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Welcome to the Sploder Games Shop, where you can earn points in various ways in order to spend them on some great rewards! This shop will replace the inactive Sploderheads Showdown, though you can still earn points here by winning in Sploderheads. The currency here is SG and you can find out how to earn points below.

Earning Points: Sploderheads

Sploderheads is a great way to earn SG as you don't have to wait on me to verify your win. All you need to do is post a screenshot below of your Sploderheads match each time you win. For each round you win, you'll earn 5 SG. Below are some rules for earning points via this method:

* You must be on the win screen in the screenshot.
* You must have the "players" tab open in the screenshot so I can see who was in your game.
* You can only have a maximum of one bot in the match; there must be 3 regular players (including yourself).
Once you've done this and I see it, the appropriate amount of SG will be added to your balance.

Earning Points: Features

I'm doing my best to promote main site activity, and while I cannot award SG for releasing games (because they might just be bad, spam games), I'll be rewarding you for making a game and having it get featured. Any games created before the opening of the Sploder Games Shop are not eligible.

Every time your main site game gets featured, post below and let me know and you'll earn 20 SG!

Earning Points: Advice

I will also award people SG for being helpful/providing a solution to someone's problem in Game Discussion. If you ever see someone who needs help with something and you know how to help, do so and you'll earn some SG. I will be on the lookout for people who help others out around here and they will be rewarded.

Earning Points: Daily Goals

Each day, there will be 3 daily goals set here that you can complete in order to earn yourself some SG. When you've completed one (or all) of the goals, post below with the adequate proof (such as a screenshot) of completion and you'll have the SG added to your balance.


* [EASY] Win a Sploderheads multiplayer match. 5 SG
* [INTERMEDIATE] Earn a total of 20 SG today. 10 SG
* [HARD] Complete The Super Cliche Adventure! by vlhobbs. 20 SG
Members' Balances

You don't need to "sign-up" here - once you start earning SG you'll be added here automatically.

STAR34 - 103 SG
MAT7772 - 25 SG
ETHAN2009 - 10 SG
DUCK5557474 - 5 SG

The Part Where You Buy Stuff

This is where you can buy stuff! Everything you can purchase here is related to the main site and helps to promote activity towards it.

* Tribute - 15 SG - Get a game tribute towards you on the main site.
* Award (silver) - 30 SG - Get yourself a silver main site award.
* Award (gold) - 50 SG - Get yourself a gold main site award.
* Review check - 85 SG - Have a reviewer check a game of your choice and review it if they find it worthy.
* Award (platinum) - 100 SG - Get yourself a shiny platinum main site award.
* Sticky thread - 120 SG - Have your game hype/release thread stickied for 3 days in this board.

Partnerships & Events

Here are some events we are partnered with. These are events that aren't run by SG Shop staff but have agreed to work with us and you'll receive SG for participating (depending on where you place in the event). You can find more information about the SG Shop prizes you'll win by checking out the partners.

Sploder Dash Grand Prix 3 [NEW]
Seanthechinaman's Weekly Challenge [NEW]


Complete games and earn points... it's as simple as that! Just send a screenshot as proof of you completing the game and you'll be rewarded the SG for it.

Raft by bricc [5 SG]

Aqua by ethan2009 [7 SG]

Batman by rooney10 [8 SG]

Drain the Swamp by futuremillionare [9 SG]

A Dying Wish by lordeldar [10 SG]

Reserved for later use (just in case I need it).

You should sponsor active tournaments like the Sploder Dash Grand Prix as a means to earn SG. I'd also like to see more solid numbers on the amount of SG each method will earn you.

Would you like me to provide Platinum Awards as a higher tier reward as well?


--- Quote from: seanthechinaman on February 03, 2019, 04:21 pm ---You should sponsor active tournaments like the Sploder Dash Grand Prix as a means to earn SG. I'd also like to see more solid numbers on the amount of SG each method will earn you.

Aside from these complaints, would you like me to provide Platinum Awards as a higher tier reward?

--- End quote ---

I totally agree! I'll have something added for that soon. As for the SG numbers, I mistakenly forgot to add them in some places, so I will fix that now. :)

It would be great if you'd provide those so yes - thank you! I will add them to the shop. :D


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