peppered go and moved back, he propped a foot up on top of a chair next to the table, "don't get the wrong idea though, I'm still much worse news than kof is. I wouldn't take me lightly if I were you." he started to bare his teeth again. he reminded peppered of an angry dog.

"nick..", peppered wiped the tears that had been building in her eyes, "can I get back.. in bed please? it hurts." she pointed at her stomach.

"we need to change your bandage first."

"what?" peppered was puzzled by him caring about that.

"come on, it'll get infected." nick walked over to a drawer and pulled out more bandages, then handed them to peppered. "you can do it yourself. or are you too pathetic to handle that?"

"I.. can." she took the bandages out of nick's hand and begun slowly walking back to her room.

peppered lied in bed after changing her bandage and throwing the old one in the trash can. she stared at a familiar ceiling as an unfamiliar boy who wanted to kill her sat outside. she wondered what she should do. her best bet would be to wait until he fell asleep and seek help, but she didn't know what the consequences of a private getting not only into the barracks but into her house as well would be. her reputation would be completely ruined, and she almost wished for a physical death rather than that of her pride. maybe she could get help from mario, or yugi, or even galla. she was tired, so tired. her stomach hurt. she hoped it wasn't infected already. she didn't want to die. that boy was going to kill her if she didn't get out. she was going to die. I'm going to die. he's going to kill me. I don't want to die. I don't want to get cut again. I hate pain. I don't want to bleed anymore. please don't hurt me. peppered fell asleep with tears streaming down her face and onto her pillow.
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Re: sploder write (ch. 3 out)
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ch. 4: my cruel fair intentions and how she learned to ignore the fire behind the door (interlude)

I yawn and slide over, nearly falling out of my chair. I must have fallen asleep in the bunker again. I laugh to myself and shake my head; work, work, work. I'd say that I should take some time off for myself but I enjoy my job, quite a bit actually. Besides, there wasn't much else to do here. Life gets pretty monotone if you let it, but that's why I make my own fun.

I turn on the coffeemaker and wait for it to heat up. I look at my wrist to check the time, insinuating that I'm growing impatient waiting for the coffee to heat up and see that I'm not wearing a watch. I don't own a watch. I slap my forehead. Argh! I lean against the counter and start whistling. You can't hear it, but I'm a pretty damn good whistler. They can probably hear me outside the door and are growing annoyed, but I don't care! Ha ha! I'm whistling the piano and little synth tune that I had heard in 2pac's 'Ambitionz Az A Ridah'. We have CDs down here in the forums (You knew that's what this place was called, right? Well if you didn't, now you know!), but I don't know where they came from. What was a CD? How do I know what a CD is? Is a CD what I think that a CD is? I'm me, not a CD. And one is only truly able to know his, her, or itself.

Ah, it's time to make my coffee. Should I make a dark or light roast cup?

Dark roast: Delicious! I love a dark cup of coffee.
Light roast: Disgusting! Why would I do this to myself?! I can see the bottom of the cup through the coffee!

I make the dark/light cup of coffee and take a sip, mmm/eww, it tastes really good/bad. I continue drinking/set the mug down and enjoy myself/stare at the mug menacingly. the morning is still young, and I'm happy/annoyed. I love/hate pleasant/terrible mornings with a nice/horrible cup of coffee. I finish the cup/pour the rest into the sink and walk over to my notes, scribbled hastily onto a bunch of those thin paper packages straws come in. Granted, they don't look like scribbles. What can I say? I take pride in my handwriting. I'm quite the natural, actually.

Code: [Select]
Who am I? I am █████. What do I do? I ████ ███████ ███ ███████ ███████. What else do I do? I ████ ██ ███ fun. Why? Because if not I wouldn't be human. What's the most important aspect of any human? The self. How do you maintain the self? Fun. How do you have fun? I ██████ ██████ ██ and █████ █████ █████ ███████. Why? To maintain my sense of self. Do you understand your purpose? Yes. What is it? Myself. Does anyone else matter? Yes. Why? Others are inherent to one's own self. Do you understand their purpose? Yes.
I read over them and recite them under my breath. Yes, I still understand. Hell, why wouldn't I? It's all basic stuff. Basic to me, at least. I know that not everyone is the same as me, if everyone was the same as me then life wouldn't be any fun at all. Would life even exist if everyone was the same as me? I suppose if everyone was me then I'd be god. but I already am god. Ha ha ha! Kidding, I'm not god. I don't want to be god, because then everyone and everything would be me. And that wouldn't be fun. Does that mean that if there is a god we're all him or her? And wouldn't that inherently make me god as well?

My short list of notes are all connected to my very being. They're me, basically. Just me. They don't need to be written, but I consider jotting them down an important exercise. You should try it too. Who are you? What do you do? What else do you do? Why do you do it? What do you consider being human? And so on, you can make your own questions if you want. The point is simply defining what you consider to be a reference point that ties you to reality, something you base your existence around. I need to make everyone else do it. There are some who's might be quite interesting, actually. I'd like to see what Yugi and Mario would have to say. Connor's and Crazy's would be quite entertaining, although I doubt I could get them to do it.

I'm still whistling, I had whistled through my coffee drinking as well as through my reading. I never stop whistling. I'm definitely annoying someone at this point. Why haven't they knocked on the door or told me to shut up? Or at least told me to whistle a different artist (I've moved on on to 2pac's 'Changes' but surely whoever is listening in would like more of a 'change'). Are they scared to ask? Or do they just... not care. I wish people would confront me about things more. Confrontation is fun, it's a sort of personality exercise.

I walk over to the door and, well, open it. I walk outside into the main section of the bunker and see Yugi walking in, so I call out to him. He quickly responds with a good morning, which I return. He asks me if I've seen a certain someone recently, to which I laugh and pass off as their usual antics, assuring him that everything is okay. I tell him about my little thought experiment and he agrees to try it before walking away to grab a pencil and paper, to which I'm delighted. I enjoy studying people, and as I'm sure you know, I hold my own personal enjoyment in high regard. I think that I'll get quite a bit out of seeing what another person has to say about their self, especially someone like Yugi. He returns at a pace perfectly balanced between quickness as to not keep me waiting yet not so quick as to weaken the quality of his writing. He hands me a sheet of paper with his writing on it and I thank him, to which he politely replies that its no problem and asks if I need anything else. I tell him that's all I needed.

I walk back to my office and start reading what he wrote. I like it. I hope you've enjoyed what I've written.

she walked home.

she laid on the ground.

it hurts... stop... stop cutting me...

where's home anymore?

peppered sat in a chair in the corner of her room, leaning forward and arching her fingers under her bloodshot eyes as she stared at the door. she painted pictures with her irises as she traced them across the door, scanning with her ears for any signs of noise. it still hurt to move. if the pain would stop she'd be much more versatile. she wasn't very tall, at least a head shorter than nick, but she doubted that nick had as much training as she did. "pain, pain, go away, come again another day...", she quietly sung to herself, trying and failing to cheer herself up. it was important to find some form of joy in every situation, otherwise your productivity would see a noticeable plunge. but she remained grim.

she planned her next move, it wasn't wise to continue waiting here. she had been waiting for a noise, or for the door to open, but what would happen then? she was still going to die. it wasn't like she was in the right shape to fight back. she was so tired, she had gotten what her clock told her was an hour of nightmare-filled sleep and had immediately gotten up and sat in her chair away from the door.

the moonlight shined through her window, casting shadows on the wall. she wondered what would happen if she opened it and climbed out. was nick asleep yet? she was sure that she could be quiet enough to climb out if he was sleeping, but if he was awake he might hear her. if she opened her door to check it may wake him up, or if he was already awake she might be attacked. she remained where she sat for awhile longer.

peppered had waited long enough, procrastination was death. she walked to the window and slowly opened it, and a stack of bricks that were balancing on the outside ledge fall over and loudly crashed onto the ground. tears began welling up in her eyes again, it seemed as though he had thought ahead of her. she quickly closed the window and scurried back into her bed and under the covers, pretending to be sleep. a few seconds later the door opened and nick ripped the blankets off of her, she remained motionless with her eyes closed but her tears and shivering revealed her consciousness.

