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Youtube art channels
« on: February 05, 2019, 05:27 am »
I used to like them (well, a very few) but after I stopped being an artist and the only one I liked let me down too many times I began to hate them. Most fanboys of these channels just blindly assume you hate them because of their art tutorials (especially the character design ones) but I hate them for vastly different reasons.

One things that grinds my gears is that they basically do the same splode over and over. "LET'S TRY OUT THIS X ART TOOL", "TURNING X INTO Y/WHAT IF X WAS Y", "THE X CHALLENGE!!!!!!", "X MISTAKES YOUNG ARTISTS MAKE", "<TITLE> (SPEEDPAINT)". At first it's okay, but then it gets so boring after that.

Another thing is that they fail at motivating younger artists. When they try to motivate young artists, 99.9% of the time they will have titles such as, "YOUR ART SUCKS", "YOU'RE NOT A REAL ARTIST", "YOU'RE NOT TALENTED" and try to save face and make it EVEN WORSE by using poor reasoning and being a pretentious jackass in the video through and through, claiming they were being "blont" and "hurr durr showin tuff luvf". You can still tell the harsh truths without being a splode. Don't be that guy.

There's also the splodes like Holly Brown (who has traced, got on like a splode while passing it off as "k33p1n 1t r34l", had awful spending habits and who can forget her "lazeh artists" thing) and Baylee Jae (who claimed that art block doesn't exist and is an excuse when in reality it's nothing more than a mere funk). It's a godsend that people like Holly get called out ... if only the people calling her out weren't jackasses in their other videos. Like some of the people I've seen call out Holly tend be we less worse but still rude, sardonic splodes in A LOT of their others videos. Youtube is just splodes calling out splodes.

And don't get me started on the fans of those channels. They don't want to hear anything bad about their precious favorite art Youtuber. Fans of the aforementioned artist I used to like are especially bad with this. Just say one negative thing about her and you have a bunch of her fans calling you out, defending her or saying why she's good as if anyone cares. They're like Neon Genesis Evangelion fans and Jojo fans if they were fans of an art youtuber.

Honestly if I could say which art community is the worst, Youtube will be tied with Twitter for second place, only behind Tumblr and DA. Sorry but I'm done, I just had to get this off my chest.


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Re: Youtube art channels
« Reply #1 on: February 06, 2019, 02:27 am »
splode do I agree