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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

So, after the failure of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation, it was unlikely that another sequel would appear. There is in fact an unreleased 1 hour prequel filmed. But, it was not a true next installment (which was probably why the film was never released). In 2003, we seen a remake rather than another sequel.  The film was quite successful at box office for the time with the film earning over $100 million at box office. The film was produced by Michael Bay who you may be familiar with. This film was the one that was heavily influenced by Ed Gein. Whereas past films were loosely based upon Ed Gein. The question is, was it a good movie? Let’s talk about the plot.

We see a group of friends driving through the country. The are all getting high and all of that. They pick up a hitchhiker who looks lost. She starts freaking out because a bad man will get kill all of them. The hitchhiker girl pulls a gun out from under her skirt and shoots herself in the mouth. Not wanting to be caught, the group of friends come across a restaurant and ask for the police. They are told to meet with the Sheriff at a mill. They are then told by a boy to go to the Sheriff's house. Two of the friends go and come across what appears to be the Sheriff's house. They go inside the house and get separated and then Kemper (one of the friends) is killed by Leatherface. Erin (our protagonist) is unaware of what has happened and goes back to the mill. The sheriff arrives at the mill and examines the body and wraps it in plastic. Erin realizes that Kemper is missing, her and Andy (another friend) go back to the house. Andy sneaks inside while Erin talks to an amputated man named Monty. Andy gets his leg cut off and is dragged into the basement of Leatherface. Erin goes back to the mill where the sheriff finds drugs. He orders them to stay where they are and then the sheriff interrogates Morgan (another friend). He hands him a gun and asks how the hitchhiker died. Morgan tries to shoot the sheriff but fails in doing so. Morgan is arrested and is taken to the house of Leatherface. Erin and her other friend Pepper are left alone. They come across Leatherface who is wearing Kempers face. Pepper is killed and Erin runs. She comes across two ladies. One has a child which turns out to be the hitchhiker’s and the other lady likes drinking tea. Erin is drugged after drinking some tea.  She wakes up in the house and is later taken to the basement where she finds Andy on a hook with his leg amputated. He tells Erin to kill him and she does so. She finds Morgan and the two escape thanks to the boy who told them about the sheriff and the mill. Morgan is later killed and Erin is chased by Leatherface. She injures Leatherface and escapes. A semi truck comes by and she gets in. She tells the driver about what happened. The driver goes to the restaurant where the Hewitt family is. Erin steals a car and the gets the hitchhiker's baby. The sheriff tries stopping her and she kills him by running him over. That is how it all ends.

So, as you can see, the film follows the same plot as the original with some minor tweaks. One of them was contradicting to the whole series. The family name. Ever since the second film, we all knew that Leatherface’s last name was Sawyer. Not Hewitt. But, this film does give us more back story about Leatherface. The film does talk about why Leatherface is the person he is (he was picked on due to his deformed face). Speaking of which, we do see the unmasking of Leatherface. We see a much more expanded family as well. Some nitpicky things about this film is the van that we see in the beginning. I am pretty sure it is a year older than what it should have been. But maybe that is just me. Another thing is the song Sweet Home Alabama. The film takes place in TEXAS. NOT ALABAMA. But, it is a good song but it was in the wrong film. We had some familiar faces in the cast. Most importantly was the late R. Lee Ermey. He was put in the perfect role for this film. We also see Jessica Biel but her role in this film is not as memorable as much as other films. The script was still a little below average in my opinion. The gore level was upped. These days, you can have that stuff in movies. I wish that were the same for horror movies back then. Leatherface’s appearance is not scary. You can tell that the people making this film tried too hard. I did not find Leatherface scary but I found him looking ridiculous. People describe this film as an unnecessary remake. I don’t find it unnecessary because a reboot was needed for this film series. Was this remake scary? No it was not. I find this film to be somewhat mediocre. The events were very predictable and not much suspense. It is watchable but it did not quite appeal to me as it may have to others.

