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Apply Here to Become A Mod or Reviewer Recruiter

Want to become a recruiter for the moderator or reviewer recruitment? Well, you've come to the right place. The recruitments are not up yet, however we are still currently looking for recruiters for once it does come up. Here's what you need to do if you are interested.

For MSM (MainSite Moderator) Recruiter:
First of all, you need to already be a mainsite moderator. If you are not, you may apply once the recruitment is up. If you are a mainsite moderator, make a post in this thread telling me what you think makes you qualified to be a recruiter and why I should choose you. You should talk about experiences you have, whether they are related to Sploder or outside of Sploder (As long as it's somewhat relevant and will help your case)

For Reviewer Recruiter:
Once again, you need to already be a reviewer. If you are a reviewer and interested, post in this thread. You should include the following:

* A link to a review of your own
* A link to another Sploder review NOT by yourself (Can be on the mainsite or in the reviewer lane), with your own feedback on the review. Talk about what was good about the review and what wasn't, as well as if you would accept or deny the review. Your post doesn't have to be overly detailed, but should communicate your points clearly.

Current MSM recruiters:
Lordeldar (HEAD)
Meta KnighT

Current Reviewer recruiters:
Lordeldar (HEAD)

MSM? Is that mainsite moderator


--- Quote from: laughingcowking1 on May 26, 2019, 03:58 pm ---MSM? Is that mainsite moderator

--- End quote ---



--- Quote from: laughingcowking1 on May 26, 2019, 03:58 pm ---MSM? Is that mainsite moderator

--- End quote ---
Yes, it's often abbreviated to MSM because it's quicker and to show it's for the mainsite and not the forums

Meta KnighT:
MSM Recruiter Application - Experiences that make me qualified:
- Moderator on here since 2014, previously ran some recruitment centers on here, have had multiples moderator positions on forums as well for Debate Tower, various game discussions, game shows, etc.
- Not really sure what would constitute ‘helpful outside experiences,’ besides being a moderator of another platform (which I admittedly am not)  but I can also take about some club and other leadership positions and stuff in more detail if that would help paint a better picture as well


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