"do you take me for some kind of idiot?", he snarled.

"sorry", she whispered, barely audible.

nick sighed, "I guess it's only to be expected of a prisoner to try and escape."

"I'm a prisoner in my own home...", she continued to whisper.

nick laughed, "yeah, I guess you are. would that be considered irony or something else?"

peppered buried her head deeper into her pillow as nick walked over to the chair she was previously sitting in and sat down. now escape really was impossible.

"I can't sleep with you staring at me like that," she squeaked, "it's creepy."

"to be real with you buddy I don't give a damn if you fall asleep or not, I just want to keep an eye on you from now on."

peppered turned over face down and pulled the blanket fully over her as she mused over how to disappear completely. I'm not here. this isn't happening. eventually she fell asleep, the nightmares didn't let up.

time stretched forward and the time within the nightmares peppered had condensed until she arrived at the current moment, and she was awake again. sunlight now shined through the window, this was the time she'd usually be making breakfast and getting ready to go to the bunker. she might do a bit of morning cleaning, or read, or maybe draw. the rising sun gave her a familiar comfort in her foreign situation.

peppered got out of bed with a wince and slowly cracked open the door. nick was no longer in her room. she didn't risk trying to open the window again, but there was no way she could spend any more time in her room listening for sounds. she peered through the slit in the door and didn't see anyone in the hallway, so she stepped out and crept over to the kitchen. nick was sitting in a chair, leaning over sideways with his head resting on his hand. he was awake.


"" was all peppered could reply with.

"what are you doing out of your cell?"

"my.. cell.." peppered was feeling a bit dehumanized.

"joking. obviously you're going to want to leave. well, whatever. as long as you don't do something stupid and make me cut you."

peppered flinched. she wondered if she'd ever be able to handle sharp words again.

"can I.. go to bunker?" peppered asked.

"are you kidding? of course f#$&ing not."

peppered dejectedly looked down and traced her foot along the ground. "please?"

"don't ask again." he held up the glass shard.

once again, the tears returned to peppered's eyes, and this time they pissed her off, "I'm so.. sick of crying! you're turning me into such a downer. why are you like this? why are.. you doing this? why did you choose me out of all the soldier's? you should have.. chosen connor! or anyone else! why does everyone treat me like this? I work so hard! I just want to be successful! I just want people to like me! and I get treated like dirt and then held hostage in my own house by some.. psycho! its too late for anyone to help me! they'll lock me up for you being here!", the tears began to flow faster.

"now, now," nick reassured her, "you don't have to think of it as a hostage situation. just think of it as a vacation, and at the end of it you die." he laughed.

peppered spun around on her heels and began walking further down the hallway. it still hurt too much to run so she walked as fast as she could.

"stop or I'll come for you."

nick's words stopped her in her tracks and she fell to the ground, covered her head with hands and started to grip her hair. "leave me alone!", she screamed.

"is that cut getting to your head? christ, we need to switch out your bandages." he laughed again.

"fine.. I know what to do.." peppered muttered to herself. she stood up and walked back into the kitchen, pulled out the other chair and sat down. "sorry for freaking out. you're right, the pain is going to my head and I'm not in my right mind. could you get me a new bandage, please?"

"yeah, sure." nick grabbed a bandage out of the drawer and tossed it over to her, and she unwrapped her old one and replaced it.

"thank you. now, I think I should tell you two problems with the plan you have set up."

"go ahead. but watch what you say to me, and don't lie." he smirked and flipped the glass around in his fingers.

"first of all, we need food. soldiers restock their food from the bunker. I'm sure you've noticed that we don't have anything here, and that's because I was going to restock the day after you arrived here. second of all, I have't been to work in two days. if I miss too many days people are going to start looking for me, and here is the first place they'll check.", peppered calmly explained.

"huh... fair points." nick had hit a brick wall of agreement.

"its too late for me to seek out help now, I'll be powed for housing a private at this point. just let me get food and continue going to the bunker so that I don't get caught. that's all I want. I'd rather die than be placed in pow and have to go to general." she realized how insulting this must have sounded to nick, but she didn't care.

"brave of you to say, peppered.." nick gritted his teeth, "but you're right. fine, you can go. but I'll be constantly watching the windows, and if I see anyone else come back with you I'll escape out the back, find someone else, and kill them the moment I see them. and who's hands will their blood be on?", he pointed the glass shard at peppered.

"my hands. I know." she groaned. 99 problems and now one of them was a guilt trip. she got up and walked back to her room, slipped on a heavy jacket to cover up the blood and made her way to the front door.

"remember what I told you. I'm always watching." nick pointed two fingers at his eyes and then at her.

"yeah.. I get it."

peppered grimaced and made her way outside. the forums decided to be hot today, great. she rolled up her sleeves as she walked to the bunker, she was already a good half an hour late. she reckoned she could chalk up her absence to sickness, although she had only ever been sick once when she was much younger and even then she had gone to the bunker anyway. she remembered how much yugi scolded her for 'pushing herself too hard'. being the best didn't come fully naturally, you had to put some work in. she saw someone walking towards her.

"well speak of the devil...", she sighed, "hey yugi!" she accidentally winced. it was getting easier and easier to speak but it still hurt.

"hello, peppered." yugi replied with his usual polite and calm tone. "why do you have a jacket on in this heat? and where have you been?"

"oh, I was very sick. still am, its a cold.. which is why I'm wearing the jacket.", she laughed nervously.

"ah poor thing, I hope you get well soon. would you like me to walk you back home? I know you were younger then but surely you remember what I told you about working while sick, you need to give your body the rest it needs."

"no, no, no," the last thing peppered wanted was anyone coming back to her house, "I just need to grab some food from the bunker and let everyone know that I'm alright."

"let me bring the food back for you, you shouldn't be around others while you're sick."

curse your thoughtfulness, peppered thought. she didn't want his hospitality at the moment. "no, it's fine. I want to get it myself. I'm fine."

"are... are you sure?" yugi cocked his head to the side quizzically. "I'd be happy to help you out, you know."

"I'm sure, yeah. I don't want your help, but thanks."

yugi looked annoyed, "well.. okay then. bye, peppered." he walked past her.

peppered groaned and hit herself in the head with a closed fist, why hadn't she been a bit more more tactful? she had such a way with not using words the way she should. she shook off the meeting and kept walking towards the bunker, wondering where yugi was headed in the first place. but that wasn't important.

she arrived at the bunker and walked inside.

joji greeted her.

she looked surprised at seeing him standing directly inside, "hello, sir." she replied to him.

"so, where have you been all this time, peppered?", joji asked with a kind tone, "I've been quite worried!"

"I'm sick. I just came to get some more food, sorry sir."

general ben approached them, "peppered! first you're late and then you skip work twice in a row! I ought to demote you to bronze, or even private!"

peppered felt sick.

