Author Topic: Classic Sonic Blast Was A Failure  (Read 294 times)

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Classic Sonic Blast Was A Failure
« on: April 13, 2019, 04:35 pm »
My last sploder plat I published so-called "Classic Sonic Blast" was a massive failure in my eyes. And here's why;

1) It was rushed
2) The levels were too short (if I added at least 5 extra levels, it would've gone a long way)
3) There was little input from the player; it was way too focused on spectacle and had the player just ride along through the rollercoasters.
4) The story was confusing (even if I didn't intend on making a proper one, to begin with).
5) I'm not happy with its scenery and graphics, as I know I could've done it way better.

Etc. etc.

So yeah, the game is a big mess and is an insult to how MUCH I've actually improved as a game maker. I think Sonic Boom Rise Of Lyric to Space Warrior 2; best describe my current state. So that's why I'll definitely private the game.

If you wanna play the game for whatever reason (or have access to it), then let me know. As then I'll send you a private link of it. Anyways, that was all... Hopefully, my next Sonic plat will blow this one out of the water (which I think it is already doing).

Anyways, Toodles!

PS: here is a review someone made of the game:,
(assuming you wanna read more about the games' heavy flaws).