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Author Topic: New to Sploder? Read this first! (Last Updated: 9/27/2015)  (Read 2258 times)

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New to Sploder? Read this first! (Last Updated: 9/27/2015)
« on: September 27, 2015, 01:34 AM »
Welcome New Members!

     Entering an existing community may sometimes feel more like invading or intruding on others, however, you don't need to worry about that. This guide will give you some tips on how to get closer to building friendships and feeling like one of us. Before making a thread, please read through our rules to know how to not offend the internet police moderators.

Quick Tips:

How to people get to know you:
     If you're new, introduce yourself first using a thread in General by posting a new topic. Feel free to add anything that describes your character, or what you want to achieve on the forums. Feel free to take a look at this new thread for making introductions.

Don't make pity threads.
     Pity threads consist of usually asking why people hate [OP], with a poll and the whole shabang. Sometimes they even contain a wall of text calling the entire community garbage. Ouch! If you are feeling genuinely unhappy with the way you are treated on the forums then please don't make threads like these, send a private message (PM) to a staff member and talk with them. If you're just feeling insecure about something, just try chatting with members about something. Just try to have an idea of what you want to talk about first, nobody likes messages that only say 'hello'.

Don't Share your password and keep your account safe.
     It goes without saying that being hacked isn't fun. If you are unsure of what to do to prevent this, then I recommend reading this thread.

There is a censor for foul language, just let it do its thing.
     There is a word filter on the forums that changes most profane words to "splode", just leave it be and don't try to avoid it. Doing so to post foul language is against the rules and, quite frankly, isn't very classy.

New members can't use BBcode
     You need to have at least 500 posts and have a low warning level to be able to use BBcode (the stuff that lets you quote people or post images). We have had incidents in the past where people decided to exploit it to spread malware and spam, sorry. Don't spam to boost your post count, just post about on the forums and be social, you'll get to 500 soon enough. When you do get the privilege you can do everything listed in here.

Karma isn't that important.
     Ever notice how some posts have a little blue box under them saying thanks with a few usernames inside of it? Those are members that clicked a button next to the post to say that they liked it. Karma is simply a number counting the total number of thanks a user gets, entirely decorative and unimportant. You will get the power to thank users as you post and participate on the forums.

The names under people's names have meaning.
     Notice how some people have "[Staff] General" or "[Punishment] Grunt" under them? These are ranks and they tell you if the user is a member of the staff or that he has broken the rules and is serving his punishment. Read this thread for more information if you are curious about them.

Try to post in the boards most relevant to what you are talking about.
     The #1 annoying thing ever is when people post a something in the wrong place. Quickly skim through this thread if you didn't in the last tip to figure out where different topics go.

Have fun! :)
Thanks: cyrman, toxic10, LMXOrange, bestatgames9, kai2003, Rockyroad797, 10on10
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