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Republican or Democrat

I used to have Republican views but after a while I decided that the president is not my president if you know what I mean.

independent, rather liberal but dislike the DNC


--- Quote from: william2001 on June 01, 2019, 01:20 am ---I feel like my political leanings align more towards Republican, although I feel as though both parties are too broad and too "cookie-cutter" in terms of political alignments in order to be really consistent. It's a shame that parties like the Libertarian party aren't breaking the two-party system, at least not yet. Although even that party my political leanings don't align quite well up with that either.

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My views are pretty libertarianish and I would say the two party system does have a stranglehold on the country. Personally I think the Libertarian party is full of potheads and libertarians in name only (Gary is a Republican dummy who doesn’t like to admit it) and will be tainted as soon as it enters the mainstream if it ever does, but in a way it already kind of is.

I'm 60% Republican and 40% Democrat.


--- Quote from: Bolsillos on June 18, 2019, 01:21 am ---I'm 60% Republican and 40% Democrat.

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You’re a republican.


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