"oh relax" joji laughed, "the poor girl was sick. take her to the back room and get her some food. I'm sure she's starving." joji looked down at peppered's stomach for a split second, but long enough for her to notice.

"come on." ben ordered and turned around into a brisk walk. it was difficult for peppered to keep up with his pace without the pain getting to her but she tried her best. her best was the best that she could do. they made it into the back room and peppered began to walk over to the boxes of food before she was knocked in the stomach by ben, "don't touch the food, you idiot! you're contaminated!" peppered had the wind knocked out of her and the pain from her cut being hit almost made her pass out, the room turned black and she tried not to lose her balance.

"I'm.. sorry... sir" she gasped. she felt something hot, looking down and seeing that blood was beginning to leak down below the bandage and through her jacket. she needed to get out now. "can I.. have my food please?" her lungs grasped at air.

"be patient before I hit you again, I'm getting your share now." ben looked through boxes and picked out all of the cheapest items. whenever she got her own food she always made sure to grab the stuff that everyone wanted first, but the concept of karma didn't fully register with her and she was simply annoyed. ben held the bags containing the food to her and she grabbed them all with one hand, using her other hand to cover the blood filing up her waist.

she walked through the bunker, making sure to avoid sight of everyone, and escaped outside. she walked home and instinctively froze when she got outside her door. her nightmares had been filled with her returning home only to be stabbed again, it happened over and over in her dreams, so vividly. she'd never again be happy to return home. she tried shaking this off and walked inside. nick was laying on the couch, asleep. she pulled one of the blankets off of her bed and laid it over him. why did she do that?

peppered stood there staring at nick. when his face was relaxed rather than glaring or flashing his teeth at her he actually looked really calm, like someone who had the capacity to be a nice person. but he wasn't. he was going to kill her. she juggled with the possibility of her killing him now, but decided that she didn't have the guts for it. she'd pick up a knife, walk over to him, panic, he'd wake up, grab it from her and stab her again. killing just wasn't in her. what could she do? maybe she could tell galla. he was the only person she trusted. but she didn't want to drag him into this. what should she do what should she do what should she do what should she do what should she do what should she do what should she do. she felt sick.

peppered had forgotten about how much her wound was bleeding. her vision began to grow hazy and she slowly sunk to the floor. the room around her spun and progressively got darker. it really hurt now. the only way she thought she could escape the pain was to escape her mind. so she stopped thinking
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Re: sploder write (ch. 4 out)
« Reply #10 on: July 01, 2018, 08:22 AM »
A fanart that I made for konni, she wanted me to post it here

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Re: sploder write (ch. 4 out)
« Reply #11 on: July 01, 2018, 01:56 PM »
I'd like to see the story continue! Great so far.
Thanks: reina

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Re: sploder write (ch. 4 out)
« Reply #12 on: July 01, 2018, 02:14 PM »
This is actually brilliant. Love that fan art too mast... I mean lava, hope there’s more to come
Thanks: reina
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Re: sploder write (ch. 4 out)
« Reply #13 on: July 01, 2018, 10:32 PM »
ch. 5: atrocity exhibition

shrieks of previously unimaginable pain pierced his ears like a stake. it took his nerves syncing with his mind for him to realize that the screams were coming from himself. general ben and lieutenant slunt held down his arms while joji held his head back and sawed into his teeth with a knife, reforming them into a fang shape.

jomatt opened his eyes and stared at the bright sky, he lifted his hand to shield his eyes from the sun and sat up, putting an arm behind him for support. he reminisced on having a bed to sleep in, a house of his own to live in. that was back when he was much younger, and the possibility of it happening again was low. but not zero. he had been loaded and shot backwards into a nearly bottomless pit, but climbing back out was a task he saw himself capable of.

being an ex-soldier gave jomatt perks in his current situation, but it wasn't a point of pride to him. trying to hide a private and get them into the barracks with him when he was younger had resulted in his demotion, and he had been in general ever since. he was trained as a soldier and as a result was much stronger than other privates, making many of them look up to him. the respect was only out of necessity however. they considered him a useful tool for the prospect of escaping general if the time ever came, but they would never truly consider him one of them.
jomatt ran his tongue across his crudely shaped teeth, sharp, but not quite the same as the other privates. when he was younger and had first been sent to general the other younger privates made fun of him for his teeth, and the older ones resented him for his previous status. eventually he'd become accepted and his potential use would make him valuable in the eyes of the other privates, but he would never feel at home here. the barracks would no longer feel like home either, he didn't know where he belonged anymore. if he ever got out of general he considered traveling deep into the platformer to find peace with himself, if it was even possible. maybe he could change the power system that had been set in place by the generals, it wasn't something that had ever been thoroughly explained to him. privates had noticeable differences to soldiers but nothing that warranted their treatment. if anything he felt as if privates had more raw potential than soldiers, and their roles should be switched. perhaps it was that exact fear that soldiers held, he thought.

jomatt boosted himself up and started walking towards the pulleys, it was nearly breakfast time. food was lowered down for the privates three times a day. it was barely enough even if it was split evenly, and it never was. the stronger privates always took more for themselves. it wasn't entirely a bad thing, since the stronger certain privates got the more useful they'd be in the long run. the more food, the more expectations.

the lack of trees or any form of vegetation other than grass of various length made him sigh as he walked past younger privates playing games with each other. the games that they played tended to be simple word and number based games, since they didn't have any toys or physical games given to them. for this reason jomatt reckoned the younger privates were generally more intelligent than the younger soldiers, although much weaker and less trained.

food was already being lowered down by the time he made it to the pulleys, privates were pushing past each other trying to get to it first. this was usually the time when kof would start attacking people, he was malnourished since he gave the food he got to nick, but once he hyped himself up enough he was a force to be reckoned with. this time kof was calmly standing to the side though, as nick had escaped general already. jomatt wasn't sure if he should be pleased or not. it was a good first step for privates, but it wasn't something that he had orchestrated. nick did it all himself, swiftly climbing up the ladder that had been let down when one of the soldiers came down to provide first aid to a private who had broken his arm (a privilege not commonly provided). the fact that jomatt hadn't had any part in planning the invasion made him nervous, as if nick was caught it would result in a massive setback for privates as a whole.

jomatt stood next to kof at the edge of the crowd and calmly waited for his turn.

"why don't you ever push to the front, dude?" kof asked him, "you're stronger than all these splodes."

"I don't need to." jomatt replied, "like you said, I'm strong enough already."

"whatever you say bro." kof rolled his eyes and started humming a song. jomatt had asked him what the song was called in the past to which he replied "despacito" and smiled uncomfortably widely.

jomatt got the little food that was left after the crowd dispersed and began eating. he considered his next actions very carefully, as a wrong move could create a game over situation which couldn't be backtracked out of. he wanted to work as an ambassador for the privates. he was already the strongest and most educated, he wondered if he could get the attention of a soldier and work out a deal. perhaps getting more for general and better care for the privates could be possible, he stayed optimistic. of course, this plan could be destroyed before it was even set into action with any wrong moves from nick. jomatt wondered where he was now.

peppered regained consciousness with a gasp and shot up, immediately falling back into her bed in pain. she breathed through her teeth and closed her eyes again, feeling the annoyance of her pain's existence beginning to build up. she wanted to go back to sleep. she stopped clenching her teeth and began taking deep breaths as she tried to get a bearing on the reality surrounding her. the last thing she remembered was lying on the floor in a spinning room trying to escape her own body.

she pulled down the covers and checked her bandages, seeing that two more bandages had been added on top of her one. she definitely would have died had her wound not been tended to again, she had felt the life drain from her body the day before. she tried to stand up but fell out of bed, the pain was too much for her to stand. she tried to grab her bedside table to lift herself up and it loudly crashed onto the floor. she groaned and laid on her back on the ground staring up at the ceiling that she was getting redundantly used to.

nick opened the door and shook his head before helping her back up onto the bed.

