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Author Topic: Episodic series I am writing about Joker Jr  (Read 41 times)

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Episodic series I am writing about Joker Jr
« on: June 18, 2017, 07:06 PM »
Post an opinion, criticisms, anything.

Thanks to anyone who reads

The Architect of Anarchy parts 1-5

Part 1: The Asylum

The white hallway was empty. There was no sound, no feeling of emotion, just a light peering above the men. They stepped with intention, they needed to get somewhere, and they needed to do it immediately. The door slid open, and the people stood up to look out, to look to see what lies right in front of their faces.
A boy is told to stand still, not to move. He stands there, in front of the crowd, the prisoners, the inmates. They laugh viciously. A tall man stands up and bangs his head against the bars,” You won’t last a night in here little buddy. We’re gonna eat you alive. The cold floor’s gonna sizzle your pale face off.”
The man banged his head against the bars screaming. The other prisoners joined. Soon the prison was a fireworks show. The policemen had no reaction, they were used to the noise. They couldn’t tell the difference between yelling, and a rally.
The boy’s head moved up. His bright green hair was revealed to the crowd. His mouth opened,” Well, I have to say. That was quite the introduction.” he said.
The prisoners’ smiles slowly changed
“Good evening ladies and gentleman. I’m afraid the innocent little boy you “civilized people” think I am, just isn’t true. Let me introduce myself. My name is Hane Napier, son of Jack Napier. Or as he is known, Mr J. You see, I am here to carry on the tradition of the Napier name. Jack’s a joker, Harley’s a crazy woman with a bat, and don’t confuse her with the wicked witch of the west, very common, don’t do it, it isn’t “joker” enough!!”
The policemen nudged him forward.
“Well, I’m afraid we can’t chat any longer. Ta ta!!!” Hane said
Hane slowly moved his body downwards. His hands moved over his body. That’s what he did. Or as some people call it, a bow. Hane turned and started walking, his face remembered something, he quickly turned.
“Oh, and in case I don’t see ya.
Good evening...
Good afternoon...
And goodnight...”

He turned again, and started walking once more. The prisoners stood, with a vicious look on their faces. They were in shock.

Hane had a grin on his face. His grin got larger as his footsteps went on. The asylum, had just been woken up. It had been woken up by a 13-year-old boy.

Part 2: The Warden is Always Vulnerable

Hane was thrown wildly. The guards could not care less whether Hane’s bones were broken or not. They had nothing inside them, nothing at all.
   “Don’t Expect any favors boy, I think you’ve had your fun already.” one of the guards said
   The keyhole clicked. The echo of the scrunching metal echoed through the prison. Hane walked, like a ghost, to his bed, he sat. His blank face could intimidate anyone who saw it.
9:00 P.M
   Hane’s eyes closed, as the guards had commanded. The lights clicked off, and the prisoners slept. They slept like children, they were children on the inside, and Hane was an adult on the inside. Hane was not thinking of how he was going to escape quite yet. Instead he focused on shutting his eyes, and that is what he did, shut his eyes.
      7:00 A.M
   The banging wouldn’t stop. The guards banged on each cell individually, until a guard reached Hane’s cell.
   “Rise and shine pretty boys!!” the guard yelled
   Hane’s eyes opened, and so did his mouth,” Yes siree captain!” Hane answered back as he sprung out of his bed.
   The cell doors opened, the sound went on. The guards grabbed their handcuffs, and told the prisoners to turn around. The handcuffs clacked as they tightened onto Hane’s wrist.
   “Now turn around and don’t say a word!” the warden yelled.
   The prisoners all stood silently.
   “Now turn to your left, and walk in a straight, single file line! Now do any of you tough guys have any questions!? I didn’t think s...”
   “I have a question!” Hane interrupted
   The warden slowly turned his head in disbelief.
   “Why is this guard looking at me like he wants something? Like he wants some food, like he needs it?!!” Hane asked.
   The guard standing front of Hane moved forward and got in his face
   “What did you say boy? You got something to say, you look me in the eyes!” the guard said
   “Actually, I think it’s the other way around mate. You see, my question was why you were looking me in the eyes!” Hane said with a smirk
   “You shut your mouth right now, and learn respect, or I will teach it to you, is that clear!?”
   “Actually, not really. You see, I am 13. If you even look at me the wrong way, the people in this fine democracy will yell,” CHILD ABUSE CHILD ABUSE.” Is that what you want in your life? To be hated by this fine establishment we call the Unites States of America, and to clearly be a criminal hated by the government that gave you your right to work your job?”
   The guard stood with a ghost like look on his face. He knew Hane was right, but he was not going to admit it. Just as the warden was about to step out of line, the jail bell rang.
   “Hane Napier to the phycology center. Again, Hane Napier to the psychology center!” a woman said over the mic
   “Gentlemen, I am afraid I have important matter to attend to, top of the morning to ya!!” Hane yelled.
 Hane walked down the hallway with the warden. Hane still staring at the guard with a grim look on his face. His hand reached over his head, and he tipped his imaginary hat to

