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Sacred Sigil Stone Society (SSSS)

Welcome to the SSSS. Join the most powerful Society in Laniakea as anything you've ever wished to be, that's right. Life may not let you choose your own face, but in SSSS, you can.

Transcendent (#1) (I only hold this rank)
Ascendent (#2)
Descendent (#3)
Macroscendent (#4)
Freshscendent (#5) (Newcomers)

Punishment Ranks:
Noncescended (Mild punishment-Forgivable)
Super Duper Premium Extrasensory Displacement Of One's Being In Sacred Sigil Stone Society Deluxe King (S.D.P.E.D.O.O.B.I.S.S.S.S.D.K) (Banned from the society)

Join now!

Application form:
* Name:
* Age:
* Element: <B, F#, E or C>
Why you wanna join:

more to be added and stuff.


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