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FRIDAY THE 13TH series

Friday the 13th is without a doubt the biggest slasher series and one of the most popular. Everywhere you go there is Friday the 13th. T-shirts and posters and everything else. The series started with the release of the first film in 1980. In the last 38 years the series grew up to a whopping 12 movies. The movies are known for there gore and nudity which means I will be talking about the MPAA a lot! The main killer of the series is machete wielding Jason Voorhies. The movies mostly take place at Camp Crystal Lake. Well, without further ado, let’s begin the Friday the 13th series review!

Friday the 13th

In 1980, we seen the release of a film that would go on and start a whole series of slasher films. Friday the 13th is considered a classic by many and I do agree. This film did suffer heavily from the MPAA but I did happen to have the Uncut version of the film on DVD. The film had mixed reviews upon release and had a fairly low budget which made this film a box office hit. I am going to say that this is the only film in the series where Jason is not the main killer. Many people who know the series and might have watched some of the newer films would find themselves dissapointed with this film because their mindset is that Jason is going to be the killer. Well, let’s get to the plot.

In 1958 at this camp called Camp Crystal Lake, we see two counselors start having sex when someone kills them both. Many years later, we see this girl who is a counselor for the newly opened Camp Crystal Lake. She gets a ride and gets to town and starts hearing stories of a curse and the drowning of a young boy and the murders that followed. This girl gets another ride and is eventually killed. We see the rest of the counselors at camp rennovating some of the cabins. We see 2 of the counselors go into a cabin and have sex in a bunk with a dead body on the top bunk, but they don’t know that. The girl leaves to go into the restroom leaving the guy (played by Kevin Bacon) to then be killed with an arrow to the throat. Eventually the girl is killed with an ax. We see some more kills until we are left with 2 more counselors, this one guy and our main character Alice. Eventually they notice that things are not right and they do some searching. The guy counselor eventually is killed leaving us with Alice. Alice finds some of the dead bodies and then she sees a vehicle pull up. Alice goes up and meets this lady named Mrs. Voorhies. We then learn that she is the mother of the boy who drowned all those years ago. Mrs. Voorhies starts going ape splode and eventually Alice kills her by using a machete on her head. Alice then gets in a canoe and it drifts out into the lake and she falls asleep. She wakes up and sees cops on the shore and then this corpse who is obviously Jason snatch her and tips the canoe over. Alice wakes up in a hospital with cops surrounding her with Alice insisting that there is a body in the lake and the officers insist there wasn’t. Then the film ends.

The ending of the film is literally the scariest part of the film. I see that this film, rather than being scary, went with the gore and suspense approach. Which is fine with me because slashers are not neccessarily supposed to be scary. I do like the suspense leading up to the revealing of the killer. It worked but I would have liked having Mrs. Voorhies introduced in the beginning as one of the people who are helping with the opening. The special effects are great (thanks to Tom Savini) but the only way to see the film in it’s entirety is to watch the Uncut version. The film had it’s boring moments and that would be the entirety of the middle portion of the film. This film has its flaws but in general was a good film.

Rating: 6/10

Friday the 13th Part 2

After the financial sucess of Friday the 13th, film makers decided to make the Friday the 13th into a series. One year later, we got Friday the 13th Part 2. This is the film where Jason is the main killer. Many people will find themselves dissapointed much like I explained with the first film. People see Jason as the hockey mask killer and this film is not the one with hockey mask Jason. This film, he wears a bag over his head. This film had a higher budget, but was still a box office hit. The reception was mixed but over the years it has grown its own following. This film, along with the rest of the films, had a hard time with the MPAA. To be honest, I have a feeling many recent editions of this film (along with others) add all the deleted scenes because I do think that now these days we have films much gorier than any 80’s slasher so they decide to add the deleted scenes. That is completely my opinion and anyone who thinks otherwise has the right to do so. Without further ado, let’s get to the plot!