the guard.
Part 3: The Psychologist

Footsteps on top of another as Hane floated, like a ghost, to the psychology center. The guards had no expressions, as always. Hane walked down the quiet hallway until he came to a stop,” Davison Psychology Center.” the sign read. A guard reached into his pocket and grabbed a key. The key slid into the lock, then the door opened slowly. A woman was standing in front of the door.
“Dr. David Lewis will be here any minute; you can take a seat.” She said
Hane said nothing, just a small grin enlarged on his mouth. He sat down, with the metal handcuffs piercing his wrists. The door shut, giving Hane the feeling of full isolation. The room was cold, like Christmas eve. Hane stared blankly at the door, waiting for it to unhinge.
Then it happened, he heard a click, then the sound of a keyhole being fiddled with. The door opened, and a man holding a small notebook and pen stood. He was in his forty’s, Hane could tell.
“So this is my new psychologist!! Man, I wonder how long this one’s going to last? My last “acquaintance” quit after a week! That’s about six more days then you are going to stay on the job.” Hane said
“So, how’s life?” Hane continued
“Hello Mr. Napier. We should get our session started.” David said
“I see you are carrying a fine writing instrument and of course a writing block. You came prepared didn’t you. Oh my, oh my, don’t these psychologists have their odd methods of connecting with people.” Hane said
David had been informed by other asylums of his personality. He had been warned not to give in to Hane. Lewis knew he was manipulative, he had to ignore any off topic comments from him.
“To get us started, I’ll start with some basic questions; hobbies, relatives, people you look up to, that sort of thing.” David said
“Well, what do you like to do for fun?” David asked
“Do you have kids, Dr. Lewis?” Hane asked
David didn’t answer.
“I’ll take that as a yes.”
Hane looked at Dr. Lewis menacingly. Almost as if he was trying to feel his conscience.
“I don’t see a psychologist in front of me...”
Hane looked into his eyes.
“All I see, is a struggling father, unable to connect with his children. Seems you have the same problem with your patients Dr. Lewis. Like you aren’t even a psychologist, just someone who thinks he is. Same principle with your children, you aren’t really a father, you just think you are. Oh all the people in America, who focus more on their job than their own blood, it’s pathetic actually.”
David’s lip rapidly moved in anger. He went to open his mouth, but stopped. He had to resist
“You want to say something don’t you doctor. You want to burn me in the sand dunes. So take a shot, I’m right here.” Hane whispered like a demon
“Don’t be afraid David, I’m right here if you need me. Unfortunately, you can’t be there when your family needs you.”
David banged his hand on the table, he couldn’t resist anymore. He stood up and yelled,” You shut your mouth, learn some respect! No wonder you are talking to a psychologist, you need it, you really do. You are unbelievable!!”
Hane stared at Dr. Lewis with an evil smirk. He had broken the silence between them. As he stared, David stood up with a frustrated look on his face, and he stormed out of the room. The door closed, like the sound of lightning.
“I think my work here is done.” Hane murmured
Hane had switched bodies with David. He had played the role of the psychologist; he had opened David’s eyes about his own life. David was the old soul, who had danced with a devil, in the pale moonlight.

