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Board Purpose & Thread Formatting

Board Purpose

The Sploder Games board is a board dedicated to sharing your Sploder games and getting them out there! Feel free to talk about games, discuss games, and hype up games here!

Thread Formatting

In order to keep this board neat and tidy, all I ask is that you format your thread titles correctly. Your thread body can contain whatever you like, though I will put some recommendations below.

If your thread is a hype thread, please put [HYPE] at the beginning of your thread title. This way, it's nice and easy for people to know whether the game is actually released yet or not.

However, if your thread is a released game thread, please put [RELEASED] at the beginning of your title rather than [HYPE].

After putting your prefix, put your game's name and your username in the format "game name - username". Make sure "username" is your main site username.

Finally, specify which creator the project uses. Just put this in brackets at the end.


Here's an example game title using my format: [HYPE] Raft Expansion - Bricc (PPG). It's a simple and clean format that I hope you'll all find easy to follow.

Thread Body Recommendations

You can have your thread body however you want, but if you don't have any ideas, here are some things you might wish to include.

* Storyline (if applicable).
* What you do in the game.
* Screenshots.
* Planned features/levels.
* Potential release date.
* Controls.
If you aren't going to include any information about your game, don't bother making a hype thread.

If you are making a discussion, feel free to do so however you like.

Thanks! :D



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