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Political Debates on Sploder

Let me just say that there's a reason why I don't like to talk on the Debate Tower much anymore about topics
I feel like a good amount of people on Sploder take political topics so seriously to the point that friendships and perceptions of users are entirely changed JUST BECAUSE somebody disagrees with their political leanings.
As soon as someone disagrees with someone else on a political topic, they get annoyed, they start making assumptions about the rest of their political leanings and what they believe, and they get absolutely toxic and start insulting the other person even outside of the political area. I feel as though the reason why the tower has also become an echo chamber of sorts is because people get scared to express their ideas because any time a dissenting opinion is brought up people decide to swarm them and start absolutely tearing them apart with self-righteous behavior, which is really splodeing annoying.
TL;DR I absolutely hate the debate tower on sploder right now because it's a trap for people to become disliked and constantly harassed just because of their political leaning instead of a place where people discuss something civilly and with respect for the other side.

Well, I've clearly missed out on a lot because I don't remember any of this happening since I came back.

I hate specific sides of politics and discussions about it. I don't think that younglings like us should be focusing on splode like that at all, I mean, learning a bit of everything is useful to make sure what you would expect from the government to do to your life. But people need to have their own stance and understanding, without taking everything for granted.

Most of the people on Sploder, are one of the biggest ignorants I've seen on the internet, do not have their own attitude towards anything, only how politics has carved into them. Everybody gangsta until they show their weakness and lack of knowledge about what they're contributing to unconsciously.

I really hate how an innocent children's topic has to have unnecessary bullsplode like politics in it. Sure, exchange your knowledge about your history a bit, introduce your culture and whatnot, but a game making site or a game about placing and breaking cubes with politics in it defies the meaning behind the actual topic, intoxicates and manipulates children in it, let alone childish and ignorant grown-ups.

Personally, I'd nuke the Debate Tower and add a strict constraint to political topics on this site. Children shouldn't be having serious debates about things they're not certain about yet and should be focusing on their education, mainly. It corrupts them, kills their brain cells and makes them grow up into brain-dead adults. Simply splode off with politics.

Yeah I'm going to agree with this. Debate Tower is basically known by all as a place that turns anyone into assholes but I don't think it should be that way. Personally i try to stay away from politics based on not understanding it and not wanting to touch subjects that seem to turn people so condescending and rude at times.

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