Author Topic: My Roblox Account (HELP it reach 20,000 views!!)  (Read 659 times)

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My Roblox Account (HELP it reach 20,000 views!!)
« on: June 22, 2019, 10:37 am »

Hello i made a roblox account 2 years back its my fifth account its very successful (most successful compared to my other accounts, ha). I made ben 10 game it got 19,000 plays. Help me reach 20,000, fellas!

Other than that, when it comes to gaming, I'm pretty much intermediate to extreme. My fav game is natural disater survival, where i have 370+ survivals. I have tactics to survive that game so im pretty professional in that game. I also love this game called speed race (not mistaken for speed run 4) which is where u compete with other players to race thru different maps. I just started playing and I already love it. I also like many obbies, work at pizza place and even survive the disasters 2.

I have bought robux twice. I have bought many items like shaggy swordpack and hoodie and also many hats. my avatar changes very frequently, mostly on hairs (i change between charmer hair and beautiful hair for beautiful people)

anyway, i would have explained it too detailed, but its ok. check me out and follow me/request me if u have account. i have max limit but i will still try to friend you!

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