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I'm not really that new, but hello

Heya, I joined Sploder way back in 2012 and I loved it. I made loads of memories there but eventually, as I got older I sort of drifted out of it. But a few months back I managed to remember this account again and the nostalgia-trip I went on was insane. A lot's happened in my life both event-wise and personal-wise since I made games on here but I want to stay on here once again  ^-^

Welcome back.

Hello there! Welcome back Lastwho! I joined Sploder way back in 2008 (and the forums in 2011, but started using them in late 2014), and have seen this place grow and change a lot over the years.

You've missed a lot, but I'll catch you up to speed.

Some people got banned (you may or may have not known them; I don't remember all the names; just Cyclone43, Megarayquaza, and shadythecreator), and a lot of people joined and some left.

Recently, a MAJOR thing happened. Last August, liamnight, who was a General (he had been for a long time; well, off and on again (sometimes retired and sometimes not)) deleted ALL of the staff accounts (except Geoff because he's the Admin).

Well, Geoff thought the forums had been hacked, so, he deleted them. Soon afterwards, some people made a new forums, which only lasted for a little while. On that new forum, liamnight came and admitted that HE was behind the deletion of the staffs' accounts.

Now, why? Why would someone who had been a staff member for so many years do that? Simple. He believed the staff had failed in doing their jobs. So, instead of talking to them about it, he went and deleted the accounts.

Anyways, fast forward a bit, and the people who made that forum make a new one, which lasts much longer.

Fast forward to January of this year, and Geoff finds a backup of the forums he made...which, he made in 2013. It's the only one he has, but it's better than nothing.

So, YEARS and YEARS of things have been lost, but, on the bright side, some were saved, and the official forums was brought back.

Good going chap its me ur eleven year old companion who youve never met in your entire life


--- Quote from: marcvider on July 30, 2019, 11:04 am ---Welcome back.

--- End quote ---

Thanks, good to be back


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