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Author Topic: Guide to Ranks and Boards (Last Updated: 01/19/18)  (Read 6497 times)

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Guide to Ranks and Boards (Last Updated: 01/19/18)
« on: November 03, 2013, 05:56 PM »
Ranks and Boards:
     Ranks and boards are like the bread and butter of the sploder forums. Boards allow for members to converse with one-another, and ranks allow for members with similar interests or goals to better work together. Ranks also are an essential part of punishment on the forums.

Rank: These are a sort of tag attached to a user that adds or removes powers.
Boards: These are the places users talk to one-another. They are organized based on purpose.
Child Boards: These are boards put 'inside' of other boards.
Categories: These are places boards fall under for easier navigation and management.
Hidden Ranks: These are additional tags added to a user that aren't seen on their profile.
Demotion: This is lowering the rank of a user.
Promotion: This is increasing the rank of a user.


Moderation Ranks
These ranks include members that help moderate the forum and they have powers to let them do just that.

[Staff] Administrator:
The highest of all ranks. Only Geoff truly holds this position. Has powers to do nearly anything.

[Staff] General:
The highest rank that members can reach. It has powers such as modifying any information about users, changing the forum layout, and creating boards. Manages long term forum work and urgent moderation. They can view all boards on the forum.

[Staff] Lieutenant:
The standard moderator. These members can remove comments and threads, edit some information about users, accept or deny users, and more. They manage day to day moderation. They can view the LL, Bin, punishment boards, and a few more.

Standard Ranks
These ranks are where most people fall into. They don't have any big limitations or powers.

War Veteran:
Retired Moderators are placed in this rank. Users holding this rank can view any board on the forums that Lieutenants can, but they have very limited powers.

Members voted in by other soldiers go here. Has similar powers to members. Can use the Barracks and Bunker.

Most members have this rank and the rank itself is invisible. No powers or limitations. Has some say in moderation. The usual slang term for the rank is Private.

Punishment Ranks
These are the ranks you don't want. You get them by breaking the rules.

[Punishment] Grunt:
Similar to private. Has a number of limitations such as losing the ability to post threads. Used for repeat offenders that just got out of a greater punishment or for minor offenses to the rules.

[Punishment] Prisoner of War:
Normal punishment for members that break the rules. Is confined to PoW Camp. Can't post threads.

[Punishment] Giblet:
This member is unlikely to return to the forums. They can't do anything. Not all banned members have this as their primary membergroup.

[Punishment] Banned:
A member with this rank holds a ban that will expire. They can only view Appeals, a board they will only see when their ban has expired where they can appeal to be allowed back on the forums.

Post Based Ranks
As you post your post rank will increase. These ranks are mostly cosmetic. The number of stars displayed on a user's profile is typically determined by these. They are:
  - Magnet, which requires 0 posts
  - Repeller, which requires 50 posts
  - Turret, which requires 125 posts
  - Launcher, which requires 225 posts
  - Drone Turret, which requires 350 posts
  - Speeder, which requires 500 posts and gives you access to BBCode
  - Cruiser, which requires 800 posts
  - Reverser, which requires 1400 posts
  - Guard, which requires 2600 posts
  - Tank, which requires 5000 posts
  - Heavy Cruiser, which requires 10000 posts
  - Disruptor, which requires 15000 posts
  - Koptr, which requires 20000 posts
  - Centipede, which requires 25000 posts
  - Bugmeister, which requires 30000 posts
  - Electropede, which requires 35000 posts
  - Mogura, which requires 40000 posts
  - Spider, which requires 50000 posts

Other Ranks:
There are more ranks, most of them are temporary and are used for events, jokes, rewards, and so on. They change fairly often and are usually variations of previously mentioned ranks; therefore they will not be listed here.


Forum Moderation:
The place where staff members discuss important matters and where punishments take place.

Moderator Arena
Where Generals discuss very secret and important stuff on here such as how Superluigi's custom username is a pain to pm and/or major edits to the forum.

Lieutenant League
Where Lieutenants and above discuss things similar to what is discussed in the Moderator Arena. They also work on writing certain threads in here to later repost when ready.

POW Camp
A place where Prisoners of War/PoW are put. They are separated from the rest of sploder. Fun is not allowed. Each punished member gets a thread with information about them being in there.

A place for banned members to appeal for a return to the forums once their ban expires.

Where members of all ranks can discuss pretty much anything.

Featured Topics
Featured threads from general and staff announcements are placed here.

A child board of Featured Topics. You can learn about the history of the forums here.

The usual place of discussion for members of the forums. Anyone above the PoW rank can view this board. Anything is posted here that is outside the bounds of other categories and is within the normal rules of Sploder.

Basic Training
A child board of General. Basic training teaches users as much as possible about the forum. This thread you are reading is in Basic Training. Users under Lieutenant may not post threads here.

Moderation Requests
A child board of General. Members can request the staff to complete small actions here.

An alternative to General for the Soldiers. Has more lenient rules than the other boards.

The category where soldiers vote on new soldiers and complain to the mods about their rank not being "pure" enough.

Personal Exhibition
A place people can post anything they made that isn't a sploder game (such as websites, forums, videogames, ect).

Gamer's Plaza:
The place focused around making games on sploder.

Game Discussion
A child board of Sploder Games. Anything relating to the general discussion, critique, and tutorials of or regarding games goes here.

Sploder Play
You post finished sploder games here or games you wish to hype for the future. All posts here must follow the format of "[game name] - username".

More serious topics and debates are placed here.

Debate Tower
A child board of General. The place where users can hold serious debates about various things. The "best" debates are stickied by the board moderators. Beware, it's infested with trolls and misinformation.

Miscellaneous Boards:
Boards that don't fit the above or below categories are placed here.

Rpfg's, Groups, Forum Games, and Contests
Any game, shop, or group that is on the forums is to be posted here.

Forum Project Creation
Users post things like Unfinished RPFGs on here to work on. Only the user that post the thread can comment in that thread.

Sploder Mainsite:
Anything related to mainsite, such as recruitment and moderation, is found here.

MS Job Applications
Users interested in applying for a moderator/editor/reviewer job on the Mainsite should go here.

Mainsite Office
Members that discuss work on the mainsite are here.

This category is where various threads may be moved and kept as is.

Public Archives
This stores many child boards that were once active boards but no longer have relevance. Users can look back here for the past events.

The Bin
Nobody knows exactly what it contains, but legend has it that this is where Grant stores his favorite candy.
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