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heyo it's Tobyfreakingames again

Hello, haven't been here in a while. I'm the third account of Tobyfreakingames, because I forgot the password to TFG2. I've been on and off every couple of years here since 2014 back when I was a tiny boy and a lot bit dumb cringe. I was still obviously living in 2009 while the rest of the world was in the 2010s, but I was 8 so what can you say. Anyways, now I'm 15, going into Sophomore year of high school.

I came back because of the obvious, well-spoken fact that this is the last year Sploder (and most other Flash-dependant sites) will be active. All the games I made in the past will disappear, and I can't decide whether I want them to or not. Anyways, here's to our doom. Cheers! :D

Hello! Welcome to Sploder Forums! You will enjoy a lot here. Also join discord, ask staff member for pm. But also be here

Hello there tobyfreakingame3, and welcome to the Sploder Community Forums!

If you need any help, just ask here:,344079.0.html

You could also instead PM me, Bricc (;u=25118), or 7grant2 (who everyone calls "Grant";u=1060).


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