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Lordeldar's All New Moderator Recruitment! [APPLY HERE]

So, you want to be a mainsite moderator? Well, look no further!

If you're interested in becoming a moderator, all you need to do is post here. I will send you a test containing a series of questions which you will have to answer (Note that some of these questions will be personal to your test). Your answers will then be assessed and voted on by our team of recruiters. In order to pass, you will need 75% (This number could change as the number of recruiters increases) yes votes. Voting ends either after a week or once every recruiter has voted. If you do fail, you will be allowed to reapply 2 weeks after the date your voting ends.

Current Recruiters:
Lordeldar (HEAD)
Meta KnighT

If you are interested in applying for recruiter, you can do so here. Good luck to everyone

Current Applications:
Rockyroad797 - Failed - May reapply June 30th
Canyoumakeit13 - Failed - May reapply July 2nd
Sparrowblue - In progress
Martin - Passed
Theloaf56 - Failed - May reapply June 30th
Marcvider - Failed - May reapply July 12th
Eldarado - In progress
Sigilmineral - In progress
Marcvider - Failed - May reapply September 14th

Yes, I will be interested to become the inaugural applicant of this new recruitment. Send me the question application, mate.

right here

I would be very interested in taking up the moderator role so please can I do the test for it.

Certainly interested 👍


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