We open up with Alice, (the main character from the first film) at her house. She opens her fridge and finds a decapitated head and then someone kills her (at the time nobody knew it was Jason, but now you do!) We then move on to Camp Crystal Lake where we see a new group of counselors. We see this girl and her boyfriend, this wheelchair guy, and other people too. We move to this scene where our characters are gathered around a campfire and the story of Jason is brought up. Then this prankster guy scares the people around the fire. We see this guy who appears to be a tramp (he was in the first film as well) walking around the woods and he is eventually killed. Later we see the girl and her boyfriend walk around the woods but are caught by the sherrif. The sherrif drives the couple to the camp and starts heading back to town when he sees Jason. He follows Jason into this shack where he is eventually killed. We see Paul (one of the main characters) and the rest of the counselors (except the girl and her boyfriend, the wheelchair guy, another girl, the prankster, and another girl) go into town to have a couple beers. The counselors who are still at camp get killed one by one. The girl and her boyfriend get killed while having sex, the wheelchair guy gets the machete to his head, the other people get killed in uninteresting ways. Paul and Ginny (the other main character) come back to camp early only to have Jason chase Ginny. Ginny comes across the shack which has all the bodies and on an altar, there is the head of Mrs. Voorhies and the sweater. Ginny puts on the sweater and makes Jason thinks that she is his mother. Jason eventually attacks Ginny but Paul comes and stops Jason and Jason is about to kill Paul but Ginny uses the machete on Jason. Paul and Ginny go to another cabin and they think everything is fine until Jason crashes through the window. Ginny wakes up and sees herself being taken away to the hospital. The end.

The ending was really unclear. Did Paul die or what? Many people (including myself) wonder how Jason is grown up when we last saw him as a child. The film in my personal opinion is not as good as the first which goes against almost everyone’s opinion. It is a nice introductory film for Jason but could have done better. One other complaint that I have is why does Jason go out of his way to kill Alice? He never does that again and yes I know this is an introductory film but how does Jason know where she lives? There was plenty of suspense but this film lacked the mystery that the first film had. This film did have the nudity that you would expect but lacked the gore (thanks to the MPAA.) In conclusion, this film fell short of my expectiations.

Rating: 4/10

Friday the 13th Part III 3D

After the release of Friday the 13th Part II, there was a sequel in the works. There was also the idea to make it a state of the art 3D film as well. So, here we are with a 3D Friday the 13th film. The 3D effect probably worked better in the theater because all you get with the DVD is two cheap red and blue 3D glasses and it is not the greatest 3D effect. Luckily there is the option of watching the film in 2D. The film did good at box office but recieved negative reviews. This is the first film to have hockey mask Jason, which is something that many fans love. So, without further ado, let’s get to the plot!

The film does a recap of the scene where Jason is attacked with the machete. After that, we see Jason get up and walk away. This can only mean that the part where he crashed through the window was either a dream scene or completely forgotten. Then we see this guy and his wife who own a store close by. They are watching the news which reports of killings at the camp and that there was only one survivor (Ginny). This means that the film will take place on Saturday the 14th. Anyway, the store people are killed by Jason. We then meet our characters. We have Chris, our main character who was attaked by unmasked Jason years ago but she does not reveal this until later. We have Debbie and her boyfriend Andy, Shelly. They go to pick up this girl to take with them on a weekend camping trip. We see Shelly (who is this prankster character who only pulls pranks to get people’s attention because he feels like a nobody) scare everybody. They all realize that the van is on fire but it is actually the two pot smoking hippies in the back of the van. (Honestly this made me laugh.) They all drive to the camp and they notice police cars and they are all smoking pot and they frantically try to get rid of it but soon realize that the police are going to the store where Jason killed the two people. They meet this homeless man who tells them that they are doomed (much like in the first film). When they get to the camp, we meet Rick who is the boyfriend of Chris. Shelly and the one girl go to a nearby store and get into it with a biker gang and eventually Shelly drives in to their bikes. This action causes the bikers to get mad and they go to their camp and take all of the fuel out of the van. One biker chick gets distracted and goes into a barn and is killed by Jason and then the 2 others go and are killed. After they are all killed, Rick and Chris go out and this is where Chris reveals that she was attacked by Jason. Back at camp, Shelly pulls another prank and this is who Jason gets the mask from. Everyone starts getting killed and Jason cuts the power. One of the pot smokers goes and checks out the fusebox but is killed. Chris and Rick come back to camp and realize something is not right. Rick gets killed and Chris starts finding the bodies. Jason starts chasing her and it turns out that one of the bikers survived but he gets killed and then Chris hits Jason in the head with an ax and he dies. Chris takes a canoe and takes it out and falls asleep. She wakes up and sees Jason running towards her but then she does not see him. Then dead Mrs. Voorhies comes out of the water and capsizes the canoe. But this is all a dream because Chris wakes up with cops at the cabin and Jason dead in the barn. The End.