"idiot..", he mumbled.

"you saved me again."

peppered looked up at nick inquisitively as he stood next to the bed.

"yup," he rolled his eyes, "it's getting a bit tiring, actually. try to stop fainting all the damn time."

"it was your fault the first time. and technically the second time as well."

"have you ever considered that none of this is my fault? that maybe given your past actions this was unavoidable?"

peppered imagined the water in a tea kettle running over and things began to achingly make sense to her.

"this was bound to happen to someone eventually... if not me then someone else..." she quietly said to herself.

"you're starting to get somewhere, dumbass." nick clapped back.

peppered clenched her shirt.

"why did you even save me again?" she clenched her shirt, "why haven't you killed me yet? I know you said you don't want to wait here with my dead body or something but you still stabbed me that first night... you could have let me die then. so why? I'm sure that someone like me deserves death in your eyes."

nick's face formed a bitter expression.

"I had a moment of weakness, make that two moments.", he appeared extremely embarrassed by this, "I did this because I wanted to be a hero. I didn't even tell anyone I was coming, I wanted to come back with a dead soldier and surprise them all and be the talk of the privates. but when you were lying on the ground begging for help, I didn't feel like a hero at all."

" didn't tell anyone you were coming? what about... kof? is he real?"

"yes, he's very real," nick's pitiful face formed a slight smile, "but he isn't coming. I just thought a week or so would be enough time for me to build up the courage to kill you. but after me breaking and saving you again last night, I just don't know if I can do it anymore."

nick's smile grew wider as he started to chuckle.

"what are you laughing at?"

"I'm so pathetic." nick laughed louder, "you were right all along! I'm no killer. I'm a very, very bad person. I can hurt people, a lot. but when I think about their lives fizzling out into nothing, it's just too much. pain is temporary, but there ain't any coming back from the beyond."

"when I watched you sleep..."

"you watched me sleep?"

"...I thought you looked kind of like a nice person. maybe I was kind of right."

nick rested his index finger and thumb on the bridge of his nose and closed his eyes.

"I broke another private's arm to get here. a young child's. the one who I knew would cry the loudest and longest."

peppered grabbed her own arm and rubbed it, grimacing at the thought.

"I didn't feel bad about it," nick continued, "it's not like it was going to kill him, after all. necessary evils, that's a good way of summing me up."

"is any evil necessary?" peppered asked quietly.

the genuineness of peppered's tone of voice pissed nick off, "I don't know, maybe not. I guess it all could be unnecessary, I'm unnecessary. maybe I should just sit back and let you keep f%$#ing torturing us!" he yelled, "is your evil necessary? is it?!"


peppered clenched her mouth shut and closed her eyes as a warm shower of shame washed over her. she had done enough of it recently to be able to tell that nick was trying to hold back tears, and nothing would be more humiliating than her assailant and captor crying in front of her.

she remembered the screams of pain she had heard coming from the small child below the bridge, how loud and unbearable it was. connor had screamed back at him to shut up, as if he was an alarm clock rather than a human being in extreme distress. was that technically her fault? how much misery had she caused both directly and indirectly in her quest for esteem as a soldier? she hated privates. she hated them because she was supposed to. privates weren't like her. they weren't as smart as she was. they weren't as capable as she was. they were scary. they were different.

"damn it..." peppered buried her face in her hands and began sobbing.

"jesus christ what's with you and the water works all the time?" nick choked back tears of his own.

"I don't understand anything anymore!" peppered's voice became more hysterical.

"I understand everything. all too well." nick conquered his tears and replied back calmly.

peppered and nick were illuminated by the serene light of the setting sun.

"I... I hate you"

"I hate you too"

peppered was in disarray. empathy was always a distant concept to her, she could feel bad when bad things happened, but it never reached very far. placing herself into the minds of others just wasn't a strong point for her. daydream had mentioned this to her once. they were talking inside of the platformer and peppered tried to pass off her sadness as fixable by finding more soldiers, to which she was scolded and told that not everything was so simple, that she should try and realize that not every problem was solvable in the same way she solved her own issues. it hadn't registered with her until now. there were people suffering in ways that were completely foreign and unique to her, they couldn't be mended by working harder or keeping their chin up. it was a problem that could be solved only by biting the hand that both fed them and kept them captive, and that hand was her.

peppered's mind began to move in reverse as her ego unraveled.

"I should have died." she breathed.

"maybe so. but I can't be the one to do it, I'm too useless."

"I'm... I'm worse than useless! I'm a negative!"

"huh, that's a good way of looking at it."

"I hate you..I hate you..I hate ruined everything."

"you ruined my life before it started."

"ugghh..." peppered groaned and covered her head with her arms, "'re tricking me! this is all fake!"

"what the hell are you talking about?"

"you're the evil one! not me! I always knew you couldn't trust privates!", she started to laugh as tears streamed down her face.

nick exhaled and stared at her quietly without response, letting the shame of her outburst linger in the air. she soaked the guilt into her veins and covered her face with her hands again.

nick walked over to the chair in the corner of the room and sat down, leaning back. he stared at the window and time began moving quicker as the sun set and he got lost in his thoughts. what would he do when this was all over? what would he had done if he had successfully killed peppered? take her body back to general and celebrate the privates' tiny victory. then what? they'd probably be punished for it. he doubted they'd actually take a step in reclaiming the forums for themselves, it would take more than killing some clueless soldier.

he thought back to when he had been found in the platformer, he didn't know anything other than his name; nick. he was cold and frightened, feeling as if he had woken up from an infinite, dreamless sleep, completely detached from the area he inhabited. he had wandered around for what he assumed was days before he was found, he was so excited to see someone else like him. but he was immediately shot and woke up under a bridge, lying in the grass. he looked up and saw an area above with houses, stores, trees. the area below had nothing but grass and other privates, meandering around aimlessly with nothing to do but try and make the best of their pointless existences. he stayed there for years. he didn't want to go back. even if he accomplished his mission, he didn't want to go back.

"I want to stay here." nick said.

peppered picked her head up from out of her hands and looked at him with red eyes.

"that's how you can make it up to me, and by proxy to the other privates." nick knew that he was being selfish, but he was the one who escaped, if the others wanted to they would have taken their chance, "I don't want to go back to general."

peppered laid back down and turned over on her side, facing away from nick.

"it's okay, I can wait for your answer tomorrow. god, you're annoying."

"I don't care. I don't care anymore." peppered replied drearily. the great emotion that usually seasoned her voice was gone.

"cool, we have a deal. I still might kill you, so watch your back."

nick walked out of peppered's bedroom and into the living room, hopping on the couch and lying down. he hadn't slept much since he had come up here, but he'd get more rest now that he had a place of residence. he imagined her couch was much left comfortable than her bed, but compared to sleeping on the grass like he was used to he felt like he was floating on a cloud.