Part 4: The Tall Man
        The asylum was never quiet. Sounds of banging heads and rallies filled the prison corridor. Never had Hane experienced such a high sense of adrenaline. He knew Dr. Lewis would be back that morning, he was sure of it.
   “Prisoners, time to get up!!! The warden said
   The prisoners all groaned and stood up, rubbing their eyes.
   “Alright, you know the procedure. Turn around and stick your hands through the bars, and we’ll cuff your hands.” the warden yelled
   The prisoners dreadfully did what they were told. They all stood, turned, and pushed their grimy hands through the bars and waited for the guards to cuff them. The guards moved towards each cell, like every day where the same procedure occurred.
   The handcuffs clacked while the cell doors were unlocked. The prisoners stepped out and once again, turned to their left, and “continued to walk in a straight single file line” as the warden instructed. Nobody ever challenged the warden. Hane was the only person who had not been afraid of the man, but this time, Hane had decided not to anger him anymore. Not like he cared, but he wanted another talk with David, if he messed with the warden, that may have been postponed.
   So he decided to walk in that straight file line. The warden stared directly at his face, waiting for Hane to say something. All Hane did was give the warden a grim smile, all the way down the hall. Hane had been assigned yard work. Every job would change about every two months, but Hane wasn’t planning on actually doing anything.
   All the prisoners were escorted to their shifts. Some had library duty, or washing dishes. An average day for the prisoners would be dreadful, 5 straight hours of their jobs, then a break, the back to another five hours or so.
   Hane was escorted to the outer wall of the prison where he would be planting mulch in the front of the prison. About 10 other prisoners were brought to the front to work.
   “Alright, you will be assigned a rake. You’ll plant the mulch in this pit, and then rake it to make it flat. Any slacking off and I’ll have your head!” the instructor yelled
   Hane put on the gloves in front of him and picked up a pile of mulch. On his right he saw the tall man who had tried to intimidate him the other day. The tall man stared at Hane with hatred. The man walked to grab a rake, and shifted his weight in to Hane, Hane felt a violent nudge from the man. The man turned, with the rake swinging slowly towards Hane’s lip.
   The guards couldn’t care about any minor roughhousing, even if a child was involved. Hane stood there, with red blood pouring down from his lip. Hane took his finger and pressed it against his lip. He waited for the man to come back with mulch in his hand. The man turned around with the mulch in his hand, and went to place it in the pit
   Hane looked at the man, before grabbing the substance from his hand, the man turned at Hane, Hane was sporting a grin on his face. Hane’s knee moved up into the man’s chest. The tall man made a grunting sound, he had the wind knocked out of him. The guards looked, they now cared. This was no longer a minor disturbance.
   Hane still had the mulch he took from the man. Hane thought quickly, he looked at his hands. Hane shoved the back mulch into the man’s face, the front of his head now covered in substance. The guard grabbed Hane, while the other guard held back the tall man.
   “HAHAHAHA!!! That is classic now isn’t it!!? You see, I can’t possibly see why you wouldn’t want your face covered, in my opinion it looks more appealing that way!!” Hane yelled at the tall man
   The tall man tried to break free from the guard, but he could not break from his grip. Hane on the other hand, did not try to fight. He did not need to break free to get another piece of the man, he had already proved his point.