This film was worse than the 2nd film. This film recycled old material from the first film and did nothing better with the recycled material. A lot of the effects were not all that great. Rick’s death is one such example. This film is gory with more kills but there is less nudity. Trust me, one of you out there are going to want to know this. I like the nice backstory with Chris but it was not a major focus which was something I was hoping for. The only character I felt that I could relate to was Shelly and he was not really a main character. The biker gang was something I thought was going to prove as a challenge to the main characters but that is the complete opposite. It would have been nice to have seen them a little bit longer. In the end, this film fell short and was some what of a dissappointment.

Rating: 3/10

Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter

From my knowledge, Friday the 13th Part III was supposed to be the final film but when it was released, it decided that the 4th film would be the final film and the series would eventually go on to become an anthology series. But we all know that is not the case. Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter was released in 1984 with negative reviews from critics, but did good in box office. This is the start of what I like to call the Tommy Jarvis trilogy because Tommy Jarvis is a character in Parts IV, V, and VI. Without further ado, let’s get to the plot.

The film shows police at the camp where Part III took place. Meaning the film now takes place on Sunday the 15th. They take the bodies of Jason and the characters from Part III to a morgue. Jason wakes up and kills the only two people in the morgue and goes back to his hunting grounds. We then meet our group of teenagers. We see two couples, a prankster named Ted, and this one guy named Jimmy. He thinks he is a “dead splode” because he does not have a girlfriend. We see this hitchiker who gets killed by Jason almost for no reason. We then meet Tommy Jarvis, his sister, and his mother. They live in a house in the woods because of a divorce issue. The house next to them is going to be occupied by the group of teens. There is a scene where Tommy is trying to sleep and he looks out his window and sees two of the teens having sex. We see the teens meet these twin sisters. They all get naked and go swimming in the lake. Tommy and his sister stop by the lake but have to leave because Tommy is a twelve year old boy who does not need to be seeing this happening. They start heading home when they are having car trouble and a man named Rob helps out. Later that night, the teens start partying. Everyone starts getting killed. There is this one part where Ted is watching this silent, black and white porn film and all he does is laugh while watching it. While he watches it, Jimmy is killed and then Ted is killed. Tommy, his sister, and Rob get back home but the mom is nowhere to be found. Tommy stays at the house and his sister and the Rob leave. Rob reveals that his sister was killed by Jason. They both start worrying about Tommy and they head back home. They go next door and see the bodies and Rob gets killed. Then the final scene involves Tommy shaving his head to look like Jason when he was a boy. Tommy uses a machete to Jason’s head and Jason dies. Tommy’s sister is at the hospital and Tommy comes to see her and all we see is Tommy staring. The End.

This film is better than Part III. But not better than the original. It is about as good as Part II. There is more gore and nudity and swearing. Which is what people want in a horror film. The ending was good (the Deluxe Edition includes a lost ending). The film appears to be a good film but the first film just set a standard so high that a film like this could not match it. The fact that this film is called the Final Chapter when it is not, is just dumb. In conclusion, it is just your average slasher film of the 80’s. Nothing new to add to the series except the “death” of Jason.

Rating: 4/10

Part 2 of this series review will be posted in another thread.