Rating: 5/10

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning

After the below average success of the latest Texas Chainsaw Massacre film, there was room for another film. Only problem was how does the story continue? Will the second film be remade? What we got was a prequel to the 2003 film. Which ultimately is a prequel to all of the films. The film had some returning cast members from the last film. Namely anyone who played a member of the Hewitt family returned. The film had a higher budget but managed to meet it in box office returns. When you look at it though, 50 million is kind of a low number for box office returns. The film itself was not as well recieved by critics as the 2003 film. But let’s get to the plot.

A woman gives birth to a son and she then dies. The baby is later found by another lady. The baby then becomes Thomas Hewitt. Leatherface. The lady raises Thomas as her own. Years later Thomas is working at a slaughterhouse where he then kills his manager and finds a chainsaw. The local sherrif then attempts to arrest Leatherface but is then killed by Charles Hewitt who then becomes Sherrif Hoyt (which explains why he became a Sherrif in the first place). Then we see two brothers with their girlfriends taking a road trip. They meet some bikers and then the two brothers with their girlfriends are finding themselves being chased by the bikers. A crash happens. Sherrif Hoyt arrives kills one of the bikers and takes the rest of the group minus the other biker and one of the girlfriends. The girl and the other biker meet up and go to the Hewitt House where the rest of the group is being held hostage. The two brothers are tortured by Hoyt and eventually they escape along with the other girlfriend. Their attempt at escape fails with the other girlfriend being caught by Leatherface, one of the brothers by a bear
trap, and the other brother knocked unconscious. The biker and the other girlfriend find the
house and they go searching for their friends only when the biker guy gets captured and killed.
The other girlfriend finds her boyfriend and tries to help him escape only to fail. She hides only
to witness Leatherface kill her boyfriend, who then skins his face and wears it. The girlfriend goes to search for the other girlfriend. Eventually they are both captured and one of the girlfriends are killed. Eventually the last girlfriend escapes along with the other boyfriend. They make it to the slaughterhouse. The last boyfriend is eventually killed. The last girlfriend gets into a car and attempts to make an escape only to be killed by Leatherface.

The plot is obviously the same as the original 1974 classic and the 2003 remake. So, it is starting to become an overused plot. There does seem to be more gore than the previous which is what we want as viewers. Leatherface has a cool look and is a step up from the previous film. But that is the only scary part about the whole film. Due to the over used plot, the films which incorporate the overused plot, become less frightening. Even the characters start to be over used. The acting is at the same level as the previous film. The only redeeming factor in this film is the gore and a better looking Leatherface. This film was no better than the 2003 film. If not worse.

Rating: 2/10

The Texas Chainsaw 3D

In 2013, The Texas Chainsaw 3D was released in theaters. I never saw it in theaters but I do remember the trailer. The trailer actually gave me hope for the failing Texas Chainsaw series. I never did get around to watching the film until a year or so ago. Of course this was all before I decided to rewatch them for the purpose of Monster Madness. (Don’t worry I will explain it later.) As the title suggests, the film was shown in 3D. Of course it is not the case when watching it on TV. The first slasher that done this to my knowledge was Friday the 13th Part III 3D. Reviews were generally mixed to negative with a few positive here and there. Box office was decent though I honestly would have expected better. Let’s get to the plot!

After the events of the first film, (like directly after), the mayor of the town gathers a group of people to burn down the Sawyer house. Of course the sherrif wants to approach this situation differently but fails to do so. The house burns down and kills everyone except Leatherface and a mother and her baby. The mother eventually dies after one of the people from the rally finds her and the baby. The man takes the baby and raise her as his own. Many years later the girl (Heather) recieves a letter from her grandmother that explains that she was adopted. The letter also includes that the grandmother left a house to Heather. Heather, her boyfriend, her friend and her friend’s boyfriend all decide to go and take a look at the house. They pick up a hitchiker and eventually arrive at the house. They decide to sleep in the house. The hitchiker decides to steal some of the items but eventually is killed by Leatherface. Eventually Heather’s friend’s boyfriend is killed. Heather finds the bodies and is attacked by Leatherface. Heather, her friend, and Heather’s boyfriend escape in a van but eventually wreck due to the tires getting slashed by Leatherface. Heather eventually becomes the only survivor and walks upon a carnival. Leatherface chases her around where Heather eventually finds a deputy and Leatherface runs off. Heather is at the police station and eventually learns of her relations with the Sawyer family. She escapes and at the same time the deputy sends an officer to take a look at the house. That officer eventually is killed and the mayor wants Heather and Leatherface dead. He eventually catches Heather and they take her to the slaughterhouse where Leatherface shows up and eventually finds out that Heather is his cousin.  Leatherface helps Heather escape and the mayor is eventually killed and Leatherface and Heather go back to the house. Heather reads a letter she found earlier and learns that Leatherface is there to protect Heather.

