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A really splodety story I wrote for class
« on: May 05, 2019, 10:16 pm »
I think some people were aware of what I did, but I wasn’t gonna trip on it. I was the one who shot XXXTentacion, but I still have yet to be arrested and I’m not even a suspect. None of my biggest enemies, the Keebler Elves, were aware and I made sure of that. Such a high profile case would get me killed on sight. I was good.
   I’m in charge of a couple operations within our set. Despite being the youngest, I’m the most sensible by far. Obviously, since I have a few potential murder charges under my belt, I always take charge of murders. Some would call me a hitman, but I don’t do this for anybody. Anyone could be a cop in disguise and I don’t need my criminal past to be caught by some narc. I’ll only do the deed for someone I can trust. Back in the 90s, my friend Courtney Love wanted me to kill her husband, Kurt, and make it look like a suicide. Just recently, I helped assassinate Geoffrey the Giraffe because of his financial crimes. My best friend outside the Rice Krispie boys, Tony the Tiger, helped me orcastrate the hit. It wasn’t anything I was too worried about. He had powerful friends and bodyguards but our plan was foolproof. I shouldn’t go into too much more detail on how I did it. Thankfully I don’t have to, I got a call about a hit that I can’t resist.
The window was open and the smoke was coming out, I could tell exactly what they were doing. Those damn Keebler elves were cooking meth in their little “kitchen.” They called it the Hollow Tree, and paid off cops to leave them alone. Their drugs are never the same quality as others, but they’re all snitches, so they can get away with almost anything. One of the Keebler elves, Zoot, has had his due. He scammed my boy for 10 stacks by selling fake narcotics to him. This can only end one way.

   With the window open wide enough for me to get a good shot, I snuck by and looked for Zoot. He was sitting on a couch, preparing a line of coke. He had a cup of purple drank on the coffee table, and a bag of white pills on his lap. Zoot was in fact, zooted out of his mind. It’s a good thing I have good aim because he’s pretty far from me. I lined up the shot perfectly, and pulled the trigger three times. Zoot was gone instantly. I shot him twice in the neck and once in the head. Blood began pouring from his nose and head, and he slumped over on the couch. I ran off immediately, and never looked back.

   The next day, the news of Zoot’s murder was all over. My boys for life, Crackle and Pop, had the news on while they were counting their cash. While I was getting Zoot for his crimes, Crackle and Pop had to go beat up a lawyer for not paying a large debt. Pop was in charge of all our gambling and doesn’t like having people in his debt. He’d rather have their money or take their life, no excuses. Crackle used to be our main man when it came to smuggling anything illegal, whether it be guns or drugs. However, he became addicted to crack and was never the same. He was still Crackle, but we were all watching him slowly decay.
   I turned off the TV and went into the lab to cut the cocaine. I had 25k worth of coke to get out onto the streets, but Pop was busy and Crackle was too drugged out of his mind to do anything. As I was working on preparing the drugs, I got a call from an unknown number, probably someone needing something. I picked it up, and it was Crackle. He was panting really hard and didn’t seem alright.

“Snap, bro, you uh, gotta get me out of here. Pop is evil, bro. I thought we were gonna play poker bro, instead he took me to the Hollow Tree and uh, locked me in the basement. Get over here quick, and uh, bring the pipe please bro.”

The phone hung up.

Pop working with the Keebler elves? After all he’s done for the Rice Krispies? I should've never trusted him. To think that he was a brother.

   I grabbed my keys, the gat, and a crowbar. I drove as fast as I could down there. There were a lot of red lights as I was trying to get there, I think the Keeblers were doing that on purpose. Once I got there, the place was filled. Cars were up and down the street and music was blasting from the house. They were hardcore trapping. I put my red bandana over my face and quietly entered through the side door. The place was crowded. Elves stoned out of their mind flooded all the rooms. I have to find the basement, I think that’s where Crackle is. With all these crackheads running around and most of the lights off, I don’t know if I’ll be able to find anything.
   Music blasting, drugs being taken, and flashing lights surrounded me as I tried to find their lab. I remembered the window. I wonder if the bullet marks are still there. After ten minutes of trying to find the exit, I sneaked away to the back window. It was taped off and a green flower was placed on the ground next to it. As if anyone really cared about Zoot besides his brother, J.J.? They both did nothing for anyone but themselves. I slowly ripped the tape off and what I saw made me cringe. Pop discussing things with one of the top Keebler elves, Elwood. Elwood was wearing a green tank top and baggy jeans. There wasn’t anyway I was gonna let this slide. I ripped the tape open and jumped inside, and pointed my gun at Pop. “Don’t shoot, what are you doing!?” Pop screamed as he put his hands up. I kicked Elwood down on the ground and screamed at him, “Don’t move.” I could see the fear in Elwood’s eyes, he wasn’t a real gangster. He wasn’t about that life, he just wanted the money and his meth.

   I whacked Pop in the face with my pistol. And then did it again. And again. And again. Pop starting screaming in pain. I grabbed him by the neck and gave him a very disappointed look. “Where is Crackle, and why are you here,” I asked him. Pop started to breathe heavier and sweat began dripping from his face. “Don’t lie to me, just say it. I already know whats going on. You’re an idiot, Crackle still has his phone.” The minute I said that, Pop strangely looked relieved. His breathing quieted down and he pointed at a brown door. I opened the door slowly. “Crackle..?”

   Crackle was sitting down with his legs spread out and slumped over with a needle in his arm. My face went completely white and I was frozen in time. I ran over to his lifeless body and checked his pulse. Nothing. His body was cold to the touch and he was already turning purple. Crackle’s eyes were still open and his mouth was wide open. I knew he was about that rock, but I had no idea he was a heroin addict. I couldn’t believe it. I thought to myself, it should’ve been Pop.”

   My judgement for everything just disappeared. I turned my pistol to Pop and he put his hands up again. I saw that he didn’t have his gun on him. He started screaming, “I didn’t do it!” I didn’t believe him. I had killed people before, but only people who had wronged me and that I didn’t care about. Pop had been my best friend since forever. He was there for me when my mother died. He was my boy from day one. He killed our friend. He killed Crackle. With one shot to the chest, Pop leaned against the wall in shock. I gave him a look of grief and betrayal.

“ don’t..don’t under...understand...I…”

As he said his final words, his body began to slide down the wall. As soon as he was sitting down on the floor, he was gone for good. Here I was, my two best friends dead right in front of me. I stood in silence for a good three minutes.

   As I was allowing myself to get back with reality, Elwood jumped back up and took a swing at me. I smacked him with the pistol and shot at his feet, but missed. “Calm down, you got it all wrong,” Elwood said. “We had no intention of putting a hit on Crackle. He did that on his own. The plan was to kill you.” I was shook. “What is the point of killing me?” I said, with my hand firmly on the trigger for when Elwood wanted to be funny. I knew this guy well enough, he could go complete psychotic at any moment and I wasn’t gonna have any of it.

“Well, Pop has a kid. He knocked up our accountant, Flo. It was by complete accident and he didn’t even know she was a Keebler elf. He didn’t want his kid to be like you guys, so the plan was to kill you, end the Rice Krispie gang become a Keebler elf. We know what you did anyway, Snap.”

And as he said that, J.J. himself walked in. I was done for, I knew it. They were getting me for the death of Zoot. This was all planned, wasn’t it?

“This one is for Zoot.” said J.J. as he shot me once. The bullet hit my left shoulder and immediately began spilling blood. I could feel everything rush to that area. “And this one is for XXXTentacion.” I was shot twice in the face, right under my left eye. My vision became blurry and I began to fall out of consciousness. I felt myself falling onto the floor.