Author Topic: Sploder Forums no longer actively maintained - join the Discord Server  (Read 774 times)

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Yes absolutely yes I support this. Discord always

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After 200 bot applications, I’ve decided I’m not going to sift through applications anymore. It’s tedious, no real users are joining, and I don’t have the patience to do it. I cannot give the task to anyone else as it requires giving them complete admin access.

I’ll be blunt on this. No new users are joining Sploder, period. I’m not gate keeping the forum from becoming active again - it’s permanently inactive and won’t be active again. Everyone still here is free to ride into the sunset, but I don’t think there is much need for staff intervention at this time. I’ve been observing the forum activity for several weeks, and the only posts seem to be a couple of game threads, a few replies in the debate tower, and most of the activity talking in this thread or about Sploder. It’s an average of 2-4 posts a day, which is dreadfully slow.

Again, if you haven’t yet, join the Discord. Even if you won’t want to talk a lot, it’ll be the only chance of staying in contact with the community. This forum won’t last forever, and when it goes, there won’t be any way to reconnect with other members. So please, join the Discord, swap information for staying in contact (Steam, Facebook, Instagram, etc). And as always, be careful who you share your IRL profile with on the internet.

I’m locking this thread now. I don’t think there is much more to discuss at this time, and all questions should be resolved. It’s been a pleasure hanging with all of you for the last decade (literally lol). Pretty great memories here, but I’m gonna make my way to the Discord. I’d rather remember Sploder in its hay day rather than a stale forum.

Adios from an ‘ol moderator,
 ~ 7grant2