Author Topic: Swing Dancing - my ongoing manga (chapter 1 coming soon)  (Read 626 times)

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ive been working on this project a ton since i started. The plan is have 5 volumes adding up to around 550 pages for one big overarching story. Ill update the list in chapters. There are 3 chapters per volume.

Swing Dancing

Master Ojimaru has 6 students under his wing. He relentlessly teaches them the art of fighting every day. One of his students, Hane Iko, has grown a large bond with his teacher, as he was brought in to his home when he had no other place to stay.

One day, Zeph (another student) kills Ojimaru for unknown reasoning. Hane is put in great despair when he hears the news.

7 years later, all 6 students have become deadly bounty hunters, and zeph leads a crew of the most dangerous bounty hunters in the world

Zeph: Toughest, smartest fighter
Zedane: Best hand to hand fighter
Sticki: Gunman, taekwondo expert
Unovi: Knife specialist
Needles: Best swordsman

All Hane (Oculus) has on his mind is finding zeph. But first he’ll have to go through all 4 other bounty hunters first
This is indeed a revenge story.



chapter 1 will be posted asap

i just killed a man

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Re: Swing Dancing - my ongoing manga (chapter 1 coming soon)
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Hyped br0 8) Kant wait 2 see it


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Re: Swing Dancing - my ongoing manga (chapter 1 coming soon)
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Cool work  8)

Hit straight at the "___"