Author Topic: Ruffles Ham Flavor (Sabor a Jamon/Presunto): They forgot to make it wavy!  (Read 35 times)

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I am talking about the Ruffles' Ham Flavor, It was manufactured by Matutano (manufacturer of frito lay snacks in Spain/Portugal), it seemed to be the perfect combination, Ok, maybe not perfect, but I love Ruffles, Although they weren’t “bacon” flavored, these ham flavored chips would be close enough that I would finally find a chip that combined this delightful duo. And when you opened the bag they would have been smelled like ham, This flavor has no wavy texture on, Making it almost look like Lay's, The chips themselves were standard Ruffles, semi-thick and crunchy with the ridges the brand is known for. The chips themselves had no differentiation aside from the smell in fact, no overly red tones, just a standard looking Ruffle that smelled like it was handed over by someone behind a deli counter. Here is the bag:

With the first bite of Ruffles Sabor A Jamon you feel like you are somehow eating a potato chip with a slice of ham, but it is all crunch and no deli cut meat. At times the smell is almost pepperoni like but the flavor is definitely ham, in fact I can’t really think of any other way to describe them nor could any of the people I had try them. If you are feeling particularly unhealthy, you can just get a bag of these instead of having them with a sandwich because essentially it tastes the same. They are salty but you don’t actually feel the salt, but they are definitely greasy. Overall the entire sensation is just weird, and Ruffles Sabor a Jamon are the definition of a unique chip. They aren’t bad, aren’t particularly great, but deserve their own place on the shelf for those looking for something different. The chips themselves have lack of gluten "SIN GLUTEN", Old style bag from a unknown date (possibly 1990s or 2000s):

I will rate those snacks 5/10, Meaning they are unique.

This commentary includes text from Crunchiesblog, Credit to the crunchiesblog review for the text.