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Welcome to the Review & Feature Center

I really want to keep this board as organised as possible, and one way I want to do that is by creating a place for you to ask reviewers and editors to check out your game - all in one place. This is currently an experimental system to see if this will work with a review and featuring station mixed into one and is subject to be changed. Also keep in mind that this is not an official system. Reviewers and editors, you are free to start up your own, however you are also free to help out here.

How to request your game

We came to a conclusion that you may only be looking for a feature check or a review scan rather than both. To satisfy this, you must fill in the very small form below and post it in this thread. You can also request both. Only request your own games and one game at a time.

Link to your game:
Review scan, feature check, or both?:
Video/walkthrough (if applicable):

Note that by requesting a game here, you are not guaranteed a review nor are you guaranteed a feature. This just allows reviewers/editors to receive requests to check for these things.

Reviewers & editors

There are no "staff" for this center; if you have one of the badges and you see someone requesting a review/feature, you can check out the game. Let the user know what you will be doing with their game (eg. feature, review, both or neither). You will then be added to the log in the post below.


If you do not follow these rules, you will be disallowed from using this center for a period of time. Once banned, reviewers and editors will no longer view any games you've requested via this thread.

1) Don't pretend to be a reviewer or editor and mislead someone in this thread.
2) If you don't get that review or feature you wanted, don't complain or start drama.
3) Only post responses to the form in this thread. Reviewers and editors are the only exception, where they may respond to requests.
4) As stated previously, only request your own games!
5) You may only request one game at a time. Once your request has been seen to, you can fill in the form again with a new request.

Unchecked requests

These requests have been seen by me but haven't been dealt with by the appropriate badge holder (eg. an editor for someone who requested a feature).

A Dying Wish by lordeldar - (click to view request)

Review list

Currently, EGD games from last year are priority and are listed here. If a reviewer would like to claim one of the "(not taken)" games to review, just say so below.

1. Half-Life (not taken)
2. Ryspo (reviewed by lordeldar)
3. Dream (taken by ethan2009)
4. Perplexity 3 (reviewed by sivershadows)
5. Finale (not taken)
6. Shifting Boxes (reviewed by bricc)
7. Float (not taken)
8. Shipman (not taken)
9. Pink 2 (not taken)
10. Fallen Kingdom (reviewed by seanthechinaman)
11. Hawaii (not taken)
12. Glory (reviewed by lordeldar)
13. Shark Tank (not taken)
14. Horror in the Hospice (not taken)
15. Frost World (not taken)
16. The Mirror Line (not taken)
17. Red Light (not taken)
18. The Day of Dark (not taken)
19. Jingo 2 Recoded (reviewed by tritertitan)
20. Oddworld (taken by sivershadows)
21. Fortnite (not taken)


lordeldar rejected The Hunter by ethan2009 for feature

Feature scan

Link to an easier, sandbox version designed for practise trimming your time in the game description

Feature, it's my best game but my other plat got featured


--- Quote from: Ethan2009 on January 28, 2019, 07:53 am ---http://www.sploder.com/games/members/ethan2009/play/the-hunter/
Feature, it's my best game but my other plat got featured

--- End quote ---
Denied (?). I'd argue that Skull Creek is better than this tbh. It definitely has some nice moments but ultimately it's brought down by some poor placement at times. Swordclimbing over lava is never a good idea, especially when pathways are narrow like that. It almost feels like things have been placed more to frustrate the player then enhance the game at times. The game also felt like there was too much swordclimbing, and it started to feel tedious later on. The boss in the second level also felt like it could've been executed better imo as I was just jetpacking on top of a rocky, getting a few hits on my whip before it hit back and repeating until I eventually got glitched out the map.


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