Author Topic: Cebolitos: Onion rings, Not quite an sequel to Baconzitos snacks/chips.  (Read 36 times)

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I am talking about Cebolitos! Those are onion flavored rings manufactured by Elma Chips, it may have made a connection to Baconzitos due to the back of the Baconzitos bag image in Crunchiesblog, Cebolitos' only flavor is onion due to the name. Baconzitos' only flavor is also bacon due to the name too. Here is the bag:

It was made out of corn and roasted "ASSADO FEITO DE MILHO".

Elma Chips said that they launched their popcorn with some flavors of their snacks they manufactured: "Cheetos, Torcida, Cebolitos, and Baconzitos".

Here is a photo of some oldest bags of snacks manufactured by Elma Chips (includes Cebolitos one, and the defunct one named "Zambinos"):

Here is what the cebolitos rings would look like:

I don't think much is told about those snacks.

I will rate those snacks 4/10, meaning their taste is not that pleasant.

Buy the snacks here: (Note that all text is in portuguese)