"urgh" nick murmured. he knew that he couldn't stay fixed here indefinitely. he had to help the rest of the privates. he didn't know if that entailed harming peppered, but he'd find some way to use her. whatever it took, he'd figure something out. he was further towards his goal than he'd ever been, and he'd keep moving forwards. nick fell into slumber with a smirk and slept pleasantly as peppered had nightmares in the other room.
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Re: sploder write (ch. 5 out)
« Reply #14 on: July 02, 2018, 07:48 AM »
Cool. Best chapter yet.

Not wanting to seem impatient, but when am I appearing? I understand if you have something in mind for me, and you don't have to tell me, LOL.

Just kinda curious.
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Re: sploder write (ch. 5 out)
« Reply #15 on: July 02, 2018, 10:32 AM »
Cool. Best chapter yet.

Not wanting to seem impatient, but when am I appearing? I understand if you have something in mind for me, and you don't have to tell me, LOL.

Just kinda curious.

thank you!

and dw dw, you'll be appearing soon
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Re: sploder write (ch. 5 out)
« Reply #16 on: July 02, 2018, 11:59 AM »
Thanks: reina
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Re: sploder write (ch. 5 out)
« Reply #17 on: July 02, 2018, 12:04 PM »
You’re so talented!
Thanks: reina
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Re: sploder write (ch. 5 out)
« Reply #18 on: July 02, 2018, 12:17 PM »
thank you!

and dw dw, you'll be appearing soon

Cool. Thanks. And you are pretty good. Your story has the vibe of the Sploder Stories I used to read, which I like.
Thanks: reina
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Re: sploder write (ch. 5 out)
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ch. 6: forward/amalgam

jiggly gawked in horror as the skin between her fingers slowly began to increase in length until they formed webs across her hands. she felt the same stinging sensation on her toes but didn't dare remove her shoes to check. her spine began to twist and bend, she tried to stretch back but was pulled into hunching over forwards. her eyes were on fire, she grabbed and rubbed at them powerlessly. she screamed and curled on the ground as her skin began to split open.

galla drifted about the barracks, reflecting on something peppered had asked him. what did he like? what was he like? she had said she wanted to get to know him, but he still didn't know himself. various personality traits floated about in the air that he tried to grasp at but they all slipped through his fingers like droplets of water, he was a blank sheet of paper that was simultaneously repellent to paint. he imagined that everyone had to have felt like this at one time or another, and he found solace in this thought. at least he couldn't be alone.

peppered was supposed to help him get used to his new place of residence and begin his training since she was the one who had found him, but he hadn't seen her since the night he had been brought to the barracks. he had been hesitant to go to her house since he didn't want to bother her, but there were things he desperately needed to learn. galla clenched his fist and decided that the first step in figuring himself out should be taking initiative, and he began walking down the path leading to peppered's house.

yugi watched joji leave the pow holding cell with his usual smile. it wasn't feeding time, and it was agreed on not to give pows any interaction until it was time to send them to general. yugi knew that joji could do what he wanted to, though, and he didn't plan on asking him about it. he noticed that the door had been left cracked open, and when he went over to close it he noticed that no one was inside. his plan changed, and he ran to catch up with joji.

"joji, sir?"

joji turned around, "yugi my man, what's up?"

"what happened to the pows?"

"what pows?"

"sticki and jiggly, sir."

"we don't have any pows at the current moment."

"so they were released into general?"

"I found a use for them. don't fret about it, all is well.", joji flashed yugi a thumbs up and continued to walk back to his office.

daydream slowly followed behind mario down their route in the platformer. daydream had been down the same route almost every time since she first became a soldier, and she never brought any applicants back. ben had finally had enough of her poor results and ordered mario to go with her to see if the route was as dry as she made it seem.

"there really isn't anything...", daydream mumbled. "my route just sucks."

mario rolled his eyes and rested his hands on top of his head as he walked.

"I can't be so sure with you, daydream. you might be finding applicants and not bringing them back."

"maybe I've done that before, but not as often as you think, alright? plus... it isn't my fault..."

"I know things are tough for you, day." mario slowed his pace so that he could walk next to her, "I understand. don't worry, if we find any applicants today we won't get them. I'll tell ben your route really is empty, and you can take the time you need before you're ready to start bringing them in."

daydream didn't smile, but her grimace softened, "thanks..."

jomatt ran his fingers through his hair and exhaled nervously as he stood under the bridge - watching, and waiting. dcxd, who other privates referred to as 'dax' due to his difficult to pronounce name, stood on his left. chuck stood to his right, holding some food he had stolen from dax (who was unaware of this). jomatt had chosen dax to be a representative for his high intelligence, and chuck for his age, being the oldest private at what they scaled to be mid-20s (it was difficult to tell peoples' exact ages as they all came into consciousness inside of the platformer at different stages of their lives).

they quietly waited. chuck didn't think much about future events, he considered himself too sly for worry. doubt was something that was unfortunately raveled in dax's dna, however, and jomatt had a fair level of concern about whether or not his plan would lead anywhere. he still questioned where nick was and what kind of trouble he may be causing, he hadn't been captured yet, had he? surely not, or something bad would have happened to the rest of the privates by now. he continued to hope for the best. hope and an ability to keep his wits about him were all he had.

connor and dynamite walked out of their changing rooms and into the platformer, dynamite had been given a white uniform with orange stripes and connor was in his usual red and yellow. dynamite shook their hair out of their eyes and tapped connor on the shoulder.

connor reciprocated with a "hands off" and jerked his arm away.

"I want to know where peppered has been, it's been days now." dynamite said with a frown.

"why do you care about her?"

connor put his hands on his hips and looked at dynamite acerbically.

"she lied. elizabeth was taken from me."

dynamite clenched their fists as connor sighed and put on a mocking smile.

"well, yeah. sometimes when you're dealing with other people you have to lie to get by. doesn't necessarily make it right, although personally I don't give a f%$#. peppered probably thought she was nobly telling a white lie."

dynamite's fists began to shake as they scowled.

"there's nothing noble about it!", they yelled, "what are we even doing in here? tearing people out and throwing half of them in a prison?"

"a lot more than half.", connor chimed in.

"this is bullsh%&!"

dynamite paced around in circles, trying to their self together.

they sighed, "just tell me where peppered is. do you know?"

"I heard she's been sick. you'll have to go to her house if you want to talk to her."

"show me where she lives after work."

"and why would I do that?"

"I'm sure you'd like to see a good fight."

connor clapped his hands together before putting an arm around dynamite's shoulder, "it's only been a few days and you know me so well already! my friend, I'm glad you're the applicant I found."

dynamite glared in the direction of the barracks as their anger at peppered perpetually continued to rise.

sticki slammed into consciousness his eyes, the first thing that came into his mind was that he was cold. so cold. when he opened his eyes the familiarity of his surroundings flooded into view, he was in the platformer. he hadn't been in this part of it, it was considerably darker than the section he had originally woken up and been found in, the torches hanging from the sky were dimmer and more dispersed.

sticki bit his lip and tried not to let his nerves get the best of him, he needed to assess the situation.

'where am I? - the platformer.'

'where in the platformer? - I don't know. most likely deep into it.'

'why am I here? - I don't know.'

'what do I do next? - try to get a sense of direction.'

he sat down on the edge of the platform he was on and kicked his feet as he looked around. he noticed something that made the nervous pit in his stomach begin to deepen - the platforms that were usually split in one general forward direction were now facing in all different directions on a full 360 axis.

