Author Topic: Collection of Poems/Short stories I've written  (Read 85 times)

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Collection of Poems/Short stories I've written
« on: February 20, 2019, 09:24 pm »
The Almighty Gift 11.5.18
The gift of worlds was given to all mankind
for it was the gift that would proceed to build society.
Where all passions were born,
All seeds would grow.
The almighty gift allowed us a chance to breathe,
to build what would become the outer realm.
For the gift was the blueprint,
and the outer world the construction area
with society the construction workers.

Alas, the almighty gift would soon be forgotten,
with society becoming self-destructive,
focused on the building of buildings
and not the spirit of the artisan.
All hopes forgotten, all dreams crushed.
Civilization turned bitter and cold,
no art to behold, only steel.
All buildings replaced by strong, yet weak structures,
ugly ones that tower and dominate above all others.
And those artisans of hope replaced by empty shells,
of people who view the programs
and guzzle down the liquid of despair each morning.

Put away the programming,
and practice creativity,
for the gift of mankind is our birthright,
never to be forgotten.


Remembering a Friend 11.9.18
O, fellow mentor of mine,
your words are well sought and
remembered throughout all of time.

For your works keep you alive,
and your spirits strong, as your
fellow followers hold you in their hearts.

You had taught us many a subject,
Oneirosophy and the likes fill the mind
with longful memories of your discussions.

Alas, you had decided that your work is
done, and another realm needed you the

You had taken the mighty portal,
one made from dastardly rope and
unfulfilled dreams.

Wherever you are, whatever you do,
know that this realm still admires you,
for all the gifts you had given us.


Rainbow Romance 1.21.19
I reflect upon seeing her the first time.

Losing myself in those magenta eyes and blue coat.
Obsessions I obtained over her quickly doubled,
Varying in intensity as the years trekked onwards.
Even though she wasn't one of us, I still love her so.

Rainbow mane, that mane I could lose myself for days in,
And that sweet voice, whose laughter makes me smile,
Instant joy each and every time I both saw and heard her,
Not worrying about anything else while in her company,
But her next, carefully chosen words and expressed emotions,
On top of her amazing physicality, unmatched in both worlds,
Waiting for the time when she can start flying again.

Daring to push her limits with each workout she does,
Amazing stunts performed by nearly no one ever witnessed.
Seemingly sensual yet athletic and independent.
Heaven, as I know it, has come to me with this bittersweet romance.


Night 1.30.19
I look up at the wonderful heavens above
who fill me with such delight, their creator
ever so kind and delicate with each dot in
the calming darkness of the sky.

Oh Luna, I care not if your chilling winter
night makes me join amongst the stars, for
although it freezes my flesh, it thaws my

Every person turns you a blind eye, wraps
themselves in the searing influence of warmth,
while they lay flat, unacknowledging your
precious stars.

Your misleading nature chills people to sleep,
yet not take advantage of chances for renewal
and prayer.

Folks who only take one type of mental herb
each and every night, out of thousands

Their spiritual potential only a starved
seed, taught to never grow under the
night's harsh, cold, yet calming and
tranquil air.

Luna, I thank your stars, your influence,
your mystique. The air around us grows
warm as we grow still, our souls expand
while our bodies contract If only I knew
how high I could reach,
to touch the stars.