Part 5: Connections
         Hane sat in the cooler for 2 hours. The punishment for a public disturbance during work. A cell dropping to temperatures of 10 degrees, or to summarize, it was very cold in there. His hands had felt like they were dipped in dry ice for hours upon hours, but did he care how his hands felt; No, no he didn’t.
   He stared through the small opening of the door, doing nothing but it. He felt like holding a guard hostage to get himself out, but that would postpone another meeting with Dr. Lewis, then the door slid open.
   “Your time is up; your psychiatrist is waiting for you in the psychology center.” said a guard
   The guard took Hane’s arm forcefully and pushed him in the direction of the psychology center, while pulling Hane into the room. The door opened and Dr. Lewis was in a chair, looking at Hane.
   “Hello Hane.” David said
   “Well look who decided to show up. Nice to see you again Dr. Lewis. Did you get a new haircut?”
   “Actually Hane, I did. Very observant of you I can see.”
“Did you get it done by your 5 year- old daughter? I mean, just look at those sideburns, reminds me of the Red Sox, they just never stop going downhill. Isn’t that Right Dr. Lewis.”
“Now, Hane, I see you are very observant here but, your comments are not appreciated. You can sit down now.” David said
“Man, looks like I got your bad side today. Did your wife leave you again?”
David’s lip started tingling again.
“Let me tell you something Dr. Lewis, I don’t believe in resolutions. There is never a satisfying ending to anything. So don’t expect your last day to be a pleasant one.” Hane said
“What are you talking about.” David answered back
“Well, you want insight into my personality don’t you? My motive, my reasons why I do what I do.”
“You know what Hane, I think I have the answer.”
David started smiling.
“You don’t have a motive; you are influenced by your parent’s wrongdoings. You don’t need a reason why.
“Now who said my parents did anything wrong? What about me, am I not good enough for you, bub?” Hane asked
“You are not old enough to understand Hane, you think you know, but you don’t.” David responded
“Ok let me explain something here old pal. 1: I do think I understand. 2: You don’t know me at all. And 3, why are you saying I don’t understand. That sounds like something an average everyday parent would say. You are not my mother.”
Hane thought for a second and looked at the ceiling.
“Well, you do have the sideburns of my mother. She has quite long hair. At first I actually thought you were a woman.”
“Now Hane, insults are not solving anything here.” David said
“You know what is insulting? The one thing that makes me want to blow up a hospital, or chain the president to the tower of London? You see I have simple tastes in proving everyone that this world is not the lovely place we all think it is. You know something, when people are playing blackjack, or poker, anything that involves gambling, they will do anything to get the money they don’t deserve.” Hane said
“Ha ha. Man you know something that I learned about this world recently?”
Hane looked down at the table
“The people in this world will do anything to get their grimy hands on moola, or money as people call it. They’ll even fight for what they want, even if it involves millions of people getting slaughtered” Hane said
He then looked at David, who was staring at the ground with a troubled face. Hane stared with a smile carved onto his face
“When the chips are down. These uh, “civilized people.” They’ll eat each other alive. That’s what you don’t understand. You can’t keep telling yourself that the only people that are truly evil, are locked up in an asylum, or a prison or whatever.” Hane exclaimed
“You can’t look at everything like that Hane. The world has good people; innocent people get killed as well.” David said
“Well it’s more fun that way. Blowing up buildings, and watching the world go up in flames is just what I need. Hahaha, I can’t believe you don’t find pleasure in punishing these people. They don’t care about anyone but themselves. Now doctor answer me this question, and answer it honestly.”
   “Alright, I’ll try my best.” David said
   “Where did you get that suit. It’s completely hideous. It looks like you had someone professionally spill paint on it!” Hane said
   David giggled, while shaking his head with regret.
   “Wow, never seen you have emotion before. Anyways, I have to go. You see I have lunch with these great prisoners. They are very classy people you know.” Hane said
   Hane stood up and quickly walked out of the door. David sat there thinking about what Hane said. Maybe he was right about the world, or maybe not.
   Hane walked by the cells, until he passed the tall man.
   “Hey there big guy, how’s your mouth?”
   The man ran to the bars and banged his head on the bars violently screaming,” Your dead pretty boy, you’re dead you hear me!!!”
   Hane stopped and looked at him. Hane’s mouth opened, and spit released from his mouth onto the man’s face. The man yelled menacingly and wiped it off of his chin.
   “That should heal the wounds.” Hane said with a small laugh as the guards pulled him back.
   Hane continued walking with a grin imprinted on his mouth. He looked back at the man, still staring at Hane, and gave a smile.