Author Topic: [Released]-Seperated A WW2 Based Game  (Read 568 times)

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[Released]-Seperated A WW2 Based Game
« on: May 30, 2019, 08:49 am »
I've finally finished it.It's not feature worthy and it's not the most perfect project but it is quite enjoyable.I might do a playthrough of it on youtube if you want me to.

Link to the game on the main site:

Play the game now on the forums:<a href=";cs=1" target="_blank" class="new_win">;cs=1</a>

Youtube Playthrough:Your decision if you want me to do one.

Level 1-Training Session-This level has obstacles that are not hard but not easy either.You can get used to the gameplay in this level as well.Not the most beautiful level though.
Level 2-Training Session 2-Same as Level 1 but different obstacles.You can get used to combat in this level.
Level 3-In The Trenches-This level has a different style to it as everything is a silhouette(dark and black).You can get used to getting keys and solving puzzles in this level.
Level 4-Fighting The War-You have to fight a lot of enemies in this level and get past obstacles.
Level 5- The Highway-This level has puzzles and waits along the way.A lot of slippery surfaces as well.
Level 6-Concentration Camp-Probably one of the most decorated levels.No puzzles involved really.Just a lot of obstacles.
Level 7-Escaping The Temple-This level has a lot of choice to it and routes to go on.It's probably one of the most hardest and includes a boss fight.It has a lot of decoration to it as well.
Level 8-Happy Ending-This is the outro level and has a lot to do about the story.
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Re: [Released]-Seperated A WW2 Based Game
« Reply #1 on: May 30, 2019, 09:29 am »
Don't speak too soon ! Only an Editor can decide if your game is feature worthy or not.