'I must be very deep.'

sticki decided that trying to find the direction the bunker lied in would be futile at this point, and his best bet would be to pick a random direction and follow it until he found something. he stood up, closed his eyes, spun around a couple of times and began to walk forward.

he made his way across the platforms for hours, and as he walked he realized that despite the potentially dangerous circumstances this was the first time in a long time he had felt as peace. the subtle breeze felt nice against his face, he stretched his arms and picked up his pace. he had gotten so used to pacing in circles in his cell that walking in a line for so long felt like a piece of heaven, he was finally free. all he remembered was ben walked into his cell and tranquilizing him before he woke up here, and whatever the reason was he was thankful. perhaps pows who displayed particularly good behavior were released into the platformer rather than general? he wasn't about to complain about it, although he was growing hungrier by the hour and beginning to grow slightly worried about not finding anything to eat.

a shadowy figure in the distance appeared, what sticki assumed was an applicant. he was happy to see another person, and began making his way towards them. as he got closer he slowly realized that what he was approaching wasn't human. it was much larger than him and appeared to have a tail. it was far enough away that he couldn't quite make anything else out but he reconsidered getting any closer and decided to change his trajectory, making a left at the end of the next platform rather than continuing forwards. that was when he realized there were more, and there were a lot of them. the distance lit up with a large flame, it was coming from one of the figure's mouths. 

peppered crept into the living room and began shaking nick, who was lying asleep on the couch.

"wake up...", she tried to exclaim, but her complete lack of ambition and energy formed a whisper.

"nng.." nick shook her off and opened his eyes, "what do you want?"


peppered restlessly looked in random directions around the room.


"I'm sorry... I'm sorry."

she sat down on the floor and leaned her back against the couch as she continued repeating herself in a defeated tone, "I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm really sorry. please forgive me. I don't want to have nightmares anymore. please don't cut me anymore. please just tell me I'm a good person. I can't take it any longer."

nick rubbed his eyes and sighed, he sat up and pulled his knees up to his chest, resting his arms on top of them.

"you're just a gear in the mechanism, you aren't the mechanic."

peppered turned around and looked up at him.

"I'm sure you've tried to be a good person.", nick continued, "you know, it's really hard... be a private... being trapped in an outdoor prison with absolutely nothing to do all day, for years. some of us are completely insane at this point. despite my fear of death I wonder if we're better off dead than stuck there."

peppered started to tear up.

"but you aren't evil, peppered. I doubt you've stolen food from other people on the brink of starving so you can make yourself stronger, or snapped a little boy's arm with your bare hands, or nearly disemboweled a girl with a piece of glass. we all have our own demons, and when it comes down to it we're all gonna have to face 'em eventually. you faced yours last night, and it's only a matter of time before mine come for me."

peppered dug her face into the side of the couch in an unsuccessful attempt to hide her cries.

"Jm svnxy", she said with her face still in the couch.

"the f$#@ was that?", nick retorted.

peppered took her face out of the couch.

"I'm sorry.. I'm so sorry.."

"I don't think I can ever forgive the soldiers for what they've done to us. the soldiers as a whole have never apologized. they've never given me shelter to sleep in. but you have. you're the first one to ever give me any form of dignity, even if it was out of fear. even if it was out of shame. so I forgive you. you aren't a bad person, peppered."

nick reached his hand out towards peppered. peppered reached a hand out to shake but the overwhelming feeling of relief that had been building up inside of her flowed over and she fell forward and gave him a hug.

"I'm sorry.. I'm sorry.. I've been so terrible.. for so many years.. I'm sorry.. I want to help you.."

"oh jesus christ," nick groaned, but didn't push her away, "alright, alright, it'll be okay."

they stayed like that for awhile, until nick realized that peppered was starting to fall asleep.

"are you f$#%ing kidding me... wake up!", nick shook her until she was alert.

"s-sorry. I don't feel so well."

"it's because all of the blood and tears you've been shedding recently, you're probably dehydrated. go get some water, and when you get back repeat what you said about helping me."

peppered walked to the sink and began filling a cup with water, and yelled back, "I want to help! whatever I can do to help you!"

she walked back into the living room.

"I need to re-equalize the good I do in the world with all of the pain I've caused. I've always loved myself a lot more than I loved anyone else, but last night I truly, truly, despised myself. I was broken. I want to be the best I can possibly be, that's what I live by. and as of now, I feel like I've been the worst version of me. I need to fix that." peppered furrowed her brow and looked at nick with an expression he hadn't seen yet.

"alright... alright!" nick smiled. keep moving forward.
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Re: sploder write (ch. 6 out)
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Wow. This is one of those stories that keeps getting better with age. Good job.
Thanks: reina
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Re: sploder write (ch. 6 out)
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loving it
Thanks: reina
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Re: sploder write (ch. 6 out)
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so ive been using lowercase at the beginning of sentences bc my r key is broken and its annoying enough having to copy/paste them all the time so i didnt want to have to find an uppercase r to paste every time i began a sentence starting with r but i started writing chapters in word documents instead of directly into the comment box and it capitalizes the sentneces for me so ill use better grammar now xx

Ch. 7: Myself

The temperature of the cold air rose around him as his shivering of frigidity turned to that of fear. He turned back in the direction he came from and saw more figures dotting the distance.

Sticki was a calm and cogent person. Natural fear existed within him when danger provoked it, but he never allowed it to overpower his senses.

"I suppose it can't be helped."

Confrontation was his only option now, unless he could get so lucky as to slip past and outrun them. Perhaps their speed matched their size, he couldn't tell from the pace at which they moved towards him. He began to slowly make his way to the right, as it was the direction at which the least number of figures stood. Fire was periodically blown out of one's mouth as he grew closer. There was nothing he could do except move forward and sincerely hope that they were civil.

Once he got a certain distance away from them he realized that they had stopped moving, but he kept walking.


Sticki came to a halt. At least they know how to speak, he thought. He could now get a clear look at the creatures. They appeared to be reptilian, with entirely green skin, including the whites of their eyes and irises. Some of them had one horn on top of their head and others had two. He noticed a couple with none.

"What should we do?" one whispered, looking at what Sticki assumed to be the one in charge.

"I don't know how many more we'll be able to feed, but lets bring him back. Not often we find one that they haven't gotten to yet."

Peppered watched television on the couch as Nick sat in the kitchen, slowly growing annoyed.

"Are you going to help me or what?", he snarled.

"I think better when I'm being stimulated.", she responded, "Hey, come check this out. Basically the premise is that this guy can kill any villain with a single punch. They'll go on their whole evil dialogue spiel thing and BAM he just one-shots them, it's hilarious."

"I don't care. Get in here."

"Alright, after this episode."

It was later in the afternoon. Nick was glad that Peppered was now comfortable with him, as it would make her into a more viable asset in whichever plan they came up with, but wasn’t pleased with some of the personality traits this change brought into play.

“Just pause it and come on, we gotta think of something. Think about all of the privates who are still trapped in General while we sit here doing nothing.”

“Y-you’re right,” Peppered reached for the remote and turned off the TV, “I’m sorry.”

“It’s alright, at least you aren’t so uptight around me anymore. I was getting tired of dealing with Ms. Emotional Breakdown.”

“You stabbed me and then told me I’ve spent my entire life being the bad guy.”

“That I did. I guess your reaction was reasonable.”, Nick smirked, his sadistic side felt pleased with itself.

Peppered walked into the kitchen and sat down across from Nick, folding her hands on the table.

“Do you have any ideas yet”, she asked.