After all these years of cliche plots, movie makers found a way to change the plot in someway. One thing I have a split opinion on is the fact that every single film except the first are completely ignored. Why split opinion though? Of course the sequels were somewhat uneccessary. They did not expand the storyline at all. Then again, I am one of those that prefer films to be tied in with each other. Something interesting that came out of this film was that Leatherface was not really the main villian. It is the mayor. I think what the people behind the film were trying to get at is that people are monsters to those that are different. Sure, Leatherface killed people only because he is scared much unlike the towns people who killed almost an entire family. The kills are cool but fall short of great because the effects are all CG. Blood splattering looks like a red mist. I really would have liked to see this film in 3D because many of the shots (like where Leatherface throws his chainsaw) are unecessary without 3D. The plot is an improvement because as I said before, it is not the same overused cliche plot. One complaint I have to mention is the constant sound of a chainsaw. The sound just gets downright annoying. There is not enough chainsaw kills which is quite disappointing. The acting is better than the last film but not great. In conclusion the film is an improvement but is far from great.

Rating: 5/10

In 2016, there was news of a new TCM film called Leatherface to be released. Of course, it was not released until the next year. But does anyone even remember this film being released in theaters? I remember wanting to see it but never seen a screening for it. The film did recieve a limited theatrical release. What makes this film even more interesting is that it was made available via DirecTV owners. Luckily I came across this film by pure chance and of course watched it. The film due to the limited release did not do well in the box office. The film was made to be a prequel to the original 1974 classic. What we have here now is the canon TCM films. Leatherface, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974), and The Texas Chainsaw 3D. Without further ado, let’s get to the plot.

We see a couple driving through Texas when they come across a child. They follow a child where eventually they come across the Sawyer family and are killed. The wife’s father is the Sherrif and finds out that his daughter was killed and takes the child (who is Leatherface) to a mental hospital. Years later we see Leatherface and a nurse who have developed some sort of friendship. Leatherface’s mother decides to visit her son only to cause some chaos within the hospital. Leatherface and the nurse eventually escape but are soon taken hostage. The kidnappers along with Leatherface and the nurse arrive at a restaurant and kill everyone in the diner. They all escape and the Sherrif arrives on scene. The nurse attempts to escape and fails to do so but then suceed in doing so after one of the kidnappers go missing and the other is killed. The nurse and Leatherface find a deputy and gets his attention. Then for some reason, Leatherface kills the deputy. The get into the deputy’s car and are then chased by the Sherrif. The car that Leatherface and the nurse are in crash and the Sherrif takes the nurse and Leatherface hostage. The Sawyer family show up and kill the Sherrif and the nurse escapes only to get hurt. Leatherface eventually kills her and the film ends with Leatherface making his mask of human faces.

I do like that we see an origin of type of movie. I do feel like the movie did a decent job at explaining Leatherface’s motive for the earlier films. Is the film rememerable? No. The film in general is a mixed bag. The Sherrif and the nurse were the only good characters in the film while Leatherface was not really an interesting character despite the film supposed to be about him. The film is about a Sherrif who wants revenge for the death of his daughter.

Rating: 5/10

In conclusion, the TCM is loved by many. I like it to an extent that it is horror garbage for my eyes. Despite many of the movies being terrible, I like watching them because it is a major series in the slasher genre. I can ignore many of the negatives of these films unless it is damaging to the series. All the films within major slasher franchises seem to fall victim to negative critic reviews but consumers love them. With the TCM series, it is no exception. In this case, the TCM series is not great but not terrible. Somehow, I love it. That is why the TCM series is loved. People like me love them for what they are, the kills and the main killer. Try wrapping your heads around that one! The next series I will be reviewing will be the Halloween series.