Author Topic: "End Of My Rage Limits" A review of Enter The End by lavalinn  (Read 666 times)

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This is my fifth attempt to become a reviewer and I’ll try to make it not superficial this time.

I was looking through lavalinn’s profile and I came across an arcade game. I was tempted to play it because of the scenery and the title. What is the end and why am I entering it? It leaves you puzzled so you want to answer your questions by playing it yourself! Lavalinn has had four featured games so I had high expectations for this game!


Firstly, I will go over the gameplay. The gameplay was fun because you always have something in your path. An example of this is where you must jump from different logs while avoiding enemies all the time. This keeps you busy. You never stop moving and dodging. So, it’s got more action which keeps you entertained more. The game has many different paths. An example of this is where you can cross a bridge over an acid lake or go on top of the hills. This makes you have more choice, so it keeps you confident. You will notice while playing that there is a lot of spamming going on. This means that lavalinn might be putting little effort into this game. An example of this is at the factory. You have lots of lasers and enemies to avoid. When you get to the end you have a random switch that opens the barrier. Why? It’s not even hidden or hard to get. It just leaves you confused. The switch is not needed in the level so there should be no reason why it’s there!  The game rewards you when you kill random enemies. You might kill a lizard that doesn’t open a barrier but gives you a magic bullet. This makes you want to discover more as it makes some parts easier. When you are fighting enemies, there is no barrier at the end which is bad because you can just move back and avoid the enemy's attacks too easily. There is not much creativity as there are just obstacles used in a basic manner. There is a lot of mixing and matching. An example of this is where there are infinite hoppers and lava put in different ways. There are some creative ideas though. On one occasion, you must bounce on Helmut heads and wait until the platform space is clear. This is very creative. The final arena is fun to play as there are a variety of enemies to fight. The link logic was very good at times because there were lots of it. In an arena there would be three enemies. When you kill one, another one appears, but you must cope with three enemies while doing this.


Secondly, I will go over the story. The story is this. You are far from home and you need to get back to your home. There are many different lands though. One of these is the end. This explains the name of the game. So, this makes you understand as lavalinn answers your questions. I don’t know the rest of the story because I couldn’t finish the game. There is a lot of tension in this story. An example of this is where you travel through the woods, but everybody is telling you to turn back because there is something worse ahead. This is a cliffhanger and makes the player more confident. When you do get confident, it makes you find out what you wanted to know. The obstacles had something to do with the story. There were different scrolls that tells you things about the enemies. This gives you clues on what happens in the rest of the game. This is good because it makes the player think more again. The story doesn’t feel like maximum effort has been put in. This is because there wasn’t a reason behind everything and that just leaves people confused. There are no reasons that explain why you end up in the woods. There might have been later in the game. The reasons can be explained earlier though.


Thirdly, I will go over the scenery. The scenery didn’t seem like much effort had been put in. This is because the scenery was spammed a lot. There was too much of a variety in textures. This is good but some textures don’t fit in. There are lots of light and dark textures in the same areas which is not nice to look at. In the woods, there are not many creative ideas for scenery. Lavalinn can put platforms at the top of trees to make them look more prettier and like trees. He spammed too many torches in areas to cover up the spammed level design. The same scenery is repeated in the second world. The scenery was not made as obstacles. The only time the scenery is an obstacle is when there are logs to cross. This is very easy to think of and very effortless. It didn’t feel that realistic, but the scenery is not that bad. Some of the platforms do fit in with the scenery. An example of this is where there are autumn hills and nice colors in the background to blend in with it.


Finally, I will go over the balanced difficulty. The difficulty is very high in this game. It starts off easy, but it gradually becomes more difficult. The woods were quite easy levels and got you used to the difficulty. This is good because it makes you ready and confident for the rest of the game. The second world is called the end. It is a very challenging world. I think this comes too soon. I'm struggling to think on if world three and two should be swapped. This is because world two is more difficult than world three.If they are swapped, it will balance the difficulty in some ways. The things that are in world two do carry on in world three, so it gets you ready more. An example of this is the number of enemies put in the arena.An obstacle in world two is too difficult. This is bad because you’re only halfway through the game. You must do a long jump while avoiding, lava, spikes at the top and a pig that moves quickly on a platform. The immense number of enemies in the arenas is too much in world two. I got confused on world three when I had to fight the boss.  There were no bullets given to me to kill the boss. If there were bullets, they were too hard to find. This game is meant to be a challenge, but it can be balanced more.




Gameplay- 4 stars ★★★★ It had its ups and downs


 Imagination- 3 stars ★★★ It had its ups and downs like the gameplay


Story- ★★★★ 4 stars It needs more explanations


Scenery- ★★★ 3 stars It wasn’t the best it could’ve been


Balanced Difficulty 4 stars ★★★★ It was meant to be a challenge, but it could have been more balanced


Overall, this game is great. I would feature this if I’m an editor. Try to improve for next time though. Good job at making me go to the end of my rage limits.






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Re: "End Of My Rage Limits" A review of Enter The End by lavalinn
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You are getting way, way, way better at reviewing each time, showing that you are putting in effort, and that's great. However, this review was very choppy, each sentence was like 3 or 4 words, and you didn't explain why you felt something was good or bad, or what could be done to fix it. All you said is that it was spammy, which could mean overdecorated, too many enemies, bad placement, and wasn't clear which one you meant. Denied, but not a bad review.

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Re: "End Of My Rage Limits" A review of Enter The End by lavalinn
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You are improving indeed, but I would like to point out something. Don't keep saying Firstly, I will go over _____, Secondly, I will go over _________, it seems very repetitive. Try saying it like this

Firstly, I will go over the gameplay

Now shall we come to the storyline? We Shall!

Let's talk about the Scenery now.

So start all paragraphs on different notes and don't keep it repetitive, I've seen this mistake in all of your reviews.

Hit straight at the "___"