“Well, when I escaped I used a ladder that a soldier let down to help the private who’s arm I broke. I got pretty lucky that I wasn’t seen, but if you were the one to let the ladder down we wouldn’t have to worry about that. You could just let it down, and we’d all come up. The problem is you’d need an excuse to bring the ladder in the first place without raising suspicion, and doing it twice in the span of a week would immediately make the generals think that something was up. We also have to think about what we’ll do when we come up, we may be able to kill a few…”


“…but eventually we’d be overpowered. You guys have tranquilizers and I’m sure the generals have more weapons stored for if something like this was to happen. We have to be tactful in our attack. And yeah, Peppered, kill. I may have chickened out when I watched you bleed out on the ground but if I had a way to make it quicker then maybe I’d be able to get the job done. Blood’s gotta be shed for changes to be made, and…”, Nick slammed his fist onto the table, “God damn it. I still don’t know if I’d be able to do it. You know, I’ve watched privates get injured, have their injuries get infected, and just slowly die right there without anyone to help them. Didn’t matter if we called out for help, it took a boy shrieking at the top of his lungs constantly for them to finally send someone down. They never cared for our lives, why should I care for theirs? Yet I just can’t do it… I’m so f&^%ing weak.”

“You aren’t weak!”, Peppered grabbed Nick’s wrists, “You just have a conscience! Everyone does, I’m sure even people like Connor and Ben have one somewhere.”

Nick grimaced, he didn't really like how handsy Peppered was but appreciated her enthusiasm and reassurance.

“Ben… he was the one who first put me in General, and he’s the one I’ve always associated the experience with. If I got my hands on him…”

“I don’t think Ben is the one who calls the shots,” Peppered cut in, “everyone just follows what Joji tells them. He’s in charge of everything. He makes me kind of nervous sometimes.”

“Well if he’s the one responsible for the split between privates and soldiers then you should be nervous around him, who knows what’s going on inside his head.”

Peppered tapped her foot up and down nervously, “I’m going to have to confront him during all of this, aren’t I?”

“Probably, yeah. I doubt you’ll end up having to combat him in any way, but I may need you to talk with him.”

“Ugghh..” Peppered tapped faster, “I get so anxious when I talk to him. I always feel like he knows something I don’t. I mean, he definitely knows something that I don’t, but what?! He’s the type of person who would figure out what I’m planning immediately.”

“With someone as transparent as you are, maybe.”

Peppered put her hands under her chin and glared at Nick, who replied with a grin.

“Ugghhh what are we going to do…” she complained.

Peppered slid her hands from under her chin and over her face. Nick opened his mouth to speak and then froze, there was a knock on the door. Peppered put up her hand signaling him to freeze and walked through the hallway and into the living room, she peeked through the blinds and saw Galla standing outside. She breathed a sigh of slight relief, of anyone who could have shown up she was the most okay with him. Nevertheless, this was not a good situation. She ran back to the kitchen and whispered, “Do not make a sound.”

“No sh%&.”, Nick whispered back.

“That was a sound.”

He rolled his eyes as Peppered put her finger to her lips and walked away.

“Heyyy Galla,” she said as she opened the door, “it’s been awhile since I’ve seen you.”

“Yeah…” he replied as he dragged his foot around on the ground, “I kind of missed you. I don’t really have anyone to talk to.”

Peppered was immediately struck with guilt, with everything that had happened over the past few days she had completely stopped thinking about Galla. She could only imagine how lonely he must have been. She also realized how much she had missed him.

“I’m sorry I disappeared, I’ve been sick and didn’t want to infect anyone so I’ve been holed up in here. I’ll probably start going back to the Bunker tomorrow or the day after and I’ll go ahead and take you up there with me.”

“Thank you, but, until then.. could we just talk a little?” Galla put his head down, not used to asking for things and worrying if he was being intrusive. “I feel like I’ll never understand myself if I don’t interact with others. I’ve been alone for as long as my memory goes back, except for when I was with you.”

Peppered felt worse. She knew that she had to tend to the private issue but unlike the rest of the soldiers Galla was completely innocent, and with her resolve to be a better person she couldn’t let him be lonely like this any longer.

“Wait here.” Peppered said before turning around and running back to the kitchen.

“Alright, it’s nothing to worry about, but I need to take care of something. Wait here and be completely silent if you hear any knocks,” she whispered before running to her room and grabbing her jacket. “And stay away from windows!”

“Great… more waiting.” Nick sunk lower into his chair and tapped his fingers against the table.

Peppered ran back to the door as she slipped her jacket on.

“Alright Galla, let’s go for a walk!”

“Oh.. okay.”

Peppered noticed that Galla looked genuinely excited for the first time and smiled.

“So!” Peppered put her hands behind her back, “What did you want to talk about?”

“Well… I don’t exactly know. I guess I’ll start by telling you that I’ve thought a lot about who I am, and no matter what I do I just keep circling back to zero. I’ve only existed for a few days as far as I know. I don’t know if I ever had parents. I don’t know how I know the things that I know, how do I know what ‘parents’ are? How do I know how to talk? Who taught me these things? I don’t understand anything about myself or how I came to be. I’m just so confused.”

Peppered was surprised at how relatable some of the things he said were. She had pondered on many of the same questions before, and now that Galla said it she concluded that every private and soldier probably had the same questions at some point in time.

“I’ve wondered the same thing. I don’t really know who taught me what I know about the world.”

“We must have existed somewhere else once before then, right?

“I imagine.”



“When you asked me what I liked back when you found me, I had no idea. And I still don’t know what I like. I’ve sat at home thinking and thinking, I’ve taken a lot of walks, but I just don’t know. I haven’t really enjoyed anything aside from talking to you, but I feel like that tells me more about you than it does about myself. It confuses me even more the more that I think about it.”

“Do you know the first and only thing I knew that I liked when I first appeared in the Platformer?”

“What was that?”


“I knew that already…”

Peppered laughed at his response.

“Well I don’t try to hide it. I think of it as a skill, just another one on the long list of things that I’m good at! I don’t think any of us fully understand what we like and dislike when we first come into this world. I mean, I like TV. I liked it as soon as I found it, and I knew what it was, so I must have always liked it, but it didn’t really register with me until I used it for the first time here. I think it will be the same for you, we just need to start finding things that make you happy. None of that was instantaneous for me though, and that’s the point I’m getting at. All I knew when I came into consciousness was that I loved myself and I wanted to be the best, because that’s what’s inherent to me. If TV, or good food, or this jacket, or you, or anything else that I like didn’t exist, I’d still love myself. That’s a part of who I am no matter what reality I’m placed in. And the soldier who found me, Yugi, knew that right away. I made it clear pretty fast. Do you know what I realized about you right away?”

“What?” Galla’s eyes were wide open.

“You’re thoughtful, you choose all of your words carefully, you’re quiet, and you’re constantly observing the world around you. You’re so kind, in the short time I’ve known you I already feel just as comfortable around you as I do with Yugi and I was really excited when I saw you outside my door. And I think my favorite thing about you, and this is something that has taken me longer to realize but is just as clear now, is that you’re a really dedicated person. You’ve spent countless hours over the past few days constantly trying to figure out who you are, but I think that in itself shows your character more than anything. You have an intense desire to fully realize yourself and the everything around you, and I love that. We both think about ourselves a lot - you want to understand yourself so that you can understand everyone else, and I need everyone to understand me for me to understand myself. We're outwardly pretty different, but we have internal similarities when you really get down to it, and that might be why we got along so well so quickly. Everyone desires understanding, but you seem to have a drive far above the average person, and with that level of commitment I think you'll discover the meanings of everything you want to know one day. These are only a few traits, but they’re all a part of what defines you. There’s still so much more I have to learn about you and you have to learn about yourself, and I can’t wait to see all of what makes you who you are, because I love the person I know so far. You’re only getting started, Galla.” Peppered thought back to that morning, “Sometimes I feel like I’ve only gotten started too.”

They had stopped walking at this point. Galla wiped his face with his shirt, he didn’t know why he felt embarrassed about the tears forming around the edges of his eyes but he did. He smiled.

“Thank you, Peppered. I… I don’t know how to process my own emotions yet. I’m not even sure how I’m supposed to express what I feel inside, but I don’t think I’ve ever felt this happy before, even before I woke up here.”

Peppered smiled and gave him a hug.

“You can express it however you want to.”


They simultaneously jumped out of their hug and turned around.

Peppered saw a girl with red hair and pale skin standing in the middle of the path in front of them with her arms crossed and a scowl on her face. Peppered felt as if she had seen her before.

“You look like…”

“Dynamite.”, the girl replied.

“You… look different.”

“Yeah, well it’s still me.”

“Yo, Peppered, where’s Elizabeth at?” Connor yelled out from behind Dynamite, Peppered hadn’t noticed him until now.

“Shut the f%$# up Connor!”, Dynamite snapped, “This is my fight to be had!”

The color drained from Peppered’s face. Elizabeth. Fight?

Her anger at Connor sped in front of her guilt and she yelled back, “You know where she is! Go on and tell her!”

“Nah,” Connor smiled, “This is between you and Dynamite, not me.”

Peppered’s guilt caught up with her as her anger towards Connor redirected towards herself and she bit her lip.

Dynamite walked forward and grabbed Peppered’s collar.

“Go on and tell me. You lied to me, and I don’t like liars.”

“Um… wait!” Galla built up the courage to speak for his friend but was quickly shut down by a ‘f%$^ off’ from Dynamite.

“She’s… she’s in General. It’s a place where-”

“I already knew she was in General, and I know what General is, they told me. Good job finally admitting it. Now tell me how to get her out.”

“I don’t know.”

Dynamite punched Peppered in the face, who fell down before Dynamite picked her up again.

“Well you better figure out a way.” Dynamite put her face closer to Peppered’s.

“I don’t know! I don’t know what to do! I don’t know if there’s anything I can do!”

Dynamite hit Peppered again, this time in the stomach.

“Do you know how it feels?!”, she yelled, “To reassure a little girl for days in the dark that everything will be okay while she cries and asks where she is? While she begs for the parents she can’t remember? For her to finally calm down, just for someone to come and shoot her before throwing her into a new unknown hell, without the one person she trusts? For f&^%'s sake, forget what I feel, how do you think she feels?”

The feelings of self-loathing Peppered had experienced the night before were beginning to flood back in full.

“Please… stop… I’m sorry…”

Dynamite leg Peppered go, who immediately fell to her knees.

“I know you can’t do anything. Of course you can’t. And I can’t either. All I cared about was protecting her, and I couldn’t do it.”

Peppered tapped Dynamite’s leg and motioned for her to kneel down.

“L-listen,” Peppered whispered while holding back tears, “I’m trying to figure out a way to help the privates now. To help Elizabeth. You can’t let Connor know this, but come to my house tomorrow in the morning.”

Dynamite stared back with pure contempt, a look that burned into Peppered like dry ice. The calm tone in which she spoke only intensified the anger in her eyes.

“Okay. If you’re lying to me again, I don’t know what I’m going to do.”

Peppered flinched and rubbed the area she had been stabbed.

“Is that it? Two punches?” Connor complained.

Dynamite stood up and began to walk away. “Shut up. We’re leaving.”

“I left the Bunker early for this…” Connor shook his head and followed behind her.

Galla ran over and helped Peppered up, he had a look of shame on his face.

“I’m sorry I did nothing to help. I just didn’t know what to do, I’ve never faced confrontation like that before.”

Peppered gave him a weak smile as she wiped the blood from her nose and shook her head, “No, it’s okay. Look, can you come to my house tomorrow morning too? There’s something I need to talk to you about.”

“Yes, of course.”

“I’m going to get some rest, you should too.” Peppered said as she turned back towards her house, she waved as she walked away.

Galla waved back and walked in the other direction.

“I’m me.”, he said to himself.

Crazy walked across the bridge while fidgeting her fingers in her jacket pocket. She had left the Bunker early as she often did, she was both relieved that Connor and Dynamite had also left early since it made her feel less out of place and worried about them thinking that she was only leaving because they were. In reality she just couldn’t handle the pressure of the Platformer. She wanted to be able to do something else. Maybe she’d ask if she could do another job, although having to make that request was only another worry.

“Excuse me!” Jomatt yelled from under the bridge. He had been waiting for a soldier to cross, now was his chance.
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Re: sploder write (ch. 7 out)
« Reply #23 on: July 05, 2018, 11:07 AM »
So creative.
When is my character coming by the way
And yes if I give u a topic could u write a story on it
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Re: sploder write (ch. 7 out)
« Reply #24 on: July 05, 2018, 12:36 PM »
chapters are going to slow down a bit because theres two more projects i need to start working on, and its probably for the best since i think its difficult for people to keep up at the story's current pace

Ch. 7.5: Bridge Interlude

Crazy leaned against the fence on the edge of the bridge and looked down into General, to which she saw three boys of varying ages staring back at her. Her mind immediately began to race. What do they want I really shouldn’t talk to privates this isn’t good I-

“Hello!” Jomatt yelled. “I’d like to make a proposition, if possible.”

Crazy wrapped her fingers through the chain links.

“A proposition?”

“Yes, I would like to work as an ambassador for the rest of the privates, along with these two.”

Crazy tightened her grip around the fence.

“Uh… um… I don’t think I’m the one who can say for sure whether you’re able to do that I’d have to ask someone else like Ben or probably Joji yeah I think I’d need to ask Joji so maybe if you waited here I could ask but I’m kind of scared to ask him for something so I think you should get someone else because right now it’s like I’m your ambassador speaking to Joji for you and I just don’t think I’m cut out for that so I’m sorry and I don’t even know if I should be talking to you right now.”

Crazy began to back away from the fence.

“Wait, please! This could be a big thing for both privates and soldiers alike! You’ll be part of something important in history if it goes as planned!” Jomatt tried to remain calm but didn’t want to wait any longer.

Crazy stopped and shut her eyes. Aaaaahh what do I do maybe I should just do it Joji is a nice person I don’t think anything bad will happen to me if I just ask him I really should be calmer about this.

“O-okay. I’ll do it.”, she said quietly.

“I can’t hear you!” Jomatt yelled back.

“I’ll do it!”

Crazy clenched her fists as her arms shook nervously. I’ll do it I’ll really do it I will I’ll finally do something this time and help someone else even if it’s a private I’m still doing something for someone else and that’s a good thing. She walked back home and tried to choose the words she’d use to talk to Joji when she went to the Bunker the next day. She sighed, knowing in the back of her mind that no matter how much she planned it would end up coming out in a jumbled flow of consciousness.

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Re: sploder write (ch. 7 out)
« Reply #25 on: July 09, 2018, 11:24 AM »
N why are u changing names frequently.i am gettin confused konni

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Re: sploder write (ch. 7 out)
« Reply #26 on: July 10, 2018, 05:37 PM »

<-click to enlarge<- (last update: jul 3rd 2k18)